Is Atomic Heart a Horror Game

Is Atomic Heart a Horror Game: Several themes are prominently featured in Atomic Heart. The game focuses on the concept of political power, communist ideals, and the ethics surrounding free will in addition to being a rather deadly first-person shooter.

Is Atomic Heart a Horror Game

The way the game explores these emotions can be horrifying at times, yet some may question if it belongs in the horror genre given the label “horror” that the game carries.

Let us look at the various story elements of the new game and find out if Atomic Heart is a Horror Game or not!

The Story of Atomic Heart

The scenario, according to the developers, is somewhat akin to a Black Mirror episode, if that show were to be set in a warped version of the Soviet Union between the 1930s and 1960s. The USSR is still present in this reality. However, Mundfish CEO Robert Bagratuni explained it to IGN as a technological revolution that has already occurred: robots, the Internet, and holograms have already been invented… all these innovations are submerged in the atmosphere of communism, confrontation with the imperialism of the West, and all the other inherent political and social aspects of the time.

Robots have been mass-produced to assist with ordinary domestic chores, agriculture, defense, and the manufacture of wood. However, they are already beginning to revolt. The government has assigned Major Nechaev, a mentally ill KGB special agent with the pseudonym P-3, to investigate an industrial complex that has gone silent.

Upon arrival, it is quite evident that everything is falling apart. Machines have gotten out of hand, long-dead monsters are making a comeback, and there are traps set up to catch anyone who enters. It is your responsibility to ascertain what took place and put a stop to the mayhem.

Is Atomic Heart a Horror Game

Atomic Heart is arguably not a horror game in the traditional sense, at least not by a strict definition. Jumpscares are rare, if at all, and the game doesn’t intentionally seek to frighten you at every opportunity. Instead, its terror features considerably more hideous images and psychological dread. You’ll come across a lot of filthy opponents and scenes that can possibly make your stomach turn.

For instance, one enemy kind sees a bizarre biological plant take over a dead person. The next scene is that plant tearing open its head with an extremely repulsive-looking flower monster. This may sound wonderfully attractive, but it’s more worrisome than anything because your attacker then tries to attack you aggressively. Although it doesn’t touch us personally, others with weak hearts can find them a little more frightful.

Is Atomic Heart a Horror Game


Whilst it’s somewhat regrettable, the developers of Atomic Heart weren’t exactly aiming for horror dominance in the game. With Atomic Heart, the developers aimed to create a robot-infested hellscape; while horror is present, it is not of the Resident-Evil variety.

That’s totally OK because you shouldn’t try to change what a game wants to be. On the other hand, the game does just that in other areas. Depending on your perspective, that might have been better or worse.

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