Baldur’s Gate 3: Best Adamantine Items and Locations

Baldur’s Gate 3: Best Adamantine Items and Locations: There are several powerful things to loot and pick from in Baldur’s Gate 3. There are so many that even with Gale skimming off the top, you will not be able to fit them all. Some of the most sought-after items, though, include the Adamantine Gear found in the Grymforge area.

Baldur's Gate 3: Best Adamantine Items and Locations

Baldur’s Gate 3 features one-of-a-kind trials with strong rewards that can change the game for your group. The Adamantine Forge is one of these challenges, which combines Mithril ore, a river of lava, and a building-sized hammer to create unusual weapons and armor with unique abilities.

Many players are dead focused on getting the most out of this limited gear, especially because you can only make two items at the forge. Here are all the Best Adamantine Items in the game and their location. Allow us to help you choose the best gear for your party.

Baldur’s Gate 3: Best Adamantine Items and Locations

You can build two items from six molds when using the forge. Although they all have similar looks and effects, some will undoubtedly be included in your party’s basic equipment, while others will most certainly be sold to the next trader. When deciding which mold to fill, there are numerous factors to consider.

All Adamantine Mold Locations

The six molds for the Adamantine forge can be found all over the place. Some are found on the top catwalks, some on the ground, and others as loot hidden on skeletons.

Shield MoldInside one of the skeletons at the top of the stairs toward the Sharran sleeping quarters.
Longsword MoldOn the hanging catwalk path to the Ancient Forge
Scimitar MoldInside a skeleton next to the two levers used to control the moving platforms
Splint MoldOn the ground to the Northeast of the Ancient Forge Waypoint
Mace MoldOn a table next to the Ancient Forge Waypoint
Scale Mail MoldOn the ground to the Southwest of the Ancient Forge Waypoint

Adamantine Mace

While the Adamantine Mace is one of the most visually appealing forge items, it is also one of the least useful and is easily outperformed by other common magic weapons obtained in Act One. To begin, the +1 enchantment can be found on weapons as early as the Druid Grove, as can the Lethal Weapon trait, which disregards Bludgeoning. Resistance is only beneficial on specific objects and barriers, although it is not necessary to shatter them.

It, like all Adamantine Forge weapons, has the Diamondsbane feature, which makes assaults against objects an automatic crit. This skill is so situational that it is practically useless in combat.

There are almost no encounters that require you to break an object with a melee weapon in one turn. In this approach, the mace is best stored as a tool, similar to a shovel, for more efficient interaction with the environment.

Baldur's Gate 3: Best Adamantine Items and Locations

Adamantine Scale Mail

The Adamantine Scale Mail is a medium armor that decreases all incoming damage by one, applies a Reeling effect to enemies, making it more difficult to land attacks, and prevents the wearer from taking critical blows. The fact that most classes, and even some race possibilities, feature a medium armor competence implies that there will almost certainly be a party member who can wear it.

However to get a reasonable AC out of Scale Mail, you should use a character with at least 14 Dexterity; otherwise, greater AC armors will be available as early as Act Two.

Adamantine Splint Armour

The Adamantine Splint Armour, when combined with the Adamantine Shield, will render you invincible. Although its stats are comparable to those of Adamantine Scale Mail, it has an extra point of damage reduction, which quickly adds up in extended encounters, an additional turn on the Reeling effect, and a basic AC of 18.

The biggest issue with the armor is that other than the Fighter, Paladin, and War Domain Cleric, few classes have heavy armor competence. While Barbarian theoretically has this skill, it prevents them from using it.

However, if you don’t have a heavy armor-wearing party member and only intend to utilize one forge item, the Splint Armor costs a hefty 3,800 gold pieces.

Baldur's Gate 3: Best Adamantine Items and Locations

Adamantine Shield

With the Adamantine Shield, you can mix and match armors that are more likely to deliver unique bonuses while maintaining the Reeling effect, avoiding critical hits, and gaining the Shield Bash reaction, which knocks enemies prone and has massive damage potential.

The shield is handy since it can be used by characters regardless of armor proficiency, making it useful for certain bards, warlocks, and other spellcasters who would otherwise always have a free hand and sorely need the AC bonus. Its main disadvantage is its low sell price, but with such advantageous stats, you will most likely keep it for the duration of the game.


You can choose any one of these amazing gear items. However, The Grymskull Helm is without a doubt one of the best Adamantine equipment in the game. This is due to a scarcity of magical headwear in Baldur’s Gate 3, particularly for front-liners. The Adamantine Splint Armor, which is also incredibly effective tanking equipment, comes in a close second. Both pieces of equipment, however, require Heavy Armor Proficiency.

The Shield and Mace are the most versatile items, as they can be used by practically any party. This is due to the increased number of classes that have Shield and Simple Weapon Proficiency. These goods, for example, will be usable by both bards and clerics.

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