Baldur’s Gate 3: Cazador’s Palace

Baldur’s Gate 3: Cazador’s Palace: Tensions rise as you reach the city’s gates in Act 3 of Baldur’s Gate 3. Not only must you fight the Absolute and stop her rule of servitude, but many personal stories are also coming to a head within these walls. Among them is Astarion, whose hunger for vengeance against Cazador, his two-century slaver, is evident.

Baldur's Gate 3: Cazador's Palace

The city of Baldur’s Gate is full of mysteries and hazardous locations. After hours of exploration, you’ll realize that you’ll be up against various enemies who will make your life miserable. One of the most difficult bouts in the game’s last act is against the Vampire Lord Cazador, who is also the one Astarion is after. Finding and defeating him can be difficult.

Therefore, we are here with an in-depth guide to Baldur’s Gate 3: Cazador’s Place, how to find it, and how to defeat the evil Vampire lord Cazador himself. Let’s get started without any further ado.

Baldur’s Gate 3: Where to Find Cazador: Investigate Cazador’s Palace Quest

If you’ve been following Astarion’s personal story, you should be familiar with Cazador—the vicious vampire king of Baldur’s Gate.

Interactions with Raphael in Act 2 will further explain that Cazador is trying to sacrifice all of his vampire children in order to become a vampire ascendant, a near-divine entity capable of terrifying the city if you defeat his rival, Yurgir, and then talk to him with Astarion in tow.

However, the method of obtaining the quest is a little closer to home. As you approach the outer city of Baldur’s Gate, you’ll come across a Gur camp (X:95, Y:-17) northeast of the Rivington waypoint. Speak with them to discover that they are planning an attack on Cazador because the vampire king has abducted many of their children.

Baldur's Gate 3: Cazador's Palace

This will grant you the mission “Investigate Cazador’s Palace” under Baldur’s Gate quest tab and an update for Astarion’s personal tale quest “The Pale Elf.”

Finding the Szarr Palace

Astarion will recognize that Cazador will most likely perform the ceremony somewhere hidden, only known to him and his children.

As the mission log states, Cazador’s spawns are commonly deployed to lure victims from the Outer and Lower City, so you should begin your hunt there.

Dalyria and Pale Petras may be found on the second story of Fraygo’s Flophouse (X:-4, Y:81), right across the street from the South Span of Wyrm’s Crossing waypoint (X:17, Y:75).

If you have Astarion in your party during this encounter, he will forcefully interrogate Petras in the sunlight. If you approach them without Astarion, they’ll try to entice you to Cazador, where you can play along to learn more.

Baldur’s Gate 3: Cazador Boss Fight

The vast chamber beyond leads to the Cazador boss fights in Baldur’s Gate 3. Make no mistake: attempting a straight-up confrontation will be difficult. That is why a little cheesque is preferable. Here’s the gist of it:

Baldur's Gate 3: Cazador's Palace
  • The arena is modest and situated in the center of a canyon. You’ll be fighting not only the monster but also his werewolf and bat minions.
  • Several thralls have been enslaved by magical runes. Cazador’s HP and necrotic damage are increased while he consumes them.
  • Sunlight Hypersensitivity means the boss takes 20 radiant damage if he begins his turn in sunlight. While in the glare of the sun, he has a disadvantage on attack rolls and ability checks.

With the foregoing in mind, the best method to defeat Cazador is to disband your team and ensure that everyone is in stealth mode. Then, in the center of the arena, perform the Daylight spell. Cazador will be burnt, but he will also be healed because the fight has not yet begun.

Move some of your Thunderwave (or similar variants) characters close enough to him while he is sunny. Then, have one of your teammates blast and push you away. Do the same for your other party members until most hostiles are forced over the edge. Also, keep in mind that Cazador will trap and incapacitate Astarion if he comes within “detection” range.


Cazador intends to absorb 7,000 souls before and after the fight to become the ultimate Vampire. Astarion, on the other hand, can perform the ritual and so empower himself. Allowing Astarion to complete the ceremony is the best and most aligned decision. You will doom 7,000 souls and numerous Vampires confined in the dungeon, but you will keep said Vampires from wreaking havoc in Baldur’s Gate.

However, you can interrupt Astarion’s ritual and murder him, sacrificing a potentially vital ally for the final battle.

In any case, this completes all of the objectives in Baldur’s Gate 3’s Cazador’s Palace and Cazador Boss Fight. This, of course, closes Astarion’s A Pale Elf quest chain.

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