Best Bowling Games for Oculus Quest

Best Bowling Games for Oculus Quest: Bowling in virtual reality has been more enjoyable for me than nearly any other sport, and fortunately, there are many great VR bowling games available for the Oculus Quest. Here are our picks for the Best Bowling games for Oculus Quest.

Best Bowling Games for Oculus Quest

Premium Bowling and ForeVR Bowl are the top VR bowling games as of writing this article. As authentic a bowling simulation as you can currently get in VR is called Premium Bowling. ForeVR Bowl offers a good simulation while still being a fun social experience.

Best Bowling Games for VR: Oculus Quest

I’ve spent a lot of time at the bowling lanes because it’s one of my favorite sports to play in virtual reality. I’ve played every virtual reality bowling game on this list as well as a couple more that weren’t included.

Let’s examine each of the top virtual reality bowling games available in the market individually and discuss their positives and negatives. If you want to test VR bowling without spending any money, there are even a few free games on the list.

Premium Bowling

One of the best VR bowling games is Premium Bowling, which I wholeheartedly endorse. It’s the closest thing to actual bowling in virtual reality. This bowling simulation game does a superb job of accurately simulating the ball and lane dynamics.

With superb graphics, thoughtful settings and options, and a gratifying and enjoyable bowling game, this feels like a very premium experience. The only thing that Premium Bowling VR’s bowling experience is missing is the sensation of lifting a hefty bowling ball rather than swiping a controller.

A wide variety of bowling alleys are available in Premium Bowling, and the multiplayer support is sufficient. I didn’t have to look for other possibilities. This bowling simulation is simply awesome. For Oculus and Steam VR headsets, premium bowling is accessible.

ForeVR Bowl

Best Bowling Games for Oculus Quest

If you own a different kind of headset, you are out of luck because ForeVR Bowl is presently only compatible with Oculus headsets.

Compared to Premium Bowling’s realistic graphics, ForeVR Bowls are more stylized. I believe the designers did a fantastic job making it seem as nice as it does consider it is intended to be played on standalone headsets like the Quest 2. ForeVR Bowl has a distinct aesthetic and design that gives it individuality and charm.

Instead of gripping a large bowling ball, ForeVR Bowl approaches the issue of swinging a controller differently. ForeVR Bowl employs bowling balls with various characteristics that affect the way they behave, move, and spin. This provides a very realistic feel to the game.

Both local and online multiplayer game modes are available for ForeVR Bowl. For playing at home with friends or family, local multiplayer allows up to 8 players to share a single headset.

Pure Bowl VR

Pure Bowl VR Bowling is an alternative to the two VR bowling games mentioned above and was made available for Steam VR in 2021. It works well at simulating bowling and concentrates on that. The lanes were fun to spend time in and the aesthetics are generally pleasing.

The bowling and lane dynamics were decent, but I did find Pure Bowl VR Bowling harder to create reliable shots than the other two games on our list.

VR Mini Bowling

VR Mini Bowling has a bowling and mini-golf feel to it. Compared to the other three VR bowling games on this list, it offers a different experience, but it’s still a tonne of fun and a great deal.

While you can bowl at a standard bowling alley, the more exciting lanes require you to bowl around turns, up ramps and loops, and while dodging other obstacles.

Bowling in Rec Room

Best Bowling Games for Oculus Quest

You may play the wildly popular social game Rec Room in virtual reality or on a standard computer. The good news is that it’s accessible on Oculus and Steam VR headsets and is free. There are countless rooms created by users where you can engage in a wide range of activities.

The good news is that you can play in several high-quality VR bowling lanes to gain a feel for the sport. Simply launch the game, choose Play from the menu, and then type “bowling” into the search bar. There are several rooms where you may walk in and immediately begin bowling.

The idea of bowling in the Rec Room took some getting accustomed to. I had to spend a lot of time learning the proper bowling technique because the physics was so much worse than in Premium Bowling VR and some of the other games on our list. Although it was at first frustrating, I gradually mastered the technique and began performing marginally better.

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