Sons of the Forest Map Guide: Important Locations Cave

Sons of the Forest Map Guide, Important Locations, Cave: Are you looking for a Sons of the Forest Map Guide on important locations and cave that tells you where to find everything you require?

Sons of the Forest Map Guide, Important Locations, Cave

There are several goods and weapons to find, especially in the northwest quadrant of the island, but finding them might be challenging, especially once you realize that you must acquire many items in the correct order to advance in the game.

Sons of the Forest: Map Guide, Locations, Cave

The complete Sons of the Forest map can be found below, highlighted with the locations of all significant game objects:

Sons of the Forest Map Guide, Important Locations, Cave

Further information about each of the main points of interest, as well as the significance of completing them in the sequence above, may be found below.

Spawn Points – S

Although Sons Of The Forest has three different spawn sites, as you may already be aware, you might not always start a new game in the same place. The beach spawn is perhaps the worst of the three possible spawns because it is the furthest from the initial items, which you should prioritize gathering in your first day or two. The three spawnings do not differ from one another, though, in other respects.

1. Modern Axe

In most Sons Of The Forest plays, you should start by gathering the Modern Axe. In terms of tree-chopping and mutant-chopping efficiency, it is a huge improvement over the Tactical Axe you start with and is unguarded.

2. Flashlight

Another great early equipment that is completely unguarded is the Flashlight. It is nearby the Modern Axe, so you might want to pick it up on your first day. Once you cut down the body hanging from the cliff there, you’ll be able to light up caves much more simply with your newfound torch. The location is already highlighted on your map by one of the three purple markers.

3. Machete

The Machete, a terrific early weapon that can be found on the island’s north coast, is pretty much the only thing that the northern beach spawn has going for it. Again, it’s undefended, so you can rush over to the Machete right away and conclude the day with a great weapon that will help you out in the middle of the game.

4. Stun Baton

The Machete is excellent for killing common mutants, but it is less effective against larger, more deadly cannibal mutants or mutants that live in caves. The Stun Baton can be found sticking out of a mound of skulls near the waterfall that is indicated on the map, therefore that is where you should go next. Although it’s not very effective at actually killing adversaries, by holding down the left mouse button, you can shock targets, paralyzing them so you can rapidly swap to a more dangerous weapon and safely finish them off.

5. 3D Printer

There are a few scattered throughout the area, but this is most likely the first 3D Printer you will see in Sons Of The Forest. The Printer cannot be moved; it is permanently fixed in place, unlike the majority of the other markers on the map. But, you can utilize it to create some unusual but highly useful products. On your first day or two, we’d especially recommend making a flask that you can fill up at streams for a quick source of water.

6. Pistol

You can swim to a lifeboat with a body and your first firearm by following the second purple marker on the map to the northwest coast. With its efficiency in eliminating mutations, the Pistol is fairly simple to acquire early on. We advise you to hold off on shooting until you’ve explored additional caverns and containers and taken a good number of ammo loots because ammunition is another matter entirely.

7. Rebreather and Stun Gun

If you want to go on your first true spelunking trip, go to the cave at this location. Equip a lighter or flashlight, then take care to kill or avoid each Cave Cannibal one at a time. The trail will split shortly after. To obtain the Rebreather, which is necessary for moving into later caverns, take the left path. Pick up the Stun Gun, an optional but effective weapon that is essentially a ranged variant of the Stun Baton, by going down the correct path.

8. Cross and Rope Gun

The next cave is considerably riskier, but it’s worth going for the prizes. Early on in the game, you can find the Cross in the cave, but it won’t do you any good until the very end. But before you try to face the next landmark, you’ll need the Rebreather and the Rope Gun, which are superb traversal tools both above and below ground.

Sons of the Forest Map Guide, Important Locations, Cave

9. Slingshot and Shovel

To obtain the Slingshot, a meager but trustworthy ranged weapon that deals damage instead of using ammunition, proceed to the following cave close to the mountaintop spawn and engage with one of the corpses outside the entrance. After that, enter the cave. To navigate its depths until you reach the very end and find the crucial Shovel, you’ll need to utilize both the Rope Gun and the Rebreather. You won’t be able to move on after this without the Shovel, so don’t even try. You’ll need it for almost everything.

10. Shotgun

It’s time to start working on the third purple marker. Go to this place and start digging to unearth the body that is beneath the crucifix. This is certainly worth doing because you’ll discover the shotgun, which is arguably the game’s strongest weapon. You can either give it to Virginia to make her the best base defender or keep it on you for messy cave encounters.

11. Maintenance Keycard and Firefighter’s Axe

The unique Sons Of The Forest Keycards scattered throughout the northwest of the island are required for the next few markers. You must collect them in this specific order because the first card unlocks the second and the second card unlocks the third. To access the hatch entrance to this underground complex, use your Shovel to dig down. You can find the Maintenance Keycard and the Firefighter’s Axe, the biggest, slowest, and most powerful axe in the game, by making a fast trip through the complex.

12. VIP Keycard and Crossbow

You can finally go back to a location you may have already visited with the Maintenance Keycard: the green dot that designates a short cave that descends into a pantry full of food. The VIP Keycard and the Crossbow, a potent ranged weapon you can use when you wish to conserve ammunition, are waiting for you at the end of the more dangerous region you enter after unlocking the door leading out of this pantry.

13. Guest Keycard, Guitar, and Chainsaw

To get the game’s last Keycard, go to the spot marked “13” on the map above, which is also where you originally discovered the 3D Printer. Fight your way through enemies to locate the Keycard. And thereafter using the VIP Keycard to uncover a significantly wider portion of this underground region. Here, you’ll also discover the Guitar and the Chainsaw, two new weapons.

14. Compound Bow

The compound bow is not necessary, but it is a big improvement over the standard constructed bow. To help sweeten the deal, there is also another 3D Printer available to you at Maintenance Hatch B, which is where the Compound Bow is housed.

Sons of the Forest Map Guide, Important Locations, Cave

15. Revolver

The Revolver is a late-game, extremely potent handgun that you must travel far to the East to find. In my opinion, it is the most entertaining ranged weapon in the entire game. Although the Shovel is technically all you need to obtain the Revolver, it makes sense to complete all of the missions on this side of the island at once. It’s also incredibly simple to obtain; simply open the hatch and go inside; you’ll find it in the first room.

16. Katana and Golden Armor

In terms of the story, things are now heating up. You can watch your first story clip since the game’s opening crash if you get to this cave in the southeast of the area. As you defeat the mutants in this complex, you’ll receive the Katana, a great late-game combat weapon, as well as the Golden Armor and Golden Helmet, all of which are necessary to reach the final marker.

17. Final Bunker

We have reached the conclusion of Sons of the Forest. You can reach the current finish of the game by going here after getting the Golden Armor (and preferably the Cross from marker #8).

And that’s pretty much all the significant or noteworthy equipment and weapfollowin Sons of the Forest so far. Check out our tutorials on how to obtain rope, the wetsuit, and the sled in Sons of the Forest if you’re seeking more information on other goods that we haven’t covered here.

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