How to Add Friends in Sons of the Forest

How to Add Friends in Sons of the Forest: Do you want to know how to play Sons of the Forest multiplayer? You do not have to be left alone on Sons of The Forest’s eerie island because it is currently in Early Access. Using multiplayer in Sons of the Forest, you can work together with others to explore, craft, battle, and (hopefully) survive.

How to Add Friends in Sons of the Forest

In this guide, we’ll explain how to add friends in Sons of the Forest so you may ask friends to play or join you in your lobby.

How to play with Friends in Suns of the Forest

If you’ve been playing Sons of the Forest, you already know that there isn’t a specific Add a Friend option. That doesn’t mean you can’t invite to your friends join you in Sons of the Forest multiplayer mode. Here’s how to extend an invitation:

  • You must first add your friends on the Steam Client before you can invite them.
  • While hosting a multiplayer game in Sons of the Forest after adding someone, you can invite them.
  • Click the Invite Friends button at the bottom while hosting now.
  • It can be clicked to bring up a list of your online Steam friends.
  • Simply invite them to play multiplayer after that.

How to Play Multiplayer in Sons of the Forest

Simply select multiplayer from the main menu to start a multiplayer game in Sons of the Forest. You must begin a multiplayer session from scratch because importing a solo save is impossible.

It’s important to note that Sons of the Forest does not offer crossplay because it is not available at launch on Xbox or PlayStation systems. We’ll let you know if it has cross-platform multiplayer if the game ever releases on consoles.

You can decide to host or join a session after pressing the multiplayer button. If you choose to host, you’ll see the screen below, where you may choose the server’s name, the maximum lobby size, and whether the game is for friends only or the general public.

How to Join Friend’s Lobby in Suns of the Forest

On the Main Menu screen, select Multiplayer > Join.

You can enable the Friends Only setting while joining a server to have your friend’s server appear on the list.

Moreover, you can manually look for the server using the Filter option.

Moreover, you can choose a certain Mode, which will cause the servers that support that mode to show up on the list.

Simply click the name of the server you want to join if it appears on the list. Finally, you will enter the lobby to begin a multiplayer game.

And with that, our guide on how to add friends in Sons of the Forest ha come to a close.

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