Where to Use Guest Keycard in Sons of the Forest: Keycard Location

Where to Use Guest Keycard in Sons of the Forest, Keycard Location: You can use Sons of The Forest keycards to unlock some closed doors on the island, although they are difficult to locate.

Where to Use Guest Keycard in Sons of the Forest, Keycard Location

You must find all three keycard locations if you wish to explore enigmatic laboratories, covert bunkers, and even find important things like the Golden Armor that you need to go to the Sons of the Forest end.

The locations of each Sons of the Forest keycard, including those for the Maintenance, VIP, and Guest keycards, are listed in this guide. We’ll give you a clear map of where to use the Guest Keycard in Sons of the Forest, keycard locations.

There is actually a chain of progression in action for some of these keycards, making it possible for you to naturally advance from one to the next. The tale of Sons of the Forest truly hinges on obtaining those keycards, so it’s worth collecting them all in addition to the loot, weapons, and supplies hidden behind the doors they unlock.

Where to Use Guest Keycard in Sons of the Forest: All Keycard Locations

The three Sons of the Forest keycards are in the following order, assuming you have the shovel and are prepared to go:

  • Maintenance keycard
  • VIP keycard
  • Guest keycard

The green circles on your Sons of the Forest map, which we’ve marked here, denote each of the keycards. Remember to complete them in this order since you’ll need the VIP keycard to access the Maintenance key card, and both of those unlock doors to the location where you may obtain the Guest key card.

Let us now examine the procedure for obtaining each of the three Sons of the Forest keycards.

Maintenance Keycard

The Sons of the Forest maintenance key card must be used first since it unlocks the door to the following card. Look for a golf cart in a clearing with some survey equipment by going to this location on the map. You should notice a shovel prompt emerge if you investigate the region in the middle, allowing you to dig out the Maintenance A hatch.

You’ll find a long, narrow corridor inside. You’ll find several newborn opponents in the end in a storeroom, so be careful and eliminate them first. You can investigate the room off the corridor once the area has been cleared. On the desk right next to the 3D printer is the Maintenance keycard.

VIP Card

On this island, close to some additional golf carts, in a little cave, is where you can find the Sons of the Forest VIP keycard. Go inside, and you’ll find a hatch marked “Food and Dining” after passing through a tiny cave path. You can open it and descend to find yourself in a storage area. As you’ll later discover the crossbow itself, you’ll want to acquire any bodies that are packed with crossbow bolts. To proceed, use the Maintenance Card on the keypad-equipped door.

After using the Maintenance card to unlock the door, you’ll enter a chamber filled with plants. There will be some infants in here, so remove them first. The crossbow can be found nestled among the plant racks.

At the far end of the chamber, there is a door that leads into the shadow; however, take caution since there is a finger adversary there, so be prepared to fight. After it’s dealt with, enter another storage space and get some supplies. Continue traveling forward into a watery corridor. As you reach the door at the end of the corridor, keep going in this direction.

Where to Use Guest Keycard in Sons of the Forest, Keycard Location

As you approach this door—which requires the VIP keycard—look for a left turn. Follow this road until you come to a control room with screens on the wall. Enter when you see the entrance. On the desk below these screens is the VIP keycard. You can enter the VIP section once you have it. There isn’t much more inside, just a posh dining area filled with mutant corpses. Either return the way you came or swim past the smashed windows and out into the open sea. But you’ll encounter numerous foes along the road, so it’s not really worthwhile.

Guest Keycard

The location of the Guest keycard in Sons of the Forest is shown on the map below. As usual, a green ping will appear on your in-game map as you get closer; make use of this to focus your attention on the keycard’s location.

On the West side of the map, close to the Western beach, is a cave where you can find the visitor keycard.

As you get closer, look for the cave entrance by following the green ping on your map.

The Guest keycard is located on a table in a booth in the nightclub.

Where to Use Guest Keycard in Sons of the Forest, Keycard Location

When you get there, you should be able to squeeze through another cave entrance. Enter the building, turn on your light source, and advance into the shadows. It will take you to a hallway, which you can use to reach a space with a 3D printer.

You will eventually come to a door that needs a keycard, though, if you take a left turn at the end of the corridor. Access is granted with the VIP keycard; go through the lab after that. Continue until you come to the curved staircase, then go upstairs.

Go straight ahead past the pool loungers and into the bar on the upper floor. There is a booth with bodies all over the furniture on the far right side of the bar, close to the Night Club neon sign. The Guest keycard is located on the table in the middle of the booth.


Our guide on Where to Use Guest Keycard in Sons of the Forest, Keycard Location comes to an end now. We advise looking for weapons like the Pistol, Revolver, and Shotgun if you’re having trouble surviving while crossing the island. Before you arrive at the destinations shown in this guide, if you come across a door that requires a keycard, think about using a GPS finder to mark it on your map so you can find it again later.

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