Best Carrom Game for iPhone

Best Carrom Game for iPhone: Anyone of any age can play the indoor board game Carrom. This game originated in Asia and gained enormous popularity after World War I.

Since time has changed, we no longer have time to play it in person, but you can still enjoy playing it on your iOS and Android smartphones with the help of these top carrom board game apps.

This list of the Best Carrom game for iPhone as well as Android will give you realistic physics and simple controls, which together will give you the greatest gaming experience.

Best Carrom Game for iPhone and Android

Carrom Pool

Best Carrom Game for iPhone

The best carrom board game is called Carrom Pool, and it is simple to play in a group setting. Before your opponent, pot all of your pieces. Travel the world and battle against deserving opponents with this straightforward gameplay, fluid controls, and excellent physics.

A wide range of unlocked components is available to help you customize your pieces. A wide range of unlocked components is available to help you customize your pieces. You and your pals can play. compete against elite athletes. Realistic physics and smooth controls are featured. A variety of pucks and strikers are unlocked. Free success chests with enticing gifts are available to win.

You can unleash frenzy by upgrading your strikers.

Carrom 3D FREE

In this game, you have a variety of modes to choose from, each with a distinct level of difficulty. You can play a Vs match in Classic Mode either against the CPU or against another player. Additionally, it offers challenges with a range of levels that can help you learn new shots and conquer challenging stages.

In addition, there is a game called Time Trail where the objective is to collect all the coins before the timer expires. Additionally, you can practice making improvements to your play in order to take on new difficulties. You can purchase and employ a striker of a variety of kinds during a game.

Carrom Master

Best Carrom Game for iPhone

This game is the ideal substitute with a comparable interface and graphics to Carrom 3D FREE. It only varies in that there aren’t any other game modes to choose from.

You can only compete against the CPU. Even so, you may alter the game’s guiding line settings and choose from a variety of strikers.

Carrom Friends

Who does not adore card games? We would never pass up the chance to play such a game. However, it becomes quite difficult for all the pals to get together daily to play carrom. Consequently, why not try playing it online anytime you have some free time? Sounds intriguing, doesn’t it?

For all fans of Carrom, Carrom Friends is the ideal game. Carrom Friends has a number of mind-blowing settings that will draw you in. The group of buddies has gathered, but where is the actual carrom board? With its offline option, Carrom Friends is ready to help you out. Get fun stickers and pucks, then brag about it to your friends. Join the weekly and monthly activities with your clan to enter to win wonderful prizes. Also a lot more…

Carrom Superstars

Best Carrom Game for iPhone

You can choose between the Challenges, Solo, and Multiplayer game modes. By completing all the challenges with all the stars, you can pass various levels and improve your gaming ability. You can improve your shooting by practicing in Solo mode.

You can play games in multiplayer either against the computer or with your friends. With a maximum of 4 players, you can choose between the game types of Freestyle or Black & White. While playing this game, you can choose between a 2D or 3D perspective of the board at any time.

Carrom King™

You may simulate playing actual carrom in this game. In offline multiplayer mode, you can compete against your phone or with friends. Additionally, there are two game kinds you can choose from. In Freeplay, you must put as many coins as you can in the pockets. Different points will be assigned to each coin color.

In the Black and White mode, the player must collect all of the appropriate color coins before their opponent triumphs. Playing the game only requires dragging, aiming, and pulling the bar to shoot the striker.


With the exception of aesthetics and game types, all apps are essentially the same. Any of these might be chosen if you want to play with your friends. Real Carrom 3D: Multiplayer or Carrom Live: 3D are two options if you’re seeking for an online carrom game. Enjoy chasing the queen and winning the game with your pals as the remaining games may all be played offline.

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