How to Get Triple 100 Stats Destiny 2

How to Get Triple 100 Stats Destiny 2: Stats are a key part of Destiny 2 since they determine how your guardian will perform on the battlefield. Each piece of armor adds to your player’s total stat. They may be obtained through activities or upgraded through mods.

Overall, the stats are divided into six sections, with two builds consisting of Mobility, Resilience, Recovery, Discipline, Intellect, and Strength.

How to Get Triple 100 Stats Destiny 2

Managing your stats might be a difficult task, therefore we created a tutorial on How to Get Triple 100 Stats Destiny 2, as well as discussed each guardian’s top stat.

What Are Gear Stats

Your armor has a significant impact on your character’s overall performance. Mobility, Resilience, Recovery, Discipline, Intelligence, and Strength are the six stats assigned to each armor component. These stats define your character’s skills, and each item of armor you wear adds to the total of all six stats.

The stat total of your armor is split into six stats. Your stats are not distributed totally at random. When a piece of armor is dropped, the stats are divided into two pools:

Pool One: Resilience, Mobility, and Recovery

Pool Two: Discipline, Intellect, and Strength

About the stats there is a brief description below:

Mobility: impacts your character’s movement speed and jump height, allowing you to move across the battlefield swiftly and evade oncoming assaults. It’s especially helpful for classes that rely on agility, like Hunters.

Resilience: controls how much damage your character can take before dying. It’s useful for classes like Titans that need to absorb damage in order to deal damage.

Recover: determines how quickly your character’s health regenerates after being hit. It’s especially important for classes like Warlocks that rely on survivability.

Discipline: This stat determines how quickly your grenade recharges, allowing you to use it more frequently throughout the fight. It’s especially handy for classes who rely on grenades for damage or battlefield control.

Intellect: Intellect reduces the cooldown of your Super ability, allowing you to utilize it more frequently. It’s especially handy for classes who rely on their Super ability to deliver damage or support their teammates.

Strength: influences the cooldown duration of your melee ability, enabling you to utilize it more frequently in combat. It’s especially beneficial for melee-focused classes like Titans.

What Gear to Choose to Get Triple 100 Stats Destiny 2

In Destiny 2, the quality of gear is determined by its stats, and while exotic gear has an unique perk, players may only equip one piece at a time, making these perks less important to consider. To maximize character performance, players should seek for equipment with high stat totals. When examining gear, the overall amount of metrics is an important starting point. Exotic gear has better stat totals than legendary gear, as well as an additional unique bonus. While choosing gear, players should also prioritize stats that are relevant to their class and strive to balance their stats for maximum results. Players should concentrate on growing three separate stats to 100, which is simpler to do with legendary gear that has high stats and balanced distribution.

Best Stats for Each Guardian

How to Get Triple 100 Stats Destiny 2


High Mobility improves the Hunter class in Destiny 2, since it influences movement speed, leap height, and class ability cooldowns. It is unusual to see a Hunter build that does not have maximum mobility. The Hunter’s mobility combined with their dodge skill makes them the most agile class in the game, ideal for swift maneuvers across the battlefield.

Nevertheless, because the stat spread divides the three stats into two groups, it might be difficult to balance them all. Nevertheless, Resilience and Recovery are excellent secondary metrics to examine because they provide greater sustainability.

Discipline and intelligence can also play a role in some builds. Discipline is required for grenade builds, but Intellect is required for super-oriented setups. Although Discipline is now the more common option, Intellect may be quite effective when employed appropriately. In the end, it all comes down to how you want your guardian to improve on the battlefield, and most people prioritize their stats according tn their preferred build and play style.


When it comes to maxing out stats for Warlocks, there are typically two options. The most popular choice is recovery, which influences the Warlock’s class ability cooldown and health regeneration. This makes it a safe and reliable option for the majority of gamers. Resilience, on the other hand, is a viable option because it gives a massive 40% damage reduction when maxed up.

Resilience is more suited for people who prefer a more aggressive playstyle and want to take on more difficult tasks, while recovery is better suited for those who prefer survival and support.

It is essential to keep in mind that participants are not required to select one over the other. It is possible to balance both recovery and resilience depending on the gear available to make a well-rounded Warlock build.


Titans in Destiny 2 should choose resilience since it influences their class ability cooldown and makes them increasingly stronger. Titans are very tenacious and difficult to defeat due to their short cooldown for their class ability. At maxed, Resilience also provides a 40% damage reduction in PvE, which is why it is gaining popularity among other classes. Moreover, recovery is an excellent choice for titans because it increases health regeneration after taking damage and is vital for tank builds. Meanwhile, grenade users choose discipline, whereas Titans prefer strength, intelligence, and mobility. Strength is more advantageous for melee builds, however alternative approaches may be used to reduce melee cooldowns. Although Intellect was once popular, it is no longer preferred by the players

Titans can pick Recovery as their maximized stat for extra tank builds. They rely less on melee cooldowns or super abilities than other classes, therefore they should prioritize Discipline for grenade use, while Strength, Intelligence, and Mobility are less important. Titans rely on Resilience for class ability cooldown and health regeneration, making it their most crucial stat.

How to Get High-stat Armor

Now that we’ve gone through each guardian, let’s speak about how to achieve high stat armor in the game.

Ghost Armor Mod

The Ghost Armor Mod allows the player to “Focus” on their armor. This helps in getting more chances of equipment dropping with 10 or greater in the respective stat. So players, when searching for better stat armor, generally equip Ghost Armorer, which helps in getting better loot.

Master Dungeon Farming:

In Destiny 2, dungeons are a wonderful place to get high-stat gear. Players generally farm dungeons on master difficulty to obtain the greatest armor available. Spire of the Watcher, the most recent dungeon, is constantly farmable and a fantastic option for those searching for high-stat armor. In addition, each week, players can farm older dungeons for Pinnacle drops. These dungeons vary on a weekly basis, thus players should check the map to see which dungeon has a weekly challenge alert.


Reaching 100 stats in Destiny 2 is possible by carefully adjusting stat pools and obtaining premium gear. The trick is to understand how to balance stats and which armor to gather. Quantity may not always guarantee excellence. For more information about your favorite games, see previous Gameophobic takes.

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