Destiny 2 Orbital Logistics Foyer Hall

Destiny 2 Orbital Logistics Foyer Hall: Presage is an activity introduced in Season of the Chosen in Destiny 2. It takes place on the Glykon, a Cabal vessel taken over by the Hive. The mission is unusual in that it includes a number of riddles and tasks that must be completed in order to advance through the ship.

Destiny 2 Orbital Logistics Foyer Hall

This mission has a hub from which you can visit practically every major area of the mission; that hub is Foyer Hall.  This is where you must combat waves of enemies while navigating.

The Destiny 2 orbital logistics foyer hall is a key component of the quest since it contains both action and intrigue about the game.

Before Destiny 2 Orbital Logistics Foyer Hall

Before looking for the foyer hall, you must first achieve the basic requirements to enter the task, which will lead you to the ship’s Orbital Logistics section. 

The Orbital Logistics Foyer Hall Exotic mission in Destiny 2 begins by chatting with the Splicer Servitor in the H.E.L.M. social space. This NPC will provide players with a quest step to finish a playlist strike, which is a randomly selected strike quest. After completing the strike, players will earn a unique item called “Decrypted Data,” which may be utilized to advance through the quest’s different phases. The decrypted data is a precious resource that may be used to unlock hidden doors, access unique terminals, and charge specific equipment needed to finish the mission.

The difficult Orbital Logistics Foyer Hall Exotic mission in Destiny 2 requires teamwork and problem-solving abilities to complete. Players will earn the Cryosthesia 77K exotic weapon upon completion.

Destiny 2 Orbital Logistics Foyer Hall

The Destiny 2 Orbital Logistics Foyer Hall is a facility reachable via the exotic mission Operation Seraph Shield, which can be received via the HELM social space. To reach the Warmind node, players must explore the orbiting station, fighting adversaries and solving riddles. The Warmind node lies at the end of a little hallway with three lasers to the player’s right. They will hear music as they approach the node and must hold the interact button to make it disappear. Gamers will get a Deepsight variant from the exotic quest’s Resonance Amplifiers. It is vital to note that each Warmind node may only be finished once and then vanish.

The objective requires you to face a Hive Knight boss encounter twice and complete a spacewalk. The second boss battle takes place in a confined room, although thankfully not in the dark. To proceed through the assignment, players must utilize their fighting and problem-solving talents. After finishing the quest, players will get a random IKELOS weapon and a Deepsight variant. The exotic mission Destiny 2 Orbital Logistics Foyer Hall is difficult yet the Cryosthesia 77k exotic weapon makes it worthwhile

Destiny 2 Orbital Logistics Foyer Hall

Resonance Amp Locations

Below are the locations of each Resonance Amp:

  • Orbital Engineering Shaft Platform

The first Resonance Amp is found quite early in the game. After going past the station’s second closed door, players will come across a Servitor opposite a gap. After defeating the Servitor, players should jump up onto the platform on the left. They should then travel to the next platform on the left to discover the Resonance Amp. 

  • Orbital Engineering Server Columns

Players will come across a red hallway on the left after earning the Operator bonus and passing through the door. The second Resonance Amp may be found in this passageway between two columns.

  • Orbital Logistics Foyer

The third Resonance Amp is located near the end of the mission. In the first room, which is coated in hive debris, players will confront a Servitor accompanied by many Shanks. After beating them, players should look for the Resonance Amp in the dead-end passageways.

  • Orbital Control Nexus Upload

Just before the final boss area lies the fourth and final Resonance Amp. A succession of laser grids that alternate power will be encountered by the players. To obtain the Resonance Amp, players must either precisely time their moves across the grids or utilize Rasputin’s boost to skip them.


Orbital Logistics Foyer is a detailed mission with several missions working between each other, and they can be quite confusing, but the overall experience including the puzzles and action with the reward is pleasing, and it helps balance out the long mission into a fun and immersive quest.

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