Destiny 2 Moderate Nat Problem Fixed

Destiny 2 Moderate Nat Problem Fixed: Server problems are  common when playing online games. Bungie, the game developer behind Destiny 2, has managed to keep server quality high, although technical issues can still happen.

Destiny 2 Moderate Nat Problem Fixed

A common issue that gamers have is being unable to join their friends because of a network problem. This problem is frequently caused by a moderate to strict NAT type.  This problem is frequently caused by a moderate to strict NAT type. 

In this piece, we will introduce you to different types of NAT in Destiny 2 and explain what each one entails. In addition, we will provide a remedy to the issue of Destiny 2 Moderate Nat Problem Fixed.

Destiny 2 Nat Types and Which Is the Best for You?

NAT types are important in online gaming since they determine your connectivity with other players. The technique of Network Address Translation (NAT) is used to transform private IP addresses into public IP addresses and vice versa. To put it simply, NAT allows devices on a local network to share a single public IP address. In Destiny 2, there are three NAT types: open, moderate, and strict.

  • Open NAT, is the finest type of NAT for online gaming. That signifies that your network is completely operational and that you can connect to other players without difficulty. You should have no difficulty joining games or forming parties with other players.
  • Moderate NAT, This NAT type is suitable for online gaming, however it may cause connectivity problems. While you can still connect to games and other players, connections may take longer to establish. Additionally, you may experience latency or dropped connections.
  • Strict NATis the worst type of NAT for online gaming. It means your network is extremely restricted, and you may be unable to connect with other gamers at all. This might cause serious connectivity difficulties and disconnections.

An open NAT is the best option for optimal online gaming for serious players. This is because it offers unrestricted access to games and other players. While moderate NAT is still acceptable, it can cause slower connectivity as well as occasional latency or disconnections.

Strict NAT is the worst because it can cause considerable connectivity issues, with players frequently unable to login or join games. It’s important to remember that your NAT type can have a considerable impact on your gaming experience, and changing your network settings may be required to solve the issues.

Destiny 2 Moderate Nat Problem Fixed

Destiny 2 is available on almost every platform, which has advantages and disadvantages. The advantages are that you can play the same game on any platform with your friends, but the disadvantages are that the game is on every platform, each with its own layout, and a single fix is insufficient to resolve the same issue on different platforms. Hence, we’ll attempt to address the NAT issue from each platform below, and perhaps one of these will work for you.

Destiny 2 Moderate Nat Problem Fixed

Destiny 2 Moderate Nat Problem Fixed: Fix 1

Connecting a separate router to a modem that already has built-in router functionality, which may cause connection issues due to double NAT. This means that both the modem and the router are performing NAT functions, resulting in two layers of NAT translation. A common symptom of double NAT is when console network tests report “moderate” or “type 2” NAT, but Destiny 2 is providing warnings about a “strict” or “type 3” NAT.

To fix this problem, gamers should set their modem to “Bridged,” which disables NAT on the modem and allows the router to perform all NAT tasks. If required, see the modem’s user manual or your ISP for further information on modifying this option.

Fix 2

With cable internet connections, ISPs often supply a modem that also works as a router with WiFi. Nevertheless, according to Bungie’s research, devices that seek to be both a cable modem and a router at the same time may struggle to maintain the connections required for Destiny 2.

If a player is experiencing frequent Destiny 2 disconnects while utilizing a combined modem/router, they can remedy the problem by connecting a separate consumer router and deactivating the router functionality on the modem. This option is referred to as “Bridge” or “NAT Disabled.” If necessary, players can consult their modem’s handbook or contact their internet service provider for assistance in adjusting the setting.

Fix 3

If you’re having connectivity troubles on your Xbox because of your NAT type, try this remedy first; perhaps the gaming gods will be on your side.

  1. Go to the Settings menu and select Network settings. Choose Test NAT Type and, if required, reload the page.
  2. To enhance your NAT Type, perform a hard reset on your Xbox One, re-test your multiplayer connection in ‘Network settings,’ and renew your UPnP leases.
  3. If it doesn’t work, go to Network settings and choose Advanced. Choose Alternative port selection, change the automatic set to manual setting, and experiment with different port numbers for open NAT type.
  4. Next, enable the Energy Saving power option on your Xbox in order to ensure an Open NAT Type.

Fix 4

Firmware upgrades for modems and routers may enhance their operation, and Destiny 2 players experiencing connectivity troubles should check for available updates. Users can update the firmware on their modem or router by consulting the user manual or contacting their ISP.

Gamers that utilize limited or regulated internet services, such as college campuses, hotels, and some satellite providers, may need help from their ISP or IT department to overcome connection issues, including NAT type issues. However, due to network bandwidth constraints imposed by the ISP, many issues may not be fixable by the users themselves.

Destiny 2 Moderate Nat Problem Fixed

Fix 5

NAT utilizes ports to route internet traffic, but it doesn’t always open the correct port, resulting in connection problems. Port forwarding is the process of manually assigning a port to a device for direct connection, which might modify your NAT type and enhance connectivity.

For computer users, Get your computer’s IP address, connect to your router, navigate to port forwarding, enter the particular ports for your game from, along with your PC’s IP address, and save adjustments. To implement adjustments for an open NAT type, reset your router.


Finally, NAT Type difficulties might be a vexing experience for Destiny 2 players. But, there are other alternatives to explore, including port forwarding, and firmware upgrades. It is critical to experiment with several strategies to see which ones work best for your individual scenario. Also, if you are interested in exploring our other pages, please do so, because strict NAT does not prevent you from learning about Gameophobic.

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