How to Get Exotic Glaive on Other Characters Destiny 2

How to Get Exotic Glaive on Other Characters Destiny 2: Glaives are a new weapon class in Destiny 2: The Witch Queen. Players were eager to get the class-specific Exotic Glaives after finishing the campaign and the Hard Evidence quest. The Witch Queen introduces three unique glaives, one for each character type. 

How to Get Exotic Glaive on Other Characters Destiny 2

To access the Report: Reverse-Lure Exotic mission, you must first complete a series of minor tasks at the Evidence Board. Completing each mission will also provide you a Throne World weapon reward. You will also receive the exotic glaive associated with the class on which you finished the mission. 

We made this article about How to Get Exotic Glaive on Other Characters Destiny 2 to help you get this epic piece of gear in your vault.

How to Get Exotic Glaive on Destiny 2: Exotic Glaive Quest

You may wonder How to Get Second Exotic Glaive in 2023, and we will tell you how exotics are unique and strong weapons in Destiny 2 and you guys can get them . Players may only equip one exotic weapon at a time. The new Vexcalibur Exotic Glaive appeared in Week 2 of Season of Defiance, stunning all players because no information about it was provided in the official Trailers and Patch Notes. 

NODE.OVRD.AVALON, a hidden Exotic Mission available in the European Dead Zone that was launched in Season of Defiance. The reward for this mission is Vexcalibur Exotic Glaive. 

These are all of the Vexcalibur Glaive details, including the barrel, magazine, and bonuses.

  • Perk Effect: M1R Distribution Matrix
  • Characteristic: Perpetual Loophole
  • Magazine: Accurized Rounds, Alloy Magazine, Appended      Magazine, Expanded Magazine, Light Magazine, Swap Magazine

The weapon was updated with a new unique perk that grants the carrier an overshield when blocking and may also be upgraded to assist teammates with protection with an overshield. Perpetual Loophole gives additional melee damage when the overshield shields the user. Killing foes with melee attacks recharges the overshield.

You may obtain the Destiny 2 Exotic Vexcalibur Glaive by completing the ” NODE.OVRD.AVALON ” hidden task during the Season of Defiance in ” The Variable mission,” which begins in The Gulch.

How to Get Every Exotic Glaive in Destiny 2

The latest addition for Destiny 2 The Witch Queen debuted a whole new weapon archetype: the glaive. This weapon is distinguished by its nature as a first-person combat weapon, which clearly distinguishes it from swords. It also has two modes of fire: close-range melee and long-range projectile. While players will later be able to get Exotic glaives, the first Glaive they will obtain is one they will make themselves from a relic discovered aboard Savathun’s ship during the Witch Queen campaign’s first task.

In Destiny 2, there are three Exotic glaives, one for each subclass.

  • Edge of Concurrence: Hunter glaive that deals lightning damage to a group of opponents in a chain
  • Edge of Intent: Warlock glaive, Edge of Intent, will spawn a turret that sprays healing bolts at adjacent allies.
  • Edge of Action: Titan glaive can produce a shield on either a teammate or the player.

After completing the mission The Investigation, players will have access to the Evidence Board, which can be found on Mars in the Enclave. To acquire access to the glaive crafting, players must complete the following quests:

  • Report: Resonance-comp: Collect three Resonant Runes to receive an Osmic Fragment.
  • Report: Altar-reflect: Finish the quest Altar of Reflection.
  • Report: Scorn-order: Defeat powerful Scorn foes and gather Marching Orders.
  • Report: Relic-data: Finish Fynch’s brief Throne World quest Trust Goes Both Ways to obtain the Report: The Relic-Data mission. This is the most time-consuming and resource-intensive task on the Evidence Board . Finish attuning all four weapons and reshaping them with enhanced attributes .
  • Report: Steps-retraced: Gather information from champions in the weekly tale task.
  • Report: Pyramid-inspect: Finish the Preservation mission.
  • Exotic Glaive Quest Report: Reverse-lure: Last quest: entice Immaru to appear at the Queen’s Bailey. Return to the Enclave after defeating the enemy.

Finishing this quest grants you the Exotic Glaive Pattern, which you may use to construct at the Relic. Fortunately, creating this Exotic weapon requires no resources . Additionally, keep in mind that you will earn the exotic glaive corresponding with the class in which you completed the assignment.

Hunter Exotic Glaive

One of the new Hunter Exotic weapons in Destiny 2 is the Edge of Concurrence Glaive, which is exclusively available in The Witch Queen expansion.

The Edge of Concurrence is an Arc weapon with the Exotic attribute of tracking targets across the ground and unleashing chain lightning upon hit.

The following are the perks Hunter should use to construct their Exotic Glaive in Destiny 2:

  • Accurized Rounds: Extends the range.
  • Composite Stock: Improves stability and handling speed somewhat.
  • Supercooled Accelerator: Improves range while lowering reload and handling speeds marginally.
How to Get Exotic Glaive on Other Characters Destiny 2

Warlock Exotic Glaive

The Edge of Intent Exotic Glaive is a weapon that Warlocks can get. Unfortunately, The Edge of Intent is only available to Witch Queen expansion and weapon crafting owners. 

Restorative Turret is an exotic trait on the Edge of Intent that lets Warlocks generate a healing turret whenever their Glaive shot hits an adversary. This is only possible if the weapon’s energy is full, but it complements the Warlock class’s ability to heal allies via rifts or the Well of Radiance ability in Destiny 2.

The Edge of Intent doesn’t have a lot of perks that can help , but there are several that can have a big influence on its performance. In Destiny 2, players will seek to construct the finest Warlock Exotic Glaive by combining these bonuses.

  • Ballistic Tuning: Significantly boosts range while decreasing charge time and shield duration.
  • When the magazine is empty, the Alloy Magazine allows for faster reloads.
  • Short-Action Stock: Significantly improves handling speed.
How to Get Exotic Glaive on Other Characters Destiny 2

Titan Exotic Glaive

The Edge of Action Glaive is a new Exotic weapon in Destiny 2 that Titan players may create, making it one of the first class-exclusive weapons in The Witch Queen expansion.

The Titan Glaive’s Remote Shield Exotic attribute is its most distinguishing feature. Titans can deplete the weapon’s energy before firing to have their next shot create a protective barrier on contact. The Edge of Action, as a Void weapon, works well with the new Titan abilities in Destiny 2’s Void 3.0 redesign.

While creating the Titan Exotic Glaive, utilize the following perks:

  • Ballistic Tuning: Increases range and reduces charge time while decreasing shield duration.
  • Alloy Magazine: Significantly faster reloads when the magazine is empty.
  • Short-action Stock: Significantly improves handling speed.

Exotic glaives can be gained by completing the Evidence Board’s REPORT: REVERSE-LURE Quest. If you’ve previously finished the Quest on one of your characters, you can get the extra Exotic Glaive Weapon Patterns as a random prize from the Throne World’s The Wellspring action.

Let us now discuss the Exotic Glaive Pattern Drop rate, as conventional drops are insufficient. All of them require the red-border Deepsight Resonance versions. Finish the Deepsight Resonance to obtain the pattern, then travel to Mars to construct these weapons. Throughout this procedure, players should store a few extra finished Deepsight Resonance weapons in their Vault so that they have enough resources to manufacture all five of these weapons. 

The most irritating aspect is doing the Wellspring activity on specific days in order to obtain drops of specific weapons from which you may extract Patterns and create your own version of the weapon. Bungie addressed the issue of Exotic Glaive Patterns Not Dropping with Hotfix, which improved the Exotic Glaive Pattern Drop Rate on Wellspring weapons.


There aren’t as many Glaives to pick from as there were when Forsaken was introduced. The Glaive you employ, however, will have a significant influence on your playstyle and overall view of this weapon type. Other than that, the Glaive is effective for blocking strikes and getting near. Try out these weapons and keep them in your Vault.

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