How to Sign Out of Destiny 2

How to Sign Out of Destiny 2: Destiny 2 is a first-person shooting game that mixes MMO and role-playing game (RPG) features, much like its predecessor. On-the-fly matchmaking was a feature of the original Destiny that restricted player communication to those with whom the game had “matched” them.

How to Sign Out of Destiny 2

The messaging system for each console was required for players to interact with one another in the game’s virtual world. Player versus environment (PvE) and player versus player (PvP) game modes are used to split activities in Destiny 2. 

It’s time to break a leg or touch grass after a lengthy game of Destiny 2 with your fireteam. And therefore you must log out.

You land on the menu, but wait—”where is the log-out option? Well, I’ll just shut down my system, and it will start over from that point.” Little did you know that it wouldn’t begin from there.

The next time you open Destiny 2, it will take you to an error page that you have to acknowledge in order to begin playing the game. What can be done, then? Well you can continue reading as we explain how to sign out of destiny in this blog

How to Sign Out of Destiny 2:

Let’s start this easy process with consoles like the Xbox and PlayStation. So there are multiple ways about how you can log out of Destiny 2. Some are as easy as opening the menu and navigating to settings. From there, you will see an option to change characters and besides that will be the log out option.

Others are a little more complicated, where you have to change your console’s power settings so you have to set it to power off instead of sleep mode. This means it actually turns off when you are quitting the game. Moreover, you must also be in the “Change Character” or “Switch Profile” screen when turning off the console or minimizing the game so it eventually logs you out of the game.

How to Sign Out of Destiny 2

So let’s talk about how to exit Destiny 2 on Steam. You must log out of Steam in the same way that you would on a console. However, this time you must go to settings and select the accessibility tab. From there, you may pick between “Change character” or “Exit to desktop.”

How to sign out of Destiny 2 with Cross save:

Another way how you can log out or say be in an idle state and close the game is the feature introduced by Bungie , “Cross Save“. This feature enables players to carry their progress to multiple platforms. Moreover, they can also enjoy the characters that they have created on every other platform that they play on. To use cross save feature the player has to set it up on their Bungie account. From there choose the character they want to play from. Cross save is a good feature but it also have its downside as it disables the player to play other already available characters to the dormant id. Also it has a long cooldown time if someone decides to enable or disable cross save whether it be to switch profile or transferring id.


Logging out of Destiny 2 is quite popular among the Bungie help form but eventually it rarely happens that it affects the game or cause any bugs.

Other than being little complicated in some stuff overall destiny 2 did a fabulous job in other aspects and also the concept of cross save is brilliant and should be opted by other game companies too.

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