How to Get Likely Suspect in Destiny 2

How to Get Likely Suspect in Destiny 2: If you’re wondering how to get The Likely Suspect in Destiny 2, this is the guide for you. Before beginning the task, you must obtain “Trust goes both ways” from Quagmire, Savathuns Throne World.

Simply conversing with Fynch, the ghost will let you gain the task in the first place. Once you’ve obtained it, keep a note of it in the missions tab and proceed with the rest of the guide.

How to Get Likely Suspect in Destiny 2

How To Get Likely Suspect in Destiny 2

In D2, there are five steps to obtaining Likely Suspect. The first step entails you discovering and looting three region chests in Savathun’s Throne World. The following are the locations of the Region Chests:

First Region Chest Location

  • If you look under the Bridge, that is where the 1st regional Chest is.
  • Drop down to your left as you enter the huge gate, to a ledge beneath.
  • You will find the Chest on the middle platform there. To access to the Region Chest, you may need to drop down from that ledge.

Second Region Chest Location

  • Turn around and travel to your right side from your initial chest position.
  • This chest is also available in Quagmire.
  • Continue to the right, up a ledge, and look directly ahead.
  • The chest should be perched on a ledge near the cliff’s edge.

Third Region Chest Location

  • Miasma is the location of the next chest. It is also the last region chest.
  • The first area chest should be found just after you enter from Quagmire to Miasma.
  • A colosseum-style edifice will be built there.
  • From there, continue up the rows until you reach the top which is where your chest should be.

Trust Goes Both Ways

In this step, you need to do the mission shown on the map in Miasma.

  • Defeat Scorn (0/100)
  • Public Event Completed

It’s as simple as that, and this will quickly accomplish step 2.

Looting Faction Chests

First Faction Chest

The first Faction chest is directly next to the miasma region chest.

Continue climbing and passing through a hole or opening in the walls to obtain the first faction chest.

Second Faction Chest

The second faction chest can also be found in Miasma.

Third Faction Chest

Check the area north of the first faction chest.

Fourth Faction Chest

The fourth faction chest is located below where you found the first faction chest.

Eight Million Tales in the City

  • Collect 1 piece of evidence there.
  • Take any four chests.
  • Finish two patrols.

To find the evidence, travel to the far left end of Miasma. The evidence collection and scanning station will be situated in a wall corner. It is depicted in the figure below:

Return to Fynch when you have completed their patrols, and he will eventually offer you the Likely Suspect.

And that is how to get the Likely Suspect Weapon in Destiny 2. Also, read How to Feed Kelvin in Sons of the Forest.

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