How to Feed Kelvin in Sons of the Forest

How to Feed Kelvin in Sons of the Forest: Sons Of The Forest begins similarly to the original, with you crashing on a mystery island teeming with cannibals. Fortunately, there is one significant difference: you are not alone this time! Kelvin, your best friend, is along for the adventure, and they’ll be your company throughout Sons of the Forest. If you don’t know where Kelvin is or how to utilize Kelvin successfully, you’ve come to the perfect place.

We will go over all you need to know about Kelvin in Sons of the Forest, including how to feed Kevin in Sons of the Forest.

How to Feed Kelvin in Sons of the Forest

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How to Get Kelvin in Sons of the Forest

As you start a new game, you and Kelvin, along with a few other military buddies, will crash land on an island. After the cutscene concludes and you get control for the first time, look around. It would help if you came upon Kelvin injured on the ground.

Simply find Kelvin on the ground and assist him in getting up. This will trigger another short cutscene in which you must help Kelvin get back on his feet. After this, you can begin issuing Kelvin instructions.

How to Feed Kevin in Sons of the Forest: Can you Feed Kevin?

In Sons of the Forest, you do not need to feed Kelvin. You also do not need to get him water. Kelvin may eat berries, drink water, or sleep on occasion, but you do not need to offer him these commands or resources.

Can You Heal Kelvin in Sons of the Forest?

In Sons of the Forest, you can heal Kelvin only after he falls to the ground. This will occur if he sustains enough damage from you or your adversaries.

To heal Kelvin, you must approach him while he is down and interact with him. This will need you to resuscitate him from the ground, much like you would a fellow player in Sons of the Forest multiplayer.

Can Kelvin Fight in Sons of the Forest?

Kelvin is unable to fight in Sons of the Forest. Because there is no way to arm Kelvin, he will just try to avoid attacks during the fight.

If you’re wondering why Kelvin can’t fight, it’s because the crash left him deaf and dazed. As a result, we recommend keeping him away from potentially hazardous circumstances.

Kelvin cannot fight, but he can alert you of approaching foes if he spots them. He’ll do so by racing over to you and pointing in their direction, so use Kelvin as a lookout if you need someone to keep an eye on you. Just be ready to defend him if opponents attack.

Can Kelvin Die in Sons of the Forest?

Kelvin can, in fact, die in Sons of the Forest. He can be slain by cannibals, mutants, or the player himself.

Fortunately, Kelvin is already fairly adept at avoiding danger. He won’t follow you into caves, for example, so if you want to acquire the shovel or find the keycards in Sons of the Forest, you’re on your own.

If Kelvin dies as a result of the cannibal attacks, or if you kill him yourself, he will not respawn for the duration of your save. There is also no method to bring Kelvin back from the grave. He also has no lootable things; therefore we recommend keeping him alive for as long as possible.

Can You Get Rid of Kelvin?

It’s also an option to get rid of Kelvin and work alone without killing him. To tell Kelvin to take a break, use the “Take a break” command. He’ll go idle and stay roughly where you left him, but this allows you to run away and do your own thing without his assistance.

If you’re seeking for a more permanent way to remove Kelvin from the island – or existence – simply grab the nearest weapon. Nonetheless, we strongly advise you to keep Kelvin alive because he is really useful in helping you survive in the early game.

If he’s truly bothering you, let him alone beside a brook. You never know when you will need him again.

This is all for now on how to feed Kevin in Sons of the Forest. If you want more, check out our curated blogs on Sons of the Forest.

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