Sons of the Forest Sleep Meter Explained

Sons of the Forest Sleep Meter Explained: Survival horror games, such as Sons of the Forest, place a premium on the realism of the character’s abilities in an unrealistic world. As a result, we see a variety of distinctions from other mainstream games. As a result, this title does not provide us with insomniac characters with endless energy to run across the map without food or water.

Sons of the Forest sleep is restricted by safety; that is, you cannot sleep if there are enemies around who could harm you. The game will not let you rest if cannibals or mutants are nearby and aggressive, as doing so would allow you to skip past encounters (or just get torn to shreds in your sleep with no way to protect yourself).

So why are you sleeping in Sons of the Forest, and what do you need to do so? How can you keep from becoming exhausted? So that you can obtain a nice night’s sleep, we’ll describe the sleep system and mechanics in our blog on Sons of the Forest Sleep Meter Explained.

Sons of the Forest Sleep Meter Explained

What Does Sleep and Being Tired Mean in Sons of the Forest: Sleep Meter Explained

The tiny Moon icon in the lower right indicates how tired you are in Sons of the Forest; this is the Sleep Meter. It refills after each time you sleep in Sons of the Forest. It also depletes more quickly if you engage in more physically demanding activities, such as continual sprinting, battle, or woodcutting.

Tiredness lowers your stamina limit, diminishing your maximum amount as it depletes. This is a major issue given how often stamina can save your life, so consistent, regular rest is critical to survival.

That being said, keep in mind that while rest passes time in the game, you’ll wake up with significantly larger hunger and thirst meters. Prepare a drink and a snack ready to go for the next morning!

How to Fill the Sleep Meter: Factors that Affect Stamina and Energy in Sons of the Forest

Your energy levels, much like in real life, will influence your gameplay in Sons of the Forest. If you are low on stamina or energy, everything from your movement to your offensive powers will be muted. The following elements influence your stamina in the game:

  • Sleep deprivation.
  • When you are low on energy, overexerting your character will tire you out even faster. When your character is fatigued, you will notice him panting and moaning. The severity of your panting will alert you to the fact that it is time to rest. You can make a bench out of logs to sit and rest on.
  • Going without eating for an extended period may deplete your energy and cause your character to tire outside frequently.
  • Similarly, not getting enough water will cause issues with movement and energy levels. Collect sufficient rations whenever possible. Keep an eye on the notifications on the right side of your screen. When your character is hungry or thirsty, it will notify you.
  • Physical activity such as sprinting, carrying heavy objects, and others will also tire your tire. Hence, manage your actions wisely to equate strength with threats.

Why Can’t I Sleep in Sons of the Forest?

If you can’t sleep in Sons of the Forest, even with a shelter, it’s probably because attackers are nearby! Make sure the surrounding region is free of threats, either by killing them, driving them away, or erecting barricades to keep them at bay. You should be able to sleep once you’ve made the surrounding area safe.


In Sons of the Forest, this is how you conserve energy. Bring a tarp and sticks in your inventory. The shelter will not only assist you but will also allow you to save the game. Stock up on food and water to keep your energy levels up and your body moisturized. If you keep the region free of adversaries, you should be able to sleep well.

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