Sons of the Forest Rebreather Cave Location

Sons of the Forest Rebreather Cave Location: If you wish to advance in Sons of the Forest, you should get your hands on the Rebreather. The island you’ll carefully make your way around is massive on the surface, but beneath the surface, there is a slew of other locales in deep water that you can only visit – and, let’s face it, loot – with the help of the rebreather, which allows you to breathe for longer.

The Sons of the Forest rebreather is one of the first pieces of equipment you’ll need to start unraveling the island’s mysteries. Fortunately, it’s a relatively quick one to grab, especially when compared to the shovel and rope gun locations. If your helicopter crashed on the beach, the rebreather is in a cave on the northern shore, which should be relatively nearby.

In this article, we will take a deep dive into the surface of the game and tell you Sons of the Forest Cave Location.

How to Get the Rebreather in Sons of the Forest: Rebreather Cave Location

This cave, like others, is dark inside, so bring a torch or lighter. Adversaries are lurking in the shadows, but the path to the rebreather is the only one I’ve felt I could sprint by without getting murdered in the process.

Go through the tunnel until you reach a standing pool of water with an innertube floating in it. Go on to the next chamber and look for one of those bright work lights blazing away to the right. Don’t follow it; instead, take the left fork in the dark, even if it’s difficult to see. In this identical room, you’ll have to juke your way past several of those slimy cave foes. Because you won’t have time to pause and think about it, look at the photographs below for a visual reference.

That is the most dangerous detour because the right side trail contains a lot more adversaries. It does lead to other useful items, such as a stun gun, which you should obtain at some point. If you merely want to get the rebreather, proceed past the fork and just keep pushing forward through each huge area you come across. You’ve arrived when you’re staring down at a large pool of water with a large pool float and a work light on the other side.

Don’t get in the water until you’ve outfitted yourself with a rebreather, because a shark is waiting to devour you. Instead, go around the right side of the room to get to the other side, where you’ll find that helpful rebreather waiting for you.

Put on your new gear and dive into the water, swimming through a hole in the cave wall beneath you that finally leads back out to the ocean.

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Sons of the Forest Rebreather Cave Location

Getting Out of the Rebreather Cave

Remember the massive mutant shark? Don’t be concerned; if you’re following the instructions in real-time, you’ll be staring right at them. The good news is that getting out is only a short swim away; the bad news is that getting out will need you to kill that shark. If you have a pistol or shotgun, you should merely kill the shark with it; otherwise, you’ll have to hit it with a spear. This is a lot of work, and you may need to retake spears from the shark by crouching near the water and hammering the interact button (E by default) as the shark swims past.

Once the shark has been dispatched, enter the pool and swim below to locate the underwater tunnel. Continue the tunnel carefully, taking care not to get confused as it curves around on itself, and you’ll emerge a little distance away from the beach.

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