Sons of the Forest GPS Locators and Puzzles

Sons of the Forest GPS Locators and Puzzles: The Sons of the Forest GPS locators designate three riddles or challenges scattered throughout the area, each of which contains weapons and loot.

Sons of the Forest GPS Locators and Puzzles

Once you’ve found them, you can use the GPS locators to mark locations and allies on the GPS map connected to the M key on your keyboard. Sons of the Forest comes closest to the traditional video game approach of placing pins on a map to indicate locations – the locators ARE the pins, and you must earn them.

But do not worry, we have them all and can show you how to get all of the Sons of the Forest GPS locators and puzzles.

GPS locators in Sons of the Forest

With three GPS locators on three bodies around the island – a hanged man who needs to be cut down, a buried grave that can’t be easily dug up, and a survival raft in the ocean guarded by sharks – this is going to take more than a little work.

They’re marked on your GPS with purple exclamation points, and there are three to collect, one for each type of problem, restriction, or obstacle:

  • Mountain Locator (hanged man)
  • Peninsula Locator (buried grave)
  • Ocean Locator (sharks and Survival Raft)

Each of these sites is its own puzzle, though it’s worth noting that in each case, the prize isn’t simply the Locator, but additional Sons of the Forest weaponry and tools that players can equip and use in the future.

Hanging Man GPS Locator Puzzle

The first – and simplest – location to obtain is on the body of a hung guy suspended by a rope on the mountain range’s western edge. There are two options for getting the body down: either work your way up to the clifftop where the rope is secured and cut it with an axe or use a ranged weapon/thrown a small rock to tear the rope from ground level.

Either approach will force the body to drop, at which point you can loot it for the first location and a Flashlight. There are also wine bottles and rope wrapped around them, both them the top and bottom, if you wish to use them.

Sons of the Forest GPS Locators and Puzzles

Grave GPS Locator Puzzle

The next locator points to a grave on the island’s peninsula, which is partially hidden in woodland and marked with an Evil Dead 2-style crucifix with a piece of cloth on it. The locator is inside the grave, and you can get it by digging with a shovel if you have one. Not only that but there‚Äôs a Sons of the Forest shotgun in there as well, a strong ranged weapon that will make any mutant cannibal think twice.

Survival Raft GPS Locator Puzzle

The final one is out at sea, but can be seen from the coast: a red survival raft with lights on it that can be seen at night.

Without any things, you can swim to the Raft, but it’s in shark territory. At the time of writing, there are no means to combat sharks in the ocean, so you’ll need to swim quickly and cautiously, merely avoiding them until you reach the Survival Raft. A single bite can cause significant damage, yet it is feasible to reach the raft without being bitten – we have done it.

Once on the Survival Raft, the GPS locator can be found on a body, a pistol, some flares, and other miscellaneous goods. This is the time to turn the tables on the sharks; if they’ve followed you, use the pistol or other ranged weapon to fire those near the surface, clearing the area and allowing you to begin the long swim back to the coast.

How to use GPS Locators in Suns of the Forest

As you look at your GPS map, GPS locators mark whatever they are placed on, acting as helpful icons. You may find them in your inventory in the upper left red box, and you can use them for the following purposes:

  • Place a stick in the ground, then equip and place the GPS finder on the stick to identify the spot on your map.
  • Give the Sons of the Forest Virginia companion the locator to permanently indicate her location on your map.

As previously said, there are only three GPS locators at the time of writing, so we advocate utilizing them carefully, especially since Kelvin does not require one. Maybe one for Virginia, one for your base, and one for a tourist attraction or good resource collection point? Is there a secondary base? We’ll let you make your own decision!

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