Sons of the Forest Building Recipes

Sons of the Forest Building Recipes: You must learn how to build and craft in order to survive in Sons of the Forest so that you have all the necessary tools and structures to protect yourself.

Sons of the Forest Building Recipes

There is a distinct threat lurking behind every rock or within every cave when it comes to Sons of the Forest. There are many things to be concerned about, including coping with basic human needs like food and weathering terrible weather. As if this wasn’t bad enough, you immediately come under attack from mutants and cannibals.

Any exploring session is therefore preceded by some preparation. This Sons of the Forest guide explains building and recipes crafting in the game and how to create tools and weapons so you can escape the strange island.

Sons of the Forest: Building Guide

In Sons of the Forest, construction involves both according to the book’s directions and using a little imagination on your part. Although it can appear challenging at first, this technique actually gives you more freedom to create things.

There are two building modes in Sons of the Forest: one that is quite like the previous game and one that is more realistic. The first is easier and clearer to understand. You only need to press B to access the Guide Book and hold X to switch between modes. Once the required construction component has been chosen, you can rotate it with Q and R, cancel it with R, or place it with a left click. Certain structures may give the impression that logs must be chopped in half, although this is not always the case.

Sons of the Forest Building Recipes


  • 1x Tarp and 2x Sticks

Basic Fire

  • Break 1x Stick and Light on fire.

Reinforced Fire

  • Basic Fire with Rocks around.

Standing Fire

  • Multiple Sticks wrapped in Cloth.

Skull Lamp

  • 1x Stick, 1x Cloth, and 1x Skull.

Fire Wood

  • Chop wood logs with an axe.

Stick Structures

  • Place a Stick into the ground and add a skull.

Reinforced Stick Structure

  • Normal Stick Structure with rocks around.


  • Two vertical and horizontal sticks next to each other.


  • Place logs on the ground in a square and add more logs inside.


  • Make a Wall leaving space in the middle for logs to be placed vertically.


  • Remove logs in the Wall to create a window.

Single Step

  • Build a Floor and a plank beside it.

Stairs and Ramps

  • Place two logs vertically into the ground, place two more logs in a slanting position, and use planks to make Steps.

Small Animal Trap

  • 14x Stick

Hunting Shelter

  • 5x Logs, 6x Sticks, and 7x Rocks

Tree Shelter 1

  • 70x Wooden Logs and 1x Rope

Small Log Cabin

  • 75x Wooden Logs

Tree Shelter 2

  • 96x Wooden Logs

Tree Platform 2

  • 35x Wooden Logs and 1x Rope

Lean To

  • 53x Logs

Tree Platform 1

  • 7x Wooden Logs and 1x Rope

Lookout Tower

  • 60x Logs and 1x Rope

Bone Maker Traps

  • 2x Sticks, 3x Rocks, 3x Leaves, 1x Rope, and 1x Vodka Bottle

Fly Swatter Trap

  • 10x Sticks, 3x Rocks, and 1x Rope

Standing Planter

  • 18x Sticks

Wall Planter

  • 16x Sticks

Bird House

  • 18x Sticks


  • 14x Sticks and 4x Duct Tape

Rock Path

  • Place rocks on the ground.

Stick Path

  • Place sticks on the ground.


  • 2x Wooden Logs

Wall Shelf

  • 2x Sticks and 1x Wooden Logs

Drying Rack

  • 13x Sticks
  • 20x Sticks and 5x Duct Tape

Log storage

  • 8x Sticks

Bone Storage

  • 7x Sticks

Stick Storage

  • 6x Sticks

Rock Storage

  • 7x Sticks


  • 2x Wooden Logs


  • 3x Wooden Logs

Wall Torch

  • 1x Cloth and 1x Stick

Ceiling Skull Lamp

  • 1x Skull and 1x Rope

Bone Chair

  • 15x Bones and 1x Skull

Bone Chandelier

  • 19x Bones and 9x Skulls

Stick Chair

  • 14x Sticks

Stick Bed

  • 14x Sticks
Sons of the Forest Building Recipes

How to Free Build in Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest’s second playable mode adopts a realistic and freeform approach and lets players construct without using any blueprints. By correctly positioning the items in your hands, you can build the structure that will show up on the ground as a diagram. You can find step-by-step instructions for all the game’s recipes in the Guide Book by hitting B.

This type of structure, as an illustration:

  • Lay down one log on the surface.
  • At the end of the first log, position a second log at a 90-degree angle.
  • Continue until the square is clear.
  • Logs should be split lengthwise to create wooden planks.
  • The wooden boards should be put in the empty space.


And now that you are aware of everything on Sons of the Forest Building recipes, you are fully equipped to construct and craft in Sons of the Forest.

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