Sons of the Forest: How to Drop Items From Inventory

Sons of the Forest: How to Drop Items From Inventory: The 2014 video game The Forest’s sequel is the new Sons of the Forest. It is a survival horror game that has just been launched.

Sons of the Forest: How to Drop Items From Inventory

While playing Sons of the Forest in Early Access, there are several occasions when you’ll wish to drop stuff. You might need to throw away a rock you accidentally picked up. Or you might need to set down a large log you’re carrying. Whatever the situation, dropping things is simple.

Allow us this opportunity to tell you a little something about Sons of the Forest. We will also tell you how to drop Items from Inventory. Afterall, that is what you are here for!

Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest is a survival horror game that is currently being developed by Endnight Games, Ltd. It is a sequel to the enormously successful independent film The Forest. According to claims from several internet sources, including Fandom, three trailers have already been created for the game. These were released on February 23, 2023.

Survival with an emphasis on conflict and exploration, similar to The Forest. The AI system in Sons of the Forest has been greatly improved for both enemies and allies.

Two delays occurred with Sons of the Forest. In December 2019, the game’s first May 2022 release date was revealed. On March 25, 2022, the game’s developer, Endnight Games, announced a postponement to October 2022 in order to “accomplish our notion of the next level in survival games.”

In that August, the game’s release date was subsequently pushed back a second time to February 23, 2023. It was eventually confirmed that the game would launch under early access to prevent any delays.

How to drop items in Sons of The Forest

The G key or the B/Circle buttons on a controller can be used in Sons of the Forest to drop stuff, but there’s a catch: the button is more of a “unequip” button, despite what the menu calls it.

You see, there is no way to prevent this from happening if there is room in your inventory for the item you are dropping; it will just automatically return to your bag. If you “drop” a stone, it won’t actually fall to the ground unless your inventory is so full of other rocks that it can no longer hold more.

Only when this happens will the item fall to the ground. That can also happen if you drop a large object that will not fit in ANY inventory, such as a log that can only be carried over the player’s shoulder.


You’re more equipped to explore the island, gather resources, and construct both defensive and habitational structures now that you understand how to drop goods and how the function truly works. Being able to rapidly switch out items or throw things down is vital because you never know when a cannibal (or Kelvin) will attack.

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