Hogwarts Legacy Forbidden Forest Guide

Hogwarts Legacy Forbidden Forest Guide: In order to fully experience the expansive Harry Potter universe, it is imperative to take on a range of challenges and work through challenging problems in Hogwarts Legacy. The Merlin Trials are significant among the in-game trials since they expand the player’s gear inventory space in Hogwarts Legacy.

Hogwarts Legacy Forbidden Forest Guide

Players must use their wits and Skills to overcome these Trials, which can be found in various places. The Forbidden Forest, which has three distinctive Merlin Trials, is one of the areas that players can explore to expand their inventory space.

If you have difficulties navigating the Puzzles, here is our Hogwarts Legacy Forbidden Forest guide and all Merlin Trial Solutions.

Hogwarts Legacy Forbidden Forest Guide – Merlin Trials

Hogwarts Legacy’s Forbidden Forest contains three distinct Merlin Trials, each of which needs Mallowsweet to be activated. There are three Trials.

  • Brazier Puzzle
  • Firefly Puzzle
  • Platform Bridge Puzzle

Merlin Trial #1 – Brazier Puzzle

East of the Jackdaw’s Tomb Floo Flame, in the Forbidden Forest, is where the first Merlin Trial is located. A river connects the two. In Hogwarts Legacy, players must employ a flying mount or a broom to get there.

Players must ignite three braziers with the Confringo Spell in order to pass this trial. This Spell is perfect for the job because it may be used from away. The Merlin Trail is situated between the three braziers, to its northwest, north, and southeast. It is better to burn the spider web blocking one of the braziers with a fire spell before lighting the brazier because it is blocking the other braziers.

Merlin Trial #2 – Firefly Puzzle

Fast travel to the West Forbidden Forest waypoint and head east to find the second Merlin Trial in the Forbidden Forest. However, keep in mind that the Trial is surrounded by Poacher Trackers, all of which must be eliminated in order to start the Trial.

Players must locate and use swarms of fireflies to light up three Moonstone pillars in order to accomplish this Merlin Challenge. Here is how you do it:

Hogwarts Legacy Forbidden Forest Guide
  • Cast Revelio to draw attention to any obscure or secret passages close to the Trial.
  • To destroy the mound of rocks, cast spells like Confringo, Bombarda, or Depulso from Hogwarts Legacy.
  • To direct the fireflies to a Moonstone pillar, cast Lumos.
  • After the Merlin Trial, turn south.
  • The second swarm of fireflies should be led to a Moonstone pillar using Lumos.
  • towards the Trial’s east.
  • In Hogwarts Legacy, use the same spell to guide the fireflies to the last Moonstone pillar.

Merlin Trial #3 – Platform Bridge Puzzle

Players can teleport to the North Ford Bog Entrance Floo Flame in Hogwarts Legacy and move north to access the third Merlin Trial in the Forbidden Forest. When you get there, it’s best to deal with the Poacher Rangers before starting the puzzle. Players must successfully hop across a sequence of stone platforms without falling in order to complete the Trial.

The fact that some of the platforms have a lot of pebbles on top of them and are therefore impossible for players to jump across adds to the difficulty. It is therefore best to remove the barriers by utilizing certain Spells in order to move further. Players must also jump carefully because if they fall, they will be sent back to the beginning, thus accuracy is essential.

Available right now on the PS5, Xbox Series S/X, and PC is Hogwarts Legacy. MAny other console versions are still under development.

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