Can You Be a Dark Wizard in Hogwarts Legacy

Can You Be a Dark Wizard in Hogwarts Legacy? Would you want to be an Evil Dark Wizard? Are you considering casting unforgivable curses and becoming a villain with the ultimate plan to rule the magical world in your dream?

Can You Be a Dark Wizard in Hogwarts Legacy

The ideal game to explore our characters’ darker sides or see the wizarding world from the perspective of a villain who subscribes to the ideologies of fascinating figures like Voldemort or Bellatrix is Hogwarts Legacy.

The Hogwarts Legacy includes dark magic and evil powers, and like any role-playing game, some of the options may be morally dubious. Let’s look at how can you be a Dark Wizard in Hogwarts Legacy.

An immersive, open-world action role-playing game set in the Harry Potter books’ setting is called Hogwarts Legacy. It’s without a doubt one of the most eagerly anticipated games for 2023.

The tale is set in the 1800s at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. In the magical open world, players can build their Wizard or Witch and do a lot of things like attend classes, fly on magical creatures, cast spells, fight, manufacture potions, and more.

Can you be an evil Dark Wizard or Witch?

The answer to that question is difficult, however, you can be a dark witch or wizard who is evil. Hogwarts Legacy’s story director Moira Squier stated that you can play an evil character in a recent interview with GamesRadar (01/25/2023). In fact, a dark witch or wizard will recognize it and occasionally even dread you if they perform Unforgivable curses on game characters.

There are ways to create a harsh or wicked protagonist if you want to play as evil in Hogwarts Legacy. Players can first choose the spells and abilities that their protagonist will learn and employ. But most significantly, you have the freedom to choose your path through the journey, which will lead to unique results and eventually your conclusion.

Therefore, you cannot actually become a villain in Hogwarts Legacy. Your character is the only one who can save the world, and the game is meant to set the player on that route. The unique magic that your student uses is the key to thwarting the terrible forces that threaten the wizarding community.

Also, it’s unlikely that the player will be able to assault every NPC they encounter by torturing them or turning into a serial killer. In Hogwarts Legacy, there are various primary plot conclusions, some of which can be worse than others.

How to Become a Dark Wizard or Witch in Hogwarts Legacy

Let’s start by discussing the customization possibilities for dressing like and becoming a dark wizard or witch. In conclusion, you can customize your evil character in a variety of ways. Your student’s appearance, home, and wand are all customizable.

Any player should be able to build their ideal wicked protagonist using the character Creation menu. Next, players can choose from a variety of necessary instruments. These include dark robes, broomsticks that can be customized, and wands. As a result, players can create charming, nasty, or spooky-looking characters to fit the tale they wish to tell.

Choosing Between Good and Evil

Evil Quest Choices

In the role-playing game Hogwarts Legacy, quests have several dialogue options and possible outcomes, allowing players to make “bad” decisions. Players may have to make morally dubious decisions to complete some quests because they don’t always present “the proper decision.” As a result, this will let gamers play any way they like and make their characters.

Unforgivable Curses and Dark Magic

Students can also pick up different spells and use evil magic, including the deadly Unforgivable Curses. Performing the Imperius Curse incantation with the names Imperio, Crucio, and Killing In Harry Potter’s universe, the Ministry of Magic strongly prohibits the use of the curse incantation Avada Kedavra, and the penalty is incarceration in the wizarding prison Azkaban.

There isn’t a morality system in Hogwarts Legacy like there is in other games. Nonetheless, when an Unforgivable Curses is used, several NPC characters may react “visually and loudly.” It is up to the player if they choose to learn and employ those wicked spells because they are not covered in the school of witchcraft and wizardry.

Can You Be a Dark Wizard in Hogwarts Legacy

Evil Companions and Characters

The final character the player will encounter is Sebastian, a prospective partner who enjoys black art. He looks in many enigmatic places for a remedy for his twin sister and even goes for the forbidden magic. His entire personal questline is based on banned spells and lost information.

In addition to learning dark magic with him, players can assist him in his pursuit. To prevent spoilers, I won’t say much more. But, your evil dark wizard or witch might find this sympathetic-appearing Slytherin student to be the ideal partner.

In either the main quest or side quests, players will encounter a lot of terrible antagonists and evil characters. It is not yet known if they will have options or how frequently to assist them rather than stop them.

Dark Arts Spells and Talents

By participating in classes and traveling the world, you will eventually be able to learn Dark Arts spells as the main story develops. To avoid giving away any more of the game’s secrets, here are the walkthroughs for each spell and how to unlock unforgivable curses:

In conclusion, playing through Hogwarts Legacy as an evil dark wizard can be fun. You’ll discover several methods to become a wicked character as you play the game, making your decisions doubtful in the eyes of others. A true villain’s dark soul can be slightly cheered by even minor mischievous charms. We hope you were able to resolve your query.

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