How Does Marvel Snap Matchmaking Work

How Does Marvel Snap Matchmaking Work: Due to its significance to players in determining when to advance and understanding whom they are playing against, as well as the general mystique around how and why it works the way it does, matchmaking inside Marvel Snap is a very popular question.

We are going to deconstruct what we know about the matchmaking system today and attempt to answer how does Marvel Snap Matchmaking work.

Keep in mind that as additional information is released by the developers and more data is mined, all the information presented here is subject to change.

What does Matchmaking mean in Marvel Snap?

Marvel Snap is fundamentally a rated game (at least for the time being; non-ranked gameplay is on the way, according to the Development Roadmap!) – Matchmaking is the method by which the game assigns you a suitable foe in this graded environment.

The game employs a number of the characteristics listed below to choose the best opponent to play against in a reasonable period because it doesn’t want you to unintentionally create a bad playing experience by playing against unfair opponents.

Facts about Matchmaking in Marvel Snap

Matchmaking is now only available on a regional level, but this will soon change to Global Matchmaking.

Matchmaking was naturally related to the area during the Beta to maintain fluid animations and the flow of the game, as well as for a lot of other reasons that a simple content producer is not aware of!

But for the time being, this structure is still in place, probably to ensure that these priorities remained smooth after launch with such a significant increase in players anticipated. This explains why you might play more bots at some times of the day or why you more frequently see the same individuals on the ladder than you might anticipate.

Global matchmaking will come after Second Dinner is certain that it won’t result in any serious problems.

How Does Marvel Snap Matchmaking Work

Three different variables—MMR (Match Making Rating), Collector Level, and Rank on the ladder—are used to determine matches.

Neither is matchmaking a precise art nor is it very straightforward. The three criteria that determine who your opponent is are as follows:

MMR: The Marvel Snap game keeps track of a HIDDEN figure called MMR (or Match Making Rating). When you defeat opponents, this number increases, and when you fall short, it decreases. Your MMR will change more dramatically depending on whether you defeat or lose to opponents the game considers to be “better” or “worse” than you.

Collector Level: This is a huge one, Matchmaking only cares about your current Collector Level, regardless of what “Pool” of cards you are currently in. The longer you wait in the matchmaking queue, we think, the wider the range of levels the game will accept as “appropriate to pair you against.”

Rank: Every player has a position on the ladder known as their “rank”; this is what the cubes you play for contribute to, giving each player a number and matching rank. These range in rank from Rank 1: Recruit to Rank 100: Infinity. Like Collector Level, it is thought that the permissible gap in Rank will rise and decrease based on the other two parameters and time in the matchmaking queue.

At the end of a pool of cards, “waiting around” WILL NOT prevent you from playing against cards from the following pool.

It is not certain that sitting at a lower collection level on purpose will prevent you from playing against players who have more or fewer “meta” decks than you or cards from a Pool of Cards you are not currently in. This is because your collection level is NOT the only determinant in matchmaking.

Furthermore, Second Dinner has made it apparent that they do not see this method as adhering to their original ideas for how players advance and engage with the game, and they have created tools and strategies to “push” individuals to move forward as planned. This assertion is more than enough of a reason to dispel the myth of “waiting to enter Pool Three,” even though we do not currently know what these approaches include.


Many smokescreens are surrounding Marvel Snap Matchmaking.

However, as a result of the smokescreens, many myths about the system and how it functions have started to spread throughout the community, leading many players to incorrectly complain about factors that either don’t exist or have no bearing on the matchmaking process.

We can hopefully put some of those rumors to rest with the help of this breakdown.

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