How to Get Venom in Marvel Snap

How to Get Venom in Marvel Snap: One of Marvel’s most well-liked characters is Venom. Venom is equally as strong in Marvel Snap as he is in other counterparts.

How to Get Venom in Marvel Snap

In Marvel Snap, Venom can dramatically boost his power by absorbing other friendly cards. Venom, who initially had just one power, could easily reach double digits with the correct assistance.

Hence, if you want to create a deck that is centered around Venom, we can help. Let us start with how to get Venom in Marvel Snap.

How to get Venom in Marvel Snap

Because Venom is a Pool Three Marvel Snap card, you won’t acquire him until after reaching Collection Level 486. He is a three-cost, one-power card with an On Reveal ability that eliminates all of your other cards nearby while boosting Venom’s strength. Venom is a fantastic complement to any Destruction deck because of this.

You need cards like Venom to do the destruction in Destroy Decks because they focus on destroying your cards to strengthen them. Some fantastic cards that can be used to eliminate your opponents include Carnage (which functions like Venom but gains two Power for every card destroyed), Arnim Zola (which copies a card at one spot while destroying it at another), Deathlock (which destroys cards here), and Killmonger.

Best Venom Decks In Marvel Snap

Venom performs admirably in any Marvel Snap Destruction deck. If you can couple Venom with cards that desire to be destroyed (like Nova and Bucky Barnes), you’ll not only benefit from Venom’s ability but also get some extra advantages. Venom needs to eat up friendly cards to boost his power.

This card is used in a wide variety of decks to varied degrees. Venom occasionally serves as another enabler for your cards that must be destroyed. Venom, on the other hand, can be the centerpiece of whole decks in some situations and serve as the main requirement for victory.

Standard Venom Destruction Deck

All of the most obvious Destruction cards, including Bucky Barnes, Carnage, and Death, are used in the Standard Venom Destruction deck. In this deck, Venom is more of an aid to Destruction than a win condition. By no way does this imply that Venom cannot succeed in this build? It is possible to make a Venom large enough and mimic its stats using Taskmaster’s effect to, hopefully, take down two Locations.

How to Get Venom in Marvel Snap

Standard Venom Destruction Deck List:

  1. The Hood
  2. Nova
  3. Deadpool
  4. Bucky Barnes
  5. Carnage
  6. Venom
  7. Killmonger
  8. Wave
  9. Hulk Buster
  10. Deathlok
  11. Taskmaster
  12. Death

Big Venom Deck

Big Venom is an archetype that makes use of Venom as its main winning circumstance. The goal is for players to play a variety of cards with strong attributes and let Venom consume them. Then, on your final turn, you can employ Arnim Zola to transfer Venom to the other two locations after your Venom has amplified to a sufficient level (where he will also consume all the cards played there as well).

Big Venom Deck List:

  1. The Hood
  2. Nova
  3. Zero
  4. Bucky Barnes
  5. Carnage
  6. Lizard
  7. Venom
  8. Sabertooth
  9. Deathlok
  10. Taskmaster
  11. Red Skull
  12. Arnim Zola

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