Sons of the Forest Walkthrough

Sons of the Forest Walkthrough: The Forest’s follow-up, Sons of the Forest, was finally released on February 24th, 2023. Along with all of the building and exploring, there is a story mode in which you can compete.

Sons of the Forest Walkthrough

A complex narrative arc characterizes the visceral survival horror film Sons of the Forest. All of the game’s objectives are left up to you to find, even though many items, including construction and crafting, are instantly available to you as the game begins.

As the game never explicitly states where they’re intended to go first or what to do, we are here with our Sons of the Forest story walkthrough.

Sons of the Forest Full Walkthrough

Sons of the Forest does not provide any direction, leaving it up to the players to choose their course. Such a strategy has caused a lot of confusion because players quickly learned they must first gain some items to get the one they are missing. This guide will enable you to finish all required tasks and the game’s major plot without wasting time aimlessly exploring the island.

Sons of the Forest Guide, Tips and Tricks Walkthrough

The sooner you acquire a few necessary goods in Sons of the Forest, the easier it will be to advance. Get the following as soon as you can while beginning a fresh playthrough:


The best light source in the game and a useful tool for any upcoming cavern expeditions is the flashlight.

Modern Axe

A much better option than the tactical axe you receive with your survival kit at the beginning of the game is the modern axe. You can pick it up right away because it will be in plain sight in an unsupervised place that requires no special preparation to visit.

Stun Baton

While it may not be as efficient at killing more powerful adversaries, it is quite useful at incapacitating them so you have more time to get a more powerful weapon. Later in the game, the Stun Baton will come in handy for providing you an advantage over stronger foes.

The Stun Baton is also at an accessible location, so finding it is not difficult. To power the Stun Baton and the Flashlight, batteries are required.

The First Night

It should be easy to make it through the first few nights in Sons of the Forest. You can initially rest and store your work by constructing a mobile base with just a tarp and a stick. Unless you locate a spot for a permanent base where you can set up shop properly, that is.

You will eventually require a secure location to return to after a day of searching for and gathering materials. Right now, in the game, it’s important to focus on your teammates. You will gain from Virginia’s friendship because she is a skilled fighter.

You will also benefit greatly from the assistance of your teammate Kelvin, especially early on when you are gathering materials to build structures and set traps. Always remember to make the most of him because he will help you out with time-consuming jobs like cutting wood and fishing. Take these things into account when positioning your first base:

  • Look out for enemy camps or locations where the adversary is active. Spending a few nights camping in a tent will allow you to test this. If you frequently experience attacks, it is best to relocate.
  • Keep food and water sources close by. Building near a river makes sense because you will frequently need both.
  • Stay at the side of the road. Avoid constructing near roads since occasionally cannibals would use them to patrol areas.
  • Keep to densely forested areas. The better, the more trees there are in a place. Resources are needed to construct a base, and even the most basic structures need a lot of wood to be completed.

Sons of the Forest Walkthrough

Maintenance Keycard

You’ll need to visit one of the green circle points of interest on your “GPS Tracker” to obtain the “Maintenance Keycard” Keycard. The area close to the slingshot cave is the one in dispute. If you are within the cave, fully zoom out on the green blip on your GPS tracker. By doing so, you will arrive at a dig site that is manned by two golf caddies. Dig down to the Maintenance A hatch that is hidden in the ground, and then descend through it.

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Katana and Golden Armor in Sons of the Forest

In order to access the bunker containing both the Katana and Golden Armor in Sons of the Forest, you need the Maintenance Keycard. As soon as you enter and reach level two of the facility through the closed door, a cutscene will begin to play out, giving you a taste of some story development.

The advancement of the game will benefit greatly from both the Katana and Golden Armor. The Fireman axe and the Katana are the game’s two best melee weapons, respectively. We advise purchasing it as soon as you receive the Maintenance Keycard because it is an end-game item that will benefit you for the remainder of the gameplay.

For the game’s last level, you’ll require the Golden Armor. It not only offers the necessary entrance key to the game’s final cave region, but it also offers essential defense there. You can still utilize it up until that time if you run out of armor points and are unable to make any more armor.

VIP Keycard

The “VIP Keycard” Keycard may be obtained by going to the Food Bunker, which is found on the northwest side of the map, once you have obtained the “Maintenance Keycard” Keycard. Enter the Bunker by descending, then use the “Maintenance Keycard” icon to unlock the door. The “VIP Keycard” icon is located on the desk inside the left chamber after you pass past the flooded section of the walkway in front of you.

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Guest Keycard

You must first have the VIP Keycard to enter the building where the Guest Keycard is located. The Chainsaw and the Guitar are in the same location. While the Guitar is only a passable weapon, getting a Chainsaw will help you improve your building skills by saving you a lot of time cutting down trees.

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Final Bunker

If you have all of the aforementioned game items, you should proceed to the last bunker, which is close to the beach on the east side of the map. Use the “VIP Keycard” icon to unlock the door. Once you get a VIP Keycard, proceed through the neighborhood until you come to an apartment. To discover smoke in the corner, you should now go into the restroom. You can then put on the Golden Armor and engage with it to continue after you go through it to expose a Gold Door.

The time has come to employ your superior weapons if you’ve been putting them off. Put on the shotgun, carefully make your way across the lava-filled, constrained path, and eventually squeeze through a gap in the wall. After a brief sequence, you’ll be in a cube where you must decide whether to board a helicopter or stay on the island.

If you decide to stay on the island, you’ll have full reign to explore any caverns or other spots you missed during your first playthrough. You may enhance your building and crafting abilities, create a sizable base, and test out new additions as they are gradually made available by the devs.

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