How to Get the Sons of the Forest Water Flask and Collector

How to Get the Sons of the Forest Water Flask and Collector: To stop being thirsty in Sons of the Forest, you must obtain water, otherwise you will become dehydrated.

How to Get the Sons of the Forest Water Flask and Collector

The best ways to find water in Sons of the Forest differ slightly from The Forest. The most notable absence is the Water Collector. However, this may change in future releases.

In this guide, we have described how to get the Sons of the Forest Water Flask and Collector, including the flask location and what we know about the fate of the helpful Water Collector, to help you remain alive longer on the island.

How to Drink Water in Sons of the Forest

On the island, you have numerous alternatives for staying hydrated: drinking directly from a nearby stream, using the 3D printer to build a flask, or gobbling down those energy drinks. Notably, as of the game’s early access debut, there is no water collector.

Here are all of the available water sources (as well as thirst meter refills):

  • Freshwater streams and ponds
  • A water flask
  • Energy drinks
  • Yarrow flowers

Freshwater Stream/Pond

Drinking from a water source such as a lake, river, or pond is the best and most constant way to acquire water. To drink the water here, go up to it or crouch until the ‘E’ prompt appears. One or two drinks should swiftly refill your thirst bar to the top.

When deciding where to set up a more permanent base, look for a spot near a stream or pond. With your map, you can readily identify good possibilities.

Energy Drinks

We also advocate picking up as many energy drinks as you can carry, as ingesting one counts not only as drinking water but also as a food and rest source, partially filling up all of your bars with one can. We have discovered that they’re best employed when exploring caves, as you never know if it’ll be a long or short voyage.

Yarrow Flowers

It’s not the best way to get water, but we’ve discovered that eating foraged things like berries and yarrow will gradually increase your thirst. You’ll have to eat a lot of them to make a difference, but if you’re out of the water, they can keep you hydrated until you find one.

How to Get the Sons of the Forest Water Flask: Location

The flask, or water collector, is a portable water storage device. This is actually quite simple to locate if you know where to look.

  • Use your GPS map to get to the nearest indicated place of interest to the southeast from the initial helicopter crash site (shown above)
  • A small electric cart, overgrown with vegetation, and a stone staircase leading underground can be seen here.
  • Down the stairs and fit through the opening. Take the tube into the room.
  • A 3D Printer can be found here. Despite it requires Resin to be used, it should already have some.
  • Use the laptop next to the printer to cycle through the flask settings, then press E to begin printing.
  • Wait a few seconds before removing your new flask from the printer!
How to Get the Sons of the Forest Water Flask and Collector

The flask will start empty, but simply take it to a water source, such as a river, and press E as if you were drinking – this will fill the flask. You can drink from it by just using it like any other item and refilling it when it runs out. You may even print additional flasks to increase the amount of water you want to carry with you!

Sons of the Forest Water Collector

There is no official water collector in Sons of the Forest at the time of writing, unlike in the prior game. The Water Collector was an item constructed of sticks and a huge turtle shell that passively collected water.

The parts are still present in Sons of the Forest, but there is no way to transform them into a Water Collector right now because the item does not yet exist. But, given that all of the components for it were included in the sequel, it’s completely feasible that it’ll be included in a future update.

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