Best Online Chess Game for Android with Friends

Best Online Chess Game for Android with Friends: Chess is one of the first logic and strategy games, and it remains as difficult now as it was centuries ago. Here are the finest Android chess games.

Chess is one of the oldest board games still in use today. You can either play pleasant games with friends or join a very active competitive chess group. What makes chess so appealing is that it is both simple to learn and challenging to master. Years after first starting out, you can still discover new things about this game.

If you’re looking for some chess, here are our picks for the Best Online Chess Game for Android to play with friends.

Best Online Chess Game for Android

Let us now have a look at the Best Online Chess Game for Android to play with friends. You can also find their download links here.

Chess by AI Factory Limited

Best Online Chess Game for Android with Friends

Chess by AI Factory Limited is one of the most popular mobile chess games. It contains all of the essentials. It also has 12 difficulty levels, casual and pro play modes, achievements, leaderboards, and cloud saving. The user interface is straightforward. There are, however, eight chessboard motifs.

The free edition has no in-app purchases, but it does contain advertisements. You can remove them by purchasing the $0.99 version. Chess by is another excellent program in this genre that functions similarly.

Chess Tactics Pro

Chess Tactics Pro differs from other chess games. There isn’t much in the way of traditional chess. It does, however, feature a plethora of chess puzzles. It includes offline puzzle packs (purchased in-app), daily online puzzles, and more.

It boasts that the complexity of some challenges can reach ELO 2000+, but that’s about it. It’s a fun method to test your talents and discover new strategies. The game is available for free download. In-app purchases are available for purchasing additional content.


CT-ART is one of the best learning chess games available. It includes 2,200 basic exercises, 1,800 additional activities, and 50 learning topics. Each exercise has a different purpose and teaches you a different strategy.

Furthermore, as you move through the app, the game will keep track of your ELO development. It may be considered more of an instructive app than a game. However, knowing all of the minor tactics does necessitate playing chess.


Best Online Chess Game for Android with Friends

Lichess is another of the most popular mobile chess games. Its fundamental principle is to play online chess versus other gamers. The game has almost 150,000 registered players. That shouldn’t make it too difficult to find a game with someone of your skill level.

There are also various game modes, competitions, and the ability to view your game stats. You can also play against a computer offline if you choose. The software is also accessible in 80 other languages.

The price is its most appealing feature. It’s completely free, with no adverts or in-app purchases. If you want to see how it works, the program is also open source.

Play Magnus Chess

Play Magnus Chess is exactly what the title suggests. It includes a chess engine that has been tweaked to play in the style of chess Grandmaster Magnus Carlsen.

 The game allows you to select Magnus’ age, and the engine tunes itself to play like he did at that age. This also serves as a difficult selection, as he did better with age.

Some gamers may even qualify to play Magnus himself, according to the app description. However, that could just be marketing at work. Some say the engine isn’t as robust as Magnus, which makes sense. Overall, it is a good chess game.

Really Bad Chess

Really Bad Chess is one of the more recent Android chess games. It appears to be a typical chess game. This one, on the other hand, allows you to play with fully random pieces. For all the game’s sake, you may have five knights and three bishops on the board, or three queens and two pawns.

The free version allows you to compete against the AI in a variety of game modes. The premium edition includes a vs mode, no advertising, theming, and other minor tweaks. This is a chess game for anyone who have ever wondered what it would be like if exquisite balance and perfect strategy were not required.

With this game, our list of the Best Online Chess Game for Android with Friends comes to an end.

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