Best VR Golf Game for Oculus

Best VR Golf Game for Oculus: We’ve spent a record amount of time at home over the previous two years, which is not all terrible.

To begin with, the golf industry has embraced the rapid growth of personal simulators and virtual games that allow us to play from anywhere in the world!

Continuing that theme, I am undertaking a review of the best VR Golf Game for Oculus.

Let’s get you through the features of these games and explain how you may mix exercise with entertainment.

Best VR Golf Games for Oculus – Ranked

Golf games on VR platforms are a relatively recent venture, with some popular games being less than two years old.

Steam and Oculus are the two most popular platforms for playing a round in life-like settings.

4. Golf+

Golf Plus is an Oculus VR game that allows you to practice and play top golf courses from the comfort of your own home.

It also has Topgolf games and allows you to compete against your pals remotely.

Best VR Golf Game for Oculus

Important Characteristics

Unlike previous VR golf games, Golf Plus includes real-life courses. This allows you to put your abilities to the test on Valhalla and Wolf Creek.

  • Although Valhalla is included, you must pay an extra $7.99 to access Wolf Creek. Furthermore, the whole course mode is only compatible with the Quest 2 headset.
  • If you want to practice. You can work on your woods, irons, and wedges in the practice area.
  • Golf Plus now features Topgolf games to help you improve your accuracy and compete against your friends in multiplayer mode.
  • Finally, the game includes a variety of putting courses to help you polish your skills with the flat stick.

3. Golf 5 E Club

Golf 5 E Club is another Oculus-based VR game that allows you to play on a real-world course. It also lets you work on your long game and putting.

The game was released in March 2021 and is currently in development. Despite encouraging feedback from the game’s development team, the course layout and measurement accuracy require improvement.

Important Characteristics

  • The most notable feature of the Golf 5 E Club game is the ability to play a full round on the Dunes course from anywhere. You can even work on your long game on the simulated driving range.
  • Furthermore, the game offers an elite putting green where you may put your talents to the test. My only complaint about this feature is the fast pace of the greens.
  • Finally, if you are in a hurry, the Wood, Iron, Pitch, and Putt (WIPP) mode speeds up your practice time.

2. Top Golf

Top Golf VR has brought the popular high-tech golf game into your living room.

Test your talents against numerous challenges available at TopGolf locations across the world, but there is a catch. In multiplayer mode, you can chip off a boat, play pitch pong, and battle against eight other players.

Best VR Golf Game for Oculus

Important Characteristics

  • Topgolf VR allows you to practice your driving skills while also playing games like cornhole and pitch pong. You can also chip off a yacht if you feel like it!
  • You can also use the Pro Putt function to test your putting talents on four different courses and invite your friends’ avatars to hang out in your bay.

1. Walkabout Mini Golf

As if golf was not difficult enough, the Walkabout Mini Golf development team thought it would be appropriate to add to the difficulty. This mini-golf game puts your putting stroke, nerves, and ability to guide your ball through, over, and around obstacles to the test.

If you’re searching for a typical golf game, look elsewhere. Walkabout Mini Golf, on the other hand, will provide you and your family with enjoyment and a test of your skills.

Important Characteristics

  • The game contains eight 18-hole miniature golf courses in which you must traverse numerous hazards in as few shots as possible. Those who are displeased with the eight courses given can upgrade to the Shangri-La and Gardens of Babylon courses for $2.99 each
  • As you progress, you will be able to collect 150 different golf balls and solve treasure hunts to obtain fancy putters.
  • Although it does not allow you to play on an actual golf course, it is less expensive than the other options on this list.


The advancement of VR golf games over the last few years has been astounding. Although the quality of the games has increased, die-hard gamers and golf aficionados hoping for an immersive experience still have few options.

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