Is the Last of Us Remastered Worth It: Detailed Review

Is the Last of Us Remastered Worth It: Detailed Review: The Last of Us Part I will be released soon on PS5 and PC, allowing fans new and old to experience Joel and Ellie’s tragic narrative in the finest resolution possible.

Is the Last of Us Remastered Worth It: Detailed Review

Is this remake, however, worth playing? Let us find out with our detailed review – Is the Last of Us Remastered Worth It?

Is the Remastered Last of Us Worth It?

To summarize, yes, this game is worth your time. The Last of Us Part I brings the original TLOU game (which debuted on the PlayStation 3 in 2013) right up to modern visual standards, enhancing the graphics in all areas – from the character models to the level of detail in the environments, everything feels significantly richer than it did back then.

If you have a PlayStation 5 or a high-end PC, we strongly advise you to give The Last of Us Part I your full attention. Even though it is priced as a full game, we believe you will not be disappointed if you play it on a 4K TV or a good gaming monitor.

Who should Play the Last of Us Remastered?

Certainly, The Last of Us Part I feels like a great place to start for novices to the fanbase who might be drawn in by the upcoming Last of Us TV show. This first installment of the series has never looked better, and this revamped version feels much more on pace with the fantastic 2020 sequel The Last of Us Part II.

With those newcomers in mind, it’s important noting how excellent the first Last of Us game is. Even without the graphic enhancements, this was recognized as one of the most cinematic and emotionally intense stories made by the gaming industry.

Is the Last of Us Remastered Worth It: Detailed Review

The Story

The Last of Us puts players on a year-long odyssey through the post-apocalyptic USA, leveraging the captivating story/action gameplay combine that Naughty Dog established in the Uncharted trilogy and weaving in an assortment of horror movie inspirations.

You play as Joel (voiced by Troy Baker in a harsh but sometimes compassionate tone), an ordinary man who has survived the zombie outbreak that tore his family apart and ruined his life for the past 20 years.

Joel gets a fresh lease on life when he meets Ellie (voiced with humor and emotion by Ashley Johnson), a girl in need of assistance while traveling across the destroyed United States and avoiding an outlaw group known as the Fireflies. It’s a simple design, but it results in an emotional rollercoaster that rates among the best gaming experiences ever.

Having saying that, returning fans may need to examine attentively to see what has changed. The Last of Us Remastered boasts graphics that are substantially improved beyond what they were in 2013. However, the structure of each gameplay portion remains completely faithful to the original design.

Is the Last of Us Remastered Worth It: Detailed Review

Comparing Old and New

Some of the playable segments feel a little old. The introductory section, for example, feels rather artificial, with random crates strewn about to give Joel cover as you learn the ropes. It feels more like a computer game created by an outside entity than a live, breathing universe. Going back to this opening portion after playing TLOU2 is strange.

It’s worth noting that, rather than introducing more story content, side missions, big open-world sections, or anything else, Naughty Dog has kept to its guns here. This version of The Last of Us is the same game you remember – the story twists and turns, the levels have the same layouts, and the collectibles are in the same places – but it looks a lot better.

Some fans may also remark that The Last of Us Part I takes advantage of the PS5’s technological advancements, such as faster loading times and responsive triggers on the DualSense controller. You’ll also note that background characters now have names (a gimmick borrowed from TLOU2), which makes you feel a little awful when you have to remove them.


Overall, it is accurate to call it a remake. remake. Even though Naughty Dog rebuilt everything from the ground up, you might argue that it seems more like a remaster. But, at the end of the day, this is still a fantastic game.

The story is still as powerful as ever, and you can enjoy it with modern-day graphics to boot. It’ll be an excellent companion piece to the TV show.

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