How to Get Parrot Off Shoulder in Minecraft Bedrock

How to Get Parrot Off Shoulder in Minecraft Bedrock: Did you know you can transport parrots on your shoulder in Minecraft? Even though this feature is minor, it can make someone’s day and allow them to play the game for days!

How to Get Parrot Off Shoulder in Minecraft Bedrock

If the player walks through them, a sitting parrot will move to the player’s shoulder. Because parrots are such little mobs, it’s easy to make a mistake and end up with a mounted parrot. They can also perch on a player’s shoulder at random if they aren’t sitting down. When this happens, it might be difficult to pull them off.

But have you ever wondered how to get a parrot off the shoulder in Minecraft Bedrock? We’ll demonstrate how!

5 Ways to Remove a Parrot Off Your Shoulder in Minecraft

Sometimes you just want to get a parrot off your shoulder! We have you covered if you need to go somewhere risky or simply don’t want to bring it with you!

Drop off a Block

They must lower their elevation in order to remove the parrot from the player’s shoulder. This can be accomplished by jumping down a few blocks, flying downhill with an Elytra, going underwater, and other means.

However, once this occurs, Minecraft players must move swiftly to prevent the bird from landing on their shoulder again. They can either tell the parrot to sit and walk carefully around it, or they can simply kill the bird and pick up the string left behind.

Take Damage

How to Get Parrot Off Shoulder in Minecraft Bedrock

Taking harm is another simple way to encourage the parrot to leave. This entails any type of harm! Mob attacks, potion damage, fall damage, damage from the environment, other players, and more!

Go Swimming

The parrot will fly off your shoulder as long as your feet are in the water or you start drowning. To carry the parrot across the sea, you can either let it teleport to you or utilize a boat.


How to Get Parrot Off Shoulder in Minecraft Bedrock

A parrot will also fly off your shoulder if you sleep on a bed. Remember that this strategy may only be used at night when there are no mobs nearby or when it is raining.

Swim in Lava

How to Get Parrot Off Shoulder in Minecraft Bedrock

Even though the parrot will not suffer any damage when on your shoulder, it will begin to take damage as soon as they are removed. So be careful not to fall into a lava lake while carrying a parrot on your shoulder!

That’s all there is to it when it comes to getting rid of your parrots! Even though there are other ways to accomplish this, hopping or altering your Y coordinate is the quickest way to get a parrot off your shoulder in Minecraft!


Why do you need a parrot to look over your shoulder in Minecraft?

Aside from amusement, you can hear the parrot imitate other gangs more clearly. In Bedrock Edition, a parrot on the player’s shoulder will also prevent them from entering the Nether. It serves as an excellent reminder to prepare before visiting this dimension.

Can you dance with parrots on your shoulder in Minecraft?

Parrots can only dance while on the player’s shoulder in Bedrock Edition.

Is the game forcing parrots off your shoulder?

No, even if you close the game and restart it, the parrots will remain miraculously on your shoulder.

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