Best Formula 1 Racing Games for Android

Best Formula 1 Racing Games for Android: You drive to survive, and Formula 1 is without a doubt the greatest automobile competition on the planet.

The men behind the wheels are as talented, combining decades of aerodynamic engineering and R&D into a small 1000-horsepower speedster. One can only imagine what it’s like to compete alongside Lewis Hamilton, Bottas, Norris, or Max Verstappen.

Nonetheless, we have gathered the best Formula 1 Racing Games for Android that will allow you to virtually compete with these racing heavyweights.

Best Formula 1 Racing Games for Android and iOS

Let us begin our list of the greatest F1 Racing Games available for download.

F1 Mobile Racing

The experience of playing F1 games does not get any more realistic. You get to design and personalize the official Formula 1 game developed by Codemasters.

Create your own F1 car and compete against the best in the sport. You can also compete against other online racers. You gain components and mystery boxes from these online duels, which allow you to further alter and improve the performance of your car. The game is available for free on both iOS and Android.

Real Racing 3

Best Formula 1 Racing Games for Android

Real Racing covers everything from GT3 through Nascar, Formula E, and Prototype racing. With this game, though, it’s safe to say that F1 is in the spotlight. While you can race against Max Verstappen or even drive as him, the game is primarily a career mode divided into GPs.

To progress further, you’ll need to tune your car in key departments throughout the course. The graphics and handling are fantastic, and if you need a break from F1, there are plenty of other motor racing genres to enjoy.

F1 Clash

Best Formula 1 Racing Games for Android

The heat of the race will undoubtedly be felt here. Yet, not as the driver, but as the manager. I get why you think this is dull, but it’s more of a thinking man’s game than a reaction rally. When you play PVP Duels, Weekly Cups, and the Grand Prix, you’ll need to think seriously about strategy.

Even though you are not driving, you have control over the vehicle. The game includes official teams and circuits, as well as the ability to create your ultimate team.

Motorsport Manager Mobile 3

Similar to F1 Clash, but with an electric twist. You will get the same Formula action on tighter corners and cleaner motors if you ditch the gas guzzlers. Even though you will not see Max Verstappen, it will still be an exciting ride.

As a premium game, you will have access to additional features not available in the free edition. A game plan will be essential for a manager in this situation. Train your drivers and maintain your vehicle.

FX Racer

When I didn’t have a high-performance gaming smartphone, I used to play this F1 racing game on my old smartphone. And this is an issue for many gamers who do not get to witness a nice game of a smaller size.

This Formula One game, which is less than 100MB in size, is one of my favorite F1 racing games with good graphics. It is a high-level competitive formula racing game in which winning the race is difficult; it is nearly impossible to win if you do not have good training.

The good news is that it offers a dedicated training mode where you may practice in various circuits and circumstances to enhance your skills.


An F1 racing game is unlike any other type of racing game. In other games, where the focus is solely on racing, various factors, like laps and pit stops, are taken into account.

Pit stops are where formula car tires are replaced, and in certain games, you must do so to make the game feel authentic. When playing these F1 racing games, you can select the number of laps; the more laps, the more pit stops.

In these games, I always attempt to race with the most laps possible so that I may enjoy myself and try to win by studying the circuit and planning my strategy.

I hope you found this list useful; also, read Best Track and Field Games on PC.

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