How to Get Out of Shovel Cave Sons of the Forest

How to Get Out of Shovel Cave Sons of the Forest: The most recent survival game from Endnight Games is called Sons of the Forest. The publisher is Newnight, and it came out in February. Sons of the Forest is a follow-up to The Forest, one of the top survival games of 2014. The game is accessible for Windows as of the time of writing this post. However, the PS4, PS5, and several Xbox platforms are anticipated to receive it sometime in the future.

How to Get Out of Shovel Cave Sons of the Forest PS4

The Sons of the Forest shovel site is close to the snowy, mountainous area in the center of the map, within a monster-infested cave. Even if you feel you can handle the creatures inside and even if you know where it is, you will still need the rope gun and rebreather to get through because there is no other way to get to the shovel.

Once you have the Shovel in your hand, you might have some problems figuring the exit out from the cave. In this article, we will explain to you how to get out of Shovel Cave in Sons of the Forest. We have also explained how you can get to the cave and what materials are needed for the same.

Sons of the Forest Shovel Location and Items

Before you can make any progress in the cave with the shovel, there are two items you definitely, certainly have to have: the rebreather, which will allow you to breathe underwater, and the rope gun, which will allow you to use already-existing zip lines and/or create new ones.

You won’t even be able to get past the entrance without the rope gun, and there are several places where you’ll have to make your way through gloomy underwater tunnels.

Also, you’ll need explosives for a crisis that will arise when you are returning from the cave, as well as an air tank for the rebreather. If you don’t have either of those items when you arrive. However, you can find them within the cave as well.

When you have everything, proceed to the cave sign visible in the middle of the map on your phone.

You should save your game before entering the cave because it’s likely to be the hardest area of Sons of the Forest you’ve encountered so far. This cave is teeming with those Finger men and the obnoxiously resilient conjoined twin critters. Not to add the numerous infants and typical cave cannibals. Don’t take this dungeon trek lightly; it’s a serious one.

This cave in Sons of the Forest is essentially linear like the others. Although it is filled with monsters, it is also slightly better illuminated than the less populated caves, making it at least a little bit simpler to travel.

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How to Get to Shovel in Suns of the Forest

You will almost instantly reach a dead end once you’ve entered the cave. You may use the rope as a zipline if you look up. But before you do, advance to the dead end, descend and grab an air tank which you will find near some skeletons.

You will arrive in another cave pond when you reach the dead end. Turn around to see a well-lit trail leading to several boxes that you can open to access supplies. The path is behind you and over your right shoulder. Take what you can and proceed.

Although there are still many creatures to fight with, the journey from here is straightforward and linear. If the journey is linear, you can use the adversaries as a kind of compass; if you keep coming across fresh ones, you’re on the right track.

You will soon reach another underwater passage that you must swim across. Conjoined twin, finger, and baby monsters must be defeated before moving on to the cave’s conclusion, where you’ll discover a deceased miner sitting with a shovel in his lap.

Backtrack with the shovel in hand. It is time to exit the Shovel cave.

Sons of the Forest Shovel Cave Exit

We may reasonably assume that you have reached the end of the cave and obtained the Shovel since you are searching for a means to exit the Shovel cave in the game. There is no reason to remain inside once you have it. You need to leave the cave. let us understand, How to Get Out of Shovel Cave Sons of the Forest

Shovel cave has something going for it compared to many other Sons of the Forst caves, where you normally have a secondary path to follow. All you have to do to get out of it is turn around and go back the way you came. You’ll have to swim through the submerged portion again.

How to Get Out of Shovel Cave Sons of the Forest PS4

As you go backward, a creature known as “Sluggy Inside” will eventually break through the wall. To destroy it, players require explosives. On its side, you’ll discover a container full of explosives that can be used to eliminate the obstacle in your path. To kill him, crack open the container and throw some frags. Now it will be simple for you to move forward to the cave’s exit.

In Sons of the Forest, this is how to exit Shovel Cave with ease. We hope you found this information useful.

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