What are Sentinel Agents in Valorant?

sentinel agents in valorant

What are Sentinel Agents in Valorant: Valorant is undoubtedly amongst the most popular tactical shooters. It is hugely because of how unique the in-game mechanics are. Players who prefer less action and rely on strategizing should pick Sentinel agents. But the problem is, there are four of them to choose from. Riot made sure Sentinel agents aren’t going to offer obnoxious capacities. These agents in Valorant are frequently used as a Shield to hold particular areas of the map.

Best Sentinel Agents of Valorant

Sentinels are defensive experts capable in locking down area and watch out for enemy flanks. They can attack with explosive firepower or defend as if they are indestructible. These are all of the Sentinels introduced by Riot to the game.

Sage (Best Sentinel agent of Valorant)

Sage is an excellent support agent, but her worth as a Sentinel is largely questionable after the recent changes. Chamber and Killjoy are suitable to beget massive damage to the bushwhackers, while Sage’s capacities are explosively protectiveSo much so that she’s frequently considered as the “ Secondary ” Sentinel behind Killjoy or Cypher in some cases.

sage sentinel agent

Sage’s mending capability is, beyond any doubt, the most versatile in Valorant right now. Her hedge sphere is relatively effective, but her overall capability to defend spots is no longer a feature to account for. Howeverpicking Sage could be a good option considering that her Ultimate and Healing capacities can still make a huge impact if you’re sure about your team composition.


Chamber is the rearmost Sentinel agent in Valorant. Released during the last quarter of 2021, this French-based agent brought some intriguing new capacities to the table. Valorant’s Sentinel saga is all about forcing the Duelists to take a step back, but with Chamber, the script has changed drastically.

chamber Sentinel Agents in Valorant

Players now have to worry about a fresh subcaste of traps outside the common choke points since Chamber can deploy weapons like Trademark or Rendezvous. Chamber shineespecially in eco or semi-buy rounds, thanks to his Headhunter & Tour De Force capacities.


Killjoy is a tech-geek, she has the means to master every aspect of the battlefield. Known for her cute and dangerous robots, this German genius was introduced in the Act Two of Episode One.

killjoy Sentinel Agents in Valorant

Her Nanoswarms & Alarmbots are still a disastrous combo in 2022. Moreover, Killjoy’s Turret can be a serious pain for the bushwhackers since it’s hard to bypass. Killjoy’s Turret becomes absolutely imperishable in Dynamo and Eco-rounds. In maps like BindAscent, Split, or Fracture, Killjoy is a nuisance to deal with. 


Cypher’s Tripwire & Cyber Cage are still heavily effective against most of the Duelists. However, the Spycam is getting less applicable with the release of large charts like Fracture or Breeze. Neon’s capacities might be enough to wisecrack Cypher’s setup on some matches, but the case could be veritably different in the pro-scene.

Cypher is still a strong option if we consider his OP capacities during attacking rounds in charts like Split or Ascent. On top of that, the Cyber Cage is frequently a desirable volition to traditional smokes. The release of Patch4.0 could point out some of Cypher’s sinsstill, the Moroccan agent might bear a buff soon.

Riot’s ambition with the Sentinel agents is still unclear as they’ve just released Neon. It’s also enough doubt that the coming agent will be a Sentinel since Chamber was released only 3 months agone. So the most feasible result would be to tweak Cypher’s capacities and give some strength back to a savant. Picking any Sentinel agent is fine; eventually, it all comes down to your chops and medication. still, playing Chamber, Cypher or Killjoy could be tricky since you have to learn where to place their capacities to maximize damage on the adversary platoon. In discrepancy, savant is the easiest Sentinel agent to play.

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