Best Valorant team in the World in 2022

Best Valorant team in the World: If you have been thinking about which are the best Valorant teams in the world then you are at the right place. In this article, we will tell you about the best Valorant teams in the world.

Best Valorant teams in the World

5. Sentinels

The team that went on an undefeated run on the first transnational Valorant LAN, and presumably the most dominant team in the history of Valorant, Sentinels, is still one of the most stylish brigades in the world. Indeed after a disappointing performance in the recent LAN events, guards are still anticipated to perform well this time after acquiring a trainer along with one of the stylish Jett’s( Tenz) and IGL ( Shazam) in the world.

Sentinels Achievements

  • 1st VCT 2021 North America Stage 3 contenders Playoffs $40,000
  • 1st VCT 2021 North America Stage 3 contenders $20,000
  • 1st VCT 2021 Stage 2 Masters- Reykjav√≠k $200,000

4. KRU Esports

Presumably the platoon with the most inconceivable performance at titleholders, this Argentinian team made a statement by making a semi-final run and beating the strongest transnational brigades. KRU Esports excluded Sentinels and Fnatic, only to be knocked out by the Master’s Berlin Winners( Gambit) in an instigative three-chart series. They didn’t change anything in their canon, so everyone should keep an eye out for them!

KRU Esports Achievements

  • 3rd- 4th VALORANT titleholders 2021$90,000
  • 5th- 8th VCT 2021 Stage 3 Masters- Berlin $25,000
  • 1st VCT 2021 LATAM Stage 3 contenders Playoffs $10,000

3. Team Liquid

Team Liquid the 3ed bewst Valorant team in the world

Another platoon that has been harmonious throughout the time, Team Liquid, along with their megastar duelist” laugh,” should still belong to the top three brigades coming into this time. Team Liquid came indeed stronger after entering protective expert” Nivera” on September 26, 2021. This team has been on the top for a veritably long time, and numerous don’t anticipate them to be falling any time soon.

Team Liquid Achievements

  • 3rd- 4th VALORANT titleholders 2021 $90,000
  • 1st Red Bull Home Ground $22,888
  • 5th- 6th VCT 2021 EMEA Stage 3 contenders Playoffs $5,293

2. Gambit Esports

The one and only Masters Berlin winner, Gambit, has been imminent on Valorant events when they got their groove. Gambit Esports have been placing a harmonious 1st or 2nd on all the events they attended. The CIS- grounded starstudded team, filled with star players like Chronicle and Nats, is still anticipated to come to the top platoon encyclopedically.

Gambit Esports Achievements

  • 2nd VALORANT titleholders 2021$150,000
  • 1st VCT 2021 Stage 3 Masters- Berlin$225,000
  • 1st VCT 2021 EMEA Stage 3 contenders Playoffs$38,228

1. Acend

Team Acend one of the best Valorant teams in the world.

Acend has proven that they’re presently the stylish platoon in the world after defeating Gambit in a challenging five-chart series during Masters titleholders. formerly called” Cned and musketeers,” Acend bettered in a short time and beat everyone who stood in their way. It’s still unclear whether their megastar Jett” Cned” will stay on the platoon, but people shouldn’t anticipate them to be giving up the top spot this time.

Acend Achievements-

  • 1st VALORANT titleholders 2021 $350,000
  • 1st LVP- Rising Series- Finale $9,093
  • 2nd Red Bull Home Ground $11,444


Valorant is one of the most popular esports in the world. Over the years a lot of teams have won a lot of prize pool in the game. Among so many teams some teams have made a name for themselves in the game and are considered the best. Sentinels and Acend are some of the best teams in the world.

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