Where is the Serenitea Pot Genshin Impact: How to Unlock It?

Where is the Serenitea Pot Genshin Impact: How to Unlock It? The Serenitea Pot is a new item included with the 1.5 update to Genshin Impact that powers the housing system and allows players to design their tiny regions.

Where is the Serenitea Pot Genshin Impact: How to Unlock It?

The Serenitea Pot, an object constructed as a prize for the visitor by the appreciative adept of Liyue, houses these abodes.

If you haven’t yet unlocked your Serenitea Pot or simply need an explanation, we’ve got you covered, along with lots of other tips and techniques to get you started.

If you’ve already dipped your toes into the Serenitea, you may be wondering where you can find all of the Genshin Impact wood resources needed to make furniture and more. So, here is our comprehensive guide on Where is Serenitea Pot Genshin Impact and how to unlock it.

How to Unlock Serenitea Pot in Genshin Impact?

Travelers must have finished all of the story quests up to this point and be level 35. The quest ‘A Teapot to Call Home’ will then appear in the list. To begin this quest, go to Liyue and chat with Madam Ping.

A Teapot to Call Home is a simple task that entails mostly following waypoints and talking to NPCs. It introduces players to the new playable character Yanfei, who is assisting in the collection of materials needed to construct this teapot universe. After finishing the game, players can return to Madam Ping to obtain their own Serenitea Pot.

How to Use the Serenitea Pot in Genshin Impact?

The Serenitea Pot is located in the player’s inventory in the gadget area. To prepare the teapot, navigate to it in your menu and pick “place.” The teapot, like other gadgets, will appear in front of the player after being selected from the menu. Interact with it to enter the teapot realm; you can also leave the teapot by interacting with the map and teleporting as usual.

This sends the player to an entirely different area of the game, similar to a realm. However, before you can begin, you must choose between the three various types of realms.

Where is the Serenitea Pot Genshin Impact: How to Unlock It?

Don’t be too concerned about this decision. So far, the realms differ mainly visually, and even this is less pronounced than imagined. They all supply roughly the same amount of land, however, the surrounding environment varies. It’s more like selecting a background in its current state, and you’ll be able to change it later – but not for a while.

Players can start exploring as soon as they are really in their new teapot house. The mansion and the grasslands are all that will be there for the time being, though. The teapot ghost Tubby, who looks after the maintenance of your new home, is in front of the mansion.

Who is Tubby in Serenitea Pot Genshin Impact?

Players may check their ratings, make furniture, purchase goods, and blueprints, and more by speaking with Tubby. Because it might be confusing, we’ve broken it all down for you in this tutorial.

Serenitea Pot Trust Ranks

There are two separate ranking systems for Serenitea Pot worlds. A trust ranking based on all the beautiful things you’ve produced is the first. You will get rank prizes for reaching each milestone, such as primogems and blueprints. Additionally, it influences the maximum amount of money you may have in your Tubby account before you can withdraw it, as well as other benefits like more crafting spaces.

Where is the Serenitea Pot Genshin Impact: How to Unlock It?

Your Adeptus rank generates realm cash. The more ranking you have, the more money Tubby will produce for you to acquire.

Blueprints and How to Craft Furniture?

Here, you may craft objects using your blueprints and supplies. The blueprints in your item menu might need to be interacted with to be learned first. You only have a fixed number of crafting slots available at once, just like the forge.

It will take time to construct each item. If you’re impatient, you may finish an item right away by utilizing a bottle of Adaeptal Speed thing, which is also available at the store. Friends dropping by and chatting with Tubby can also quicken the construction.

In this menu, you can also make certain crafting materials like paper and dye, but they will be available right away. Wood and other crafting materials must be obtained from the main world.

The Realm Depot and Buying Furniture

Using your materials and plans, you may create items here. It may be necessary to interact with the blueprints in your item menu to study them initially. Like the forge, you can only have a certain amount of crafting slots open at once.

Each item will require some time to build. If you are eager, you may use a bottle of Adaeptal Speed Thing, which is also sold at the store, to finish an item straight away. Having friends stop by and visit with Tubby can also expedite the building process.

Where is the Serenitea Pot Genshin Impact: How to Unlock It?

Two other well-known furniture retailers may be found in Teyvat’s primary world. One of them is Goth, who can be located in the Mondstadt park to the south of the Knights of Favonious headquarters.

The other is Master Lu, who is standing close to the home on Quince Village’s lower ledge. They are only open throughout the day since they appear to be considered ordinary shops (8 am – 5 pm in the game).

Serenitea Pot Tips and Tricks

Here are some important tips and tricks you can use in the Serenitea Pot Genshin Impact to maximize the utilization of your hard-earned resources-

Choosing the Theme is Not Important:

Selecting a themed place is one of the first things you do with the Serenitea Pot. There are three options, and each one promises to offer various moods and perspectives. Some players are unable to make this first major decision since it feels crucial and irreversible now.

But after a while, unless you’re perched precariously above a place and peering over the edge, everything starts to seem very similar. Additionally, after your property is upgraded, you will have the option of changing it. Simply choose whichever you choose to begin using the new product.

Collect Resources Regularly:

One of the choices you have while speaking to Tubby in your Serenitea Pot is to check your rank. Additionally, you can gather the money that your world produces here. Depending on your degree of trust, Tubby can only hold so much, so be sure to check in to collect. If not, while the bowl is still empty, that realm cash will simply cease accumulating.

Spend Fast:

If you ignore caution and simply spend your cash, the first few levels of the Serenitea Pot advances are rather simple to breeze through. Many just demand a certain number of blueprints or objects and offer large rewards, making the investment worthwhile. Additionally, your income grows quicker the more you spend. There aren’t many good reasons to keep your money reserves low.

Where is the Serenitea Pot Genshin Impact: How to Unlock It?
Save Up for the Weekend:

Considering this, be sure to carry a few dollars extra when the weekend arrives. When Chubby the traveling salesman visits the Serenitea Pot planets, that is. Make sure you have a few hidden away since Chubby sells unique items that you cannot get anyplace else.

Participate in Those Tea Parties:

The weekend is a great opportunity to visit other players’ Serenitea Pots, speaking of which. When you purchase items from other players Tubby sellers, you may accrue battle pass points and simply obtain more stuff. The products they have will be different from what they promised you, but if they have already been bought, you’re just out of luck. It’s worth checking in sometimes since players may communicate with their friends Tubby spirits to expedite their crafting. not just the weekend, but any day.

Utilize the Adeptus Potion:

Players can expedite their crafting by utilizing the Chubby-provided potions and those they acquire by completing other Serenitea Pot chores. The game practically showers you with them in the early levels, so you may as well use them all up. You’ll level up more quickly and receive more prizes, some of which will be more potions, thanks to them.

Experiment with Your Building Skills:

There aren’t many insane things you can do with the putting system yet. However, playing around is still beneficial. Some landforms may stack on top of one another several times.

Use Blueprints:

Contrary to popular belief, Blueprints must be utilized before anything can be made. Simply access your inventory and browse the item to do this. By choosing usage, the blueprint will transform from something you already own to something you can create. It’s important to check sometimes because it’s incredibly simple to forget to do, especially if you’re receiving a lot of erroneous Blueprints.

Cut Down the Trees:

Wood is one of the materials that are most frequently used to make furniture. On the main world map, attacking trees will provide Genshin Impact wood. Sword characters, like Traveller, are ideal for this because they are among the quickest and it just takes three slices with any weapon. Three pieces of wood unique to that species are dropped by each tree. You might want to make it a practice to stop and admire some of nature’s beauty when traveling.

Where is the Serenitea Pot Genshin Impact: How to Unlock It?

It’s important to note that you may presently gather wood from trees in other players’ games. Whoever strikes the tree will produce wood, and it appears to benefit both parties equally. You can both obtain wood from the same tree in this case, but you will both need to hit it.

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