Best Snowboarding Games for PS5

Best Snowboarding Games PS5: When most people think of extreme sports video games, they think of the skateboarding series Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater. Yet, over the years, a plethora of superb snowboarding games have been produced, allowing players to drop the slopes in style.

The best snowboarding games of all time for PS5 offer it all, allowing players to descend extremely cold slopes at rapid speeds and pull off spectacular stunts from the comfort of their homes.

Top Snowboarding Games for PS5 – Ranked

Snowboarding is not something that everyone can do in real life, but what about video games? Presenting Best Snowboarding Games for PS5.


Best Snowboarding Games for PS5

Snowboarding is about putting yourself up against the most difficult slopes and coming out on top. Steep is a title that will allow you to live on that adrenaline rush. It accomplishes this by providing some of the most spectacular terrains for shredding.

We’re talking about you traveling to the Alps and seeing how fast you can descend them. Or, you may travel to Alaska and face the hardships there.

During each run, you will demonstrate your abilities and capabilities. Capture the moment so you can share it with others and see what they’ve done.

Don’t miss out on the greatest virtual snowboarding experience!


What happens when your frivolous behavior results in an unforgettable experience? You’re about to learn! In Shredders, you and a friend are shooting films when an official brand representative approaches you and wants you to make some videos for her.

You’ll be taken to a new area full of professional snowboarders and areas you’ve never shred before thanks to this offering.

This “love letter to snowboarding” will have you learning new tricks, exploring new terrain, competing in an actual invitational, and much more!

Thus, whether you play it for enjoyment or to feel what it’s like to be a potential pro snowboarder, the game has something for you!

Horatio Goes Snowboarding

Best Snowboarding Games for PS5

Horatio Goes Snowboarding is a throwback to arcade-style games of old, as you’ll have to avoid more than simply snow to stay upright.

You’ll take on the role of Horatio, who wants to go snowboarding. Yet just getting to the mountain is difficult. You must obtain a snowboard and then cross oncoming traffic to reach an awaiting chopper! After you reach the hills, you must dodge the hazards and reach the finish line in one piece!

If you are hurt, the hospital is waiting for you! What if you run out of money as a result of your injuries? That’s the end of the game.

Riders Republic

What if you wanted a snowboarding game that also had other activities? What would you like to do? Riders Republic would be an excellent response. This game allows you to go snowboarding, gliding, biking, and a variety of other sports, all while playing with a large community!

The game is based on the idea that everything should be done in groups. There can be up to 50 players on a single server, and you can play team versus team matches throughout several events with them. You may even challenge someone to some PVP snowboarding! You have an option.

Mark McMorris Infinite Air

Best Snowboarding Games for PS5

Check out Mark McMorris Infinite Air if you want to get right into the snowboarding action. This game goes for the jugular by providing an enormous countryside to plow through while also catering to various skill levels of players.

There are almost 100 square miles of terrain in the game, and you can snowboard on them all! Every single run in the game has also been customized, so you’ll have a unique experience no matter where you shred.

Infinite Air by Mark McMorris also allows players of varying skill levels to have fun while doing their best. So either play it alone or bring some friends in to shred with you!

The Alto Collection

If you wish to play multiple games in a single title, you should look into The Alto Collection. This title contains the two Alto games, which means you’ll have a large playground to enjoy over the two games.

For context, the games have a total of 120 different levels to play in. That’s a lot of snowboarding you’ll be able to perform. Each of these will present you with new tasks to tackle! In addition, there are 7 other characters in the game, each with their own set of upgrades.

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