How much Data Destiny 2 Uses

How much Data Destiny 2 Uses: With many major titles forsaking single-player content in favor of a pure multiplayer experience, the gaming industry is quickly moving towards a multiplayer future. This may have meant playing Mario on a single console while taking turns one at a time back in the good old days. Most multiplayer games these days are played online.

How much Data Destiny 2 Uses

On an average, most current online multiplayer games use between 40MB and 300MB per hour. Of course, this may still mount up over the course of a month, especially if you or a family member are an enthusiastic gamer. 

We’ve compiled a summary of how much data Destiny 2 uses online with your fire team and raid party to help.

Destiny 2: Mobile Data Usage

While most online activities don’t use up as much bandwidth as watching Netflix, YouTube, or using Instagram while streaming, some video games do. Many video games consume a lot of data.

Downloading games or updates uses the most data, as one might expect. When it comes to how much data users use while they are merely playing games, the statistics differ depending on the game. Even though it is obvious that those who have unlimited bandwidth or who simply don’t play much shouldn’t be concerned about data limits, many people worry about them when they play video games. Regular Destiny 2 players with little data, however, may want to be cautious.

Destiny 2 Mobile Data Consumption

For everyday users that log 2-3 hour sessions each day, Destiny 2 will take about 400MB per hour-long session, or 3–7 GB weekly, and roughly 12–28 GB monthly. Due to the high volume of users who stream video and use the Internet for other purposes (streaming consumes 1–5 GB per hour), everyday Destiny 2 gamers with typical Internet usage might soon exhaust their monthly data limitations, even those of 50–100GB. Particularly during the COVID period, the number of play hours increased, consuming more data and making the game difficult for those with limited data.

Because Destiny 2 consumes so much bandwidth, many people who play other video games may not use as much data. The figures for various well-known games are compared, and Destiny 2 beats them all out by a whopping 60 to 100 MB per hour. An unlimited data package could be a wise purchase if you are serious about constantly spending a lot of time playing Destiny 2. That’s how much data Destiny 2 uses in a session.

Let’s talk about the game’s download size next. Destiny 2’s file sizes are growing, with the base game alone taking up over 90 GB of space across all platforms and dlc like Shadowkeep and Forsaken taking up roughly 168GB and 106GB of space respectively. Simply said, the multiplayer, visuals, and speed of the game all combine to make it a data hog. 

I think I don’t even need to mention the reason why if everyday gamers have noticed that they continually exceeding their monthly data cap. 

How much Data Destiny 2 Uses

Below is the current download size of Destiny 2 on different platforms:

PlayStation 5

Install Size: 102.6 GB*

Storage Space Needed for Pre-Load: 102.6 GB

Xbox Series X|S

        Install Size: 108.59 GB

Storage Space Needed for Pre-Load: 108.59 GB

PlayStation 4

         Install Size: 88.21 GB*

Storage Space Needed for Pre-Load: 184.64 GB

Xbox One

Install Size: 89.21 GB

Storage Space Needed for Pre-Load: 89.21 GB


Install Size: 102.60 GB*

Storage Space Needed for Pre-Load: 233.2 GB

Epic Games Store

Install Size: 101.51 GB

Storage Space Needed for Pre-Load: 223.3 GB

Microsoft Store

Install Size: 102.13 GB

Storage Space Needed for Pre-Load: 102.13 GB

*Install size may change depending on an upcoming update; the size displayed is the largest potential size.

How much Data Destiny 2 Uses


For Destiny 2, you must download regular updates, new files, and game patches onto your PC, so you must have a fast internet connection and Wi-Fi speed. Naturally, you’ll also need quick speeds and little lag if you want to play online games without experiencing lag. That is all for this blog about how much data Destiny 2 uses. Hopefully this helps you guys, and as always, for more information, check out our other blogs on Gameophobic.

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