How to Block and Unblock in Destiny 2

How to Block and Unblock in Destiny 2: Destiny 2 offers a unique multiplayer “shared-world” setting with both player versus environment (PvE) and player versus player (PvP) game types are featured in this first-person shooter video game. Beyond that, its boss level, quests, dungeons, and six-player raids are some of its most notable features.

How to Block and Unblock in Destiny 2

Nevertheless, due to the fact that this multiplayer-only game’s most crucial need doesn’t function as planned, not everyone can appreciate it to its full potential. Several users have expressed dissatisfaction over the fact that even if they haven’t actively blocked any of their friends, they are all shown as being blocked. As a result, they are unable to give or accept invitations or join any fire teams.

Using the LFGs is all but impossible in light of this. As a result, it is critical to resolving this issue as soon as possible because it is extremely frustrating for the players. Fortunately, a few solutions have proven to be effective. And this tutorial will let you know just that.

Without further ado, let’s begin the procedure to resolve the problem with Destiny 2 buddies appearing as blocked on Xbox. So let’s continue on our quest of learning how to block and unblock in Destiny 2.

How to Unblock in Destiny 2

Be aware that there isn’t really a universal solution. The effective workaround for you will reflect on which of the solutions listed below you take first. So let’s continue keeping that in mind

Fix 1: Checking Communication and Multiplayer Settings in Destiny 2.

Bungie has tagged this approach as a solution and posted it on the game’s forum. Nevertheless, there is only one problem: the majority of users who tried it out report that it does not function. Yet even in such a case, we suggest you try it.

  • Navigate to General in the Settings
  • Next click on Privacy & Internet Safety, then Online Safety & Family.
  • Followed by, go to Xbox Privacy > See Details and Configure.
  • Choose “You can join cross-network play” and then click on Communication and Multiplayer and select “Everyone” under the “You can connect outside of Xbox with voice & text” option.

So try out these changes and check if they manage to fix this issue or not.

Fix 2: Verify Bungie’s List of Banned Users.

First off, we advise you to confirm once more that no one has been added to Bungie’s Banned Users List. Visit the Blocked Users page and look up all the names there. If you come across any names that shouldn’t be there, remove them immediately. Then see if it can resolve the Xbox problem where Destiny 2 friends are showing as blocked.

Fix 3: Getting Rid of Destiny 2 Cache Files.

Although this is only a short-term fix, it has the highest success rate. So go ahead and remove the cache file from the game; this should resolve the main problem. Follow the procedures below to erase the cache:

  • Start by turning off the console.
  • Then unhook the console’s power cord from the rear. Now let the console rest without a power source for at least a few minutes.
  • Reconnect the console’s power cord next.
  • Lastly, turn it on and start the game. See whether that resolves the issue.

Now that we’ve completed one part of how to block and unblock in Destiny 2, let’s continue to the second part of it.

How to Block in Destiny 2:

Although video games have numerous benefits, including improved cognitive function and psychological wellbeing, hatred and harassment are frequent occurrences.

Some players justify toxic gaming culture as a typical and accepted aspect of gaming. According to research, toxic conduct is infectious among players, and exposure in earlier games promotes a player’s propensity to engage in toxic behavior later on. There is a procedure for reporting toxic players in every game and platform. You must report the player for them to cease.

While viewing other player’s Bungie names in-game or on, gamers can now block them. When a player is blocked, any platform accounts connected to that person’s Bungie name are also blocked. As a result, that player may no longer send friend requests, session invites, voice conversations, or any other kind of contact. When a person is barred, all players that are currently on their Bungie Friends list will be instantly deleted.

How to Block and Unblock in Destiny 2

The Blocking Method:

For instructions on how to block a player on PlayStation, follow the procedures shown below.

  • Go to the game base from the control center by pressing the PS button and choose a friend from the list under the Friends tab.
  • You can also choose a player from the Members list on the Parties page by first choosing the party.
  • Now go to the player’s profile and click Block under “More”.

Now for Xbox One users.

  • To access the instructions, press the Xbox button on your controller.
  • Click People, then choose the player’s gamertag you wish to block.
  • Choose Block from the player’s profile, then either Report or Block.

Also, choose Locate Someone or Recent Players to look up someone whose gamertag is not on your list of friends.


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