Best Titan Build in Destiny 2 for PvE 2023

Best Titan Build in Destiny 2 for PvE 2023: Titans are the Destiny 2 world’s heavyweight heroes. Players who choose this class frequently play as Tanks in fireteams due to abilities that allow them to absorb more damage than usual.

Best Titan Build in Destiny 2 for PvE 2023

However, no matter what class you choose in the game, you will still need an optimal build to make it work. The Titan, in particular, requires the correct combination of Aspects, Gear, and Abilities to resist relentless incoming damage while sending out a reasonable amount of damage in return.

With that said, here are our picks for the Best Titan build in Destiny 2 for PvE as well as PvP in 2023. We will also take an in-depth look into each of their equipment and tell you how to make one for yourself as well.

Best Titan Build in Destiny 2 for PvE 2023

Are you a Titan main looking to step up your game? These are the finest Titan builds in Destiny 2. Whether you are interested in any of the revised 3.0 Subclasses or Stasis, these builds have you covered.

By the way, these builds, like many of the greatest Destiny 2 builds out there, will help you every step of the way, including critical Exotics, Mods, and more.

Overflowing Suspension – Best Titan Build

Excels In: This build excels in all kinds of PvE stuff from the middle through the end of the game. (Dungeons, Raids, Grandmaster Nightfalls)

The goal of the Build: The goal of this build is to allow a Titan to spam the new strand abilities for tremendous ad-clear with an insane ability uptime.

Mandatory Gear: Heart of Inmost Light remains one of the greatest exotics for ability-based builds and is used here. Strand weapons, once again, are best suited to this build because of the multiple artifact mods that enhance them.

Aspects: Into the Fray and Drengr’s Lash.

Fragments: Thread of Mind and Thread of Generation are used to regenerate abilities. Thread of Wisdom and Thread of Warding are excellent ways to obtain Orbs of Power and Woven Mail Abilities: Grapple or Shackle Grenade are the greatest options for the difficult stuff. Rally Barricade is used to reduce the cooldown time.

Abilities: Grapple or Shackle Grenade are the top choices for abilities, with Shackle Grenade being the best pick.

Stats: Resilience and Recovery.

Mods: An Elemental Siphon or Firepower mod that generates Orbs of Power works nicely. These charges can be used by Grenade or Utility Kickstart to regenerate abilities even faster. Stacks on Stacks are also encouraged because they can provide additional charges


Despite its nerf, Heart of Inmost Light remains one of the finest PVE exotics. Casting your barrier will cause enemies to be suspended owing to Drengr’s Lash and will strengthen your other abilities, making them stronger and faster to regenerate. Defeating the dangling opponents restores your barrier and generates Orbs of Power.

Grenade/Utility Kickstart can then use these orbs to repay a huge chunk of the abilities. To keep the Overflowing Light boost from Heart of Inmost Light, use the melee with a single charge. This combination ensures high availability.

One Punch (Bash) Man

Best Titan Build in Destiny 2 for PvE 2023

Excels in: PvE stuff from the middle through the end of the game. (Dungeons, Raids, Grandmaster Nightfalls)

The goal of the Build: Titans are famed for their punching abilities, and this build attempts to take it to the next level. The raw damage potential of this build is unrivaled, as Void 3.0 and Wormgod Caress allow you to one-punch everything from attack Bosses to Raid bosses.

Mandatory Gear: Wormgod Caress is the single hard prerequisite in this game. Weapons that improve/recharge/benefit from melee shine in this build because it is all about punching stuff. Shotguns with two punches are highly recommended.

Aspects: Bastion and Offensive Bulwark are two aspects.

Fragments: While no pieces are required, there are several that improve this build, including Echo of Undermining, Echo of Leeching, and Echo of Expulsion.

Abilities: This setup can use any type of barricade. Vortex or Void Wall grenades are the finest. Shield Bash is the only melee option.

Stats: High or Max Resilience (enhanced damage reduction and faster class ability) with maximum Recovery, Discipline, and Strength.

Mods: While not required, mods can be utilized to improve this build. Heavy Handed, Melee Kickstart, Hands-On, and Focusing Strike are examples of such mods.


The aspects used in this build complement each other to assist enhance your melee damage output. When you use your barrier, Bastion offers an overshield, allowing Offensive Bulwark to activate. This boosts melee damage, range, and regeneration. It also permits melee final blows to be used to extend the duration of the overshield. This continual overshield loop allows you to regenerate your other skills faster and keep the melee chain rolling.

Wormgod Caress strengthens the chain by dramatically increasing melee damage done with each kill. You’ll be able to punch your way through anything when coupled with a 1-2 punch shotgun. Save your weakening grenade and shield bash for when you face a more challenging opponent, such as a champion or mini-boss. Weaken them with your grenade and kill them with a 1-2 fist bash. (or an easy finisher). To accomplish this, ensure that you fire while sliding, since this will allow you to shield the bash coming out of the slide.

Solar Paladin

Excels in: PvE stuff from the middle through the end of the game. (Dungeons, Raids, Grandmaster Nightfalls)

The goal of the Build:The goal of this build is to generate a large number of Sunspots to transform your Titan into a “budget warlock.” These sunspots will also benefit your teammates with Phoenix Cradle exotic. This build excels in team activities where healing resources are scarce.

Mandatory Gear: The Phoenix Cradle exotic leg armor is the only hard prerequisite for this setup.

Aspects: In terms of the aspects required, this build is extremely customizable. Only Sol Invictus is necessary.

Fragments: Ember of Torches, Ember of Solace, Ember of Empyrean, and Ember of Tempering are the finest choices for working with/benefiting Sol Invictus.

Abilities: When dealing with huge groups of opponents, thermite and solar grenades are your best bet. Throwing Hammer is ideal for melee because it grants the Cure bonus when picked up.

Stats: The main stat to focus on is High or Max Resilience (greater damage mitigation and faster barricade cooldown). The next most significant stats are strength and discipline.

Mods: While this construct does not require any mods to run, it can benefit from a simple Orbs of Power setup. Furthermore, mods that decrease the cooldown for your skills, such as Bomber or any Kickstart mod, can be quite beneficial, as more abilities mean more sunspots.


The goal of this Build is to create as many sunspots as possible.

“Beacons of Empowerment,” an exotic perk of the Phoenix Cradle, considerably boosts the sunspots made by Sol Invictus. Sunspots now stay twice as long, and passing through them grants bonuses to your fireteam members. They bestow Sol Invictus as well as Solar Restoration. This allows the sunspots to operate as a temporary Warlock Healing Rift while still being able to scorch foes.

Unlike Warlock rifts, many sunspots can exist at the same time. In order to proc Sol Invictus, destroy adversaries with solar abilities or defeat enemies while they are burnt. As a result, the gameplay loop for this build is relatively simple. To have a steady source of Restoration, use your solar abilities/weapons to produce sunspots and move from sunspot to sunspot.

Best Titan Build for PvE and PvP in Destiny 2 2023

PvP Essentials

When it comes to gearing up and leveling up your Titan, PvP is a whole new ballgame. Most gameplay mods, such as Elemental Wells and Warmind Cells, are disabled in PvP, as opposed to PvE. These slots are then freed up for more PvP-focused mods like Targeting or Unflinching.

The value of specific stats is something that does carry over between game types. As the most crucial stat, Recovery has surpassed Resilience. Always aim for 100 Recovery or as close to it as feasible. Recovery determines how quickly you can engage in fights and can mean the difference between a defeat and a win.

Because the current sandbox emphasizes abilities, your next step should be to boost your Discipline, Strength, and Resilience as much as feasible. While Resilience does not reduce damage as it does in PvE, the additional health can help you survive specific weapons and combos. It also provides you with a speedier blockade, which is always useful.

Best Titan Build in Destiny 2 for PvE 2023


Titan is actually in a strong position in terms of the strength of its subclasses in PvP.

Arc 3.0: Striker

Arc titan, the most recent class to receive the 3.0 treatment, is immensely strong in the current meta. Titan is a force to be reckoned with in close-range combat, with to powerful Aspects like Knockout and Touch of Thunder. The new thruster class ability gives the class a new level of movement that it previously lacked in comparison to the other classes. This allows titans to close the gap quickly and get to vital positions/melee range.

Spark of Magnitude and Spark of Feedback augment Arc titan’s ability to be a threat at close range. Titan has perhaps the finest grenades in PVP because of the combination of Spark of Magnitude and Touch of Thunder.

Void 3.0: Sentinel

This Titan has remained at the top of the PVP meta since the Witch Queen, thanks to his ability to blend the finest of the ancient branches. Void Titan excels in smaller game styles like Elimination, Competitive, and Trials. Bastion gives it an easily available overshield that is particularly effective in PVP. Void Titan has one of the best kits in the game when combined with one of the best supers for elimination modes, Ward of Dawn.

Close-range fragments like Echo of Leaching can be incredibly useful, and when paired with Bastion and Offensive Bulwark, they can form a very effective close-range class. Other fragments, like as Echo of Dilation, help this class’s neutral game.

Solar 3.0: Sunbreaker

Despite having a slightly inferior neutral game than Void or Arc, Solar Titan may still compete. The elements are more suited to PVE, but they aren’t bad in PVP. Sol Invictus can assist you in clearing space and providing a source of healing. Roaring Flames’ effect is relatively narrow, but if enough kills are chained together, it can lead to some surprise one-hit kills. Both supers can be used, with Burning Maul being a lesser-known counter to Ward of Dawn.

Solar 3.0 Titan shines in Fragments and Abilities. Healing grenades are a game changer and are frequently chosen over offensive grenades due to their effectiveness. Radiant is an excellent benefit to have in PVP. While not a huge boost, it can be used to adjust the ideal TTKs of some weapons and allows you to engage at longer ranges than usual, often surprising your opponents. These buffing fragments, such as Ember of Solace, might be wonderful to choose and build around.

Best Titan Build in Destiny 2 for PvE 2023


This is the Titan movement’s ruler. Berserker may travel around the map much faster than any other titan subclass because of the combination of Grapple and three charges of Frenzied Blade melee.

Berserker, while not meta-defining, may nonetheless be used effectively in all PVP playlists. The easiest approach to creating a Berserker PVP construct is to incorporate the suspend mechanic.

Destiny 2 Best Titan FAQs

What are the finest Titan character stats in Destiny 2?

Prioritizing Resilience, Recovery, and Discipline can help you become more resilient in battles. A high Discipline stat also allows you to spam your grenades significantly faster, allowing you to deliver massive damage.

What is the best Titan subclass in Destiny 2?

Because of its ad-clearing skills and potent Fragment & Aspect possibilities, the Arc Striker is likely the finest subclass.

Also, read How to Unlock All Subclasses in Destiny 2.

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