Destiny 2: Charge With Light Mod

Destiny 2: Charge With Light Mod: In Destiny 2, the Charge with Light Mod is a unique gameplay element that gives players substantial benefits in combat. Players can create and spend stacks of charge by attaching particular upgrades to their armor and weapons, which can activate various powers such as greater weapon damage or faster reload speed. 

Destiny 2: Charge With Light Mod

This motivates players to experiment and create with various weapons and skills in order to gain Charge. Also, friends make strategies that help in their games.

Yet, the Charge with Light Mod can be difficult to understand, so we’ve prepared a guide to provide guidance information about each mod. Moreover, we will also tell you some of the most successful mods to use in this Destiny 2: Charge with Light Mod Guide.

About Charge With Light Mod

The “Season of Dawn” update introduced the Charge with Light mod system to Destiny 2. It enabled players to improve their combat abilities by building and using charge stacks with specific modifications. Collecting spheres of light dropped by enemies is required to get charge stacks. 

Charge with Light mods are essential to improving endgame performance. Players are always experimenting with different mod and play style combinations to enhance fighting efficiency. This system has added to the game’s popularity and depth of the game. Therefore, by allowing players to combine modifications with other mod systems to create unique playstyles.

Destiny 2: Charge With Light Mod

Every Charge With Light Mod

The Charged with Light Mod has been a crucial component of Destiny 2 character builds since its release in the “Season of Dawn” update. These modifications have been extended and rebalanced to provide a variety of bonuses. Buffs such as increasing armor stats and granting unlimited energy are some of the examples.

We’ll take a look at the best Charged with Light Mods that stand out from the crowd. While additional modifications will be mentioned, these are the ones that will actually improve your gameplay experience. Don’t pass up the chance to improve your loadout and crush the competition with these game-changing upgrades.

Striking Light

Striking Light is a Destiny 2 Charged with Light Mod that produces an Orb of Power upon damage caused. Precisely, when you beat a PvE enemy with a melee attack or sword, assuming you also are Charged with Light. The orb only appears for your allies and provides the same amount of Super energy as an Orb Siphon mod.

The side benefit of Striking Light is that it grants 25% damage resistance when running. This makes it one of the most powerful DR sources in the game. It’s ideal for instances where you need to locate shelter as soon as possible. Nevertheless, it only works in PvE and requires the Arc set bonus to be activated.


In Destiny 2, the Firepower Charged with Light mod gives players an advantage in combat by decreasing grenade cooldowns. At the cost of one Charged with Light stack, players can throw a grenade while also gaining 15% energy back. Up to 60% of grenade energy can be recovered by equipping multiple stacks of this solar mod.

However, the number of stacks spent stays the same. This mod is perfect for grenade-based setups, and when combined with Elemental Well mods, players can obtain even more Charged with Light stacks, reducing cooldowns even further.

If you want to boost your grenade damage output, Firepower is a must-have armor mod for your arsenal.

Destiny 2: Charge With Light Mod

Heavy Handed

Heavy Handed is a powerful Charged with Light mod for individuals who prefer melee combat. Landing a charged melee hit on an enemy when you have a charge will refund 50% of your melee energy. This mod does not work with melee kickstart. However, it can be combined with subclass abilities such as stasis shards or Ember of Searing.

Another perk of Heavy Handed is particularly important, as it assists you in maintaining ammo for shotguns etc in PvE. Heavy Handed is an excellent choice for gamers that want to get up close and personal with their enemies. Additionally, they can still keeping doing consistent damage with their ranged weapons.

Charge Harvester

Charge Harvester is a unique Charged with Light mod that stands out from the rest by not requiring weapon-specific multikills to generate stacks. Instead, you have a chance to receive a stack of Charged with Light every time you kill or assist. This mod is great for players who want to charge without limiting their weapon choices.

Charge Harvester is incredibly useful in PvP due to its ability to activate with assists. It also works with all types of kills, including those made with weapons, abilities, and supers, making it a versatile choice for any Crucible encounter. In summary, Charge Harvester is an essential mod for any Charged with Light build that focuses on PvP.

Surprise Attack

Surprise Attack is an excellent mod for those who enjoy using sidearms. When Charged with Light, the mod grants a 40% damage increase for your next five Sidearm shots in PvE. The damage buff is slightly reduced to 35% in PvP. However, missing shots with this buff will not consume stacks, making it a pure benefit for all Sidearm users. Even if you’re not a fan of Sidearms, Surprise Attack is worth considering. By combining it with a damage perk, you can create one of the strongest Primary weapons in Destiny 2, and can be surprisingly effective!

Star Boosting Mod

Two stat-boosting mods that work incredibly well together are Powerful Friends and Radiant Light. Powerful Friends grants Charged with Light to allies whenever you become Charged with Light, while Radiant Light makes you Charged with Light upon casting your Super. This combination not only boosts your own stats but also helps your allies in PvE activities. Additionally, Radiant Light grants a 20-second damage and resistance buff to all allies when activated, while Powerful Friends grants a +20 mobility bonus to you and all allies that have the Charged with Light buff. Overall, this combo is a fantastic addition to any PvE or PvP build.

Lucent Blade

The Lucent Blade is an absolute must for any PvE build that depends on swords for damage. Hitting an enemy with a sword while Charged with Light grants the Keening perk, which increases sword damage by 35% for five seconds. This damage buff is strong enough to make Lament and select Legendary Swords excellent choices for boss engagements, and it stacks with weapon perks such as Vorpal Weapon. Furthermore, Lucent Blade’s set bonus improves it even more by allowing heavy attacks to be more readily weaved into your combos, resulting in higher damage. This mod is for any player who wants to increase their sword-based damage output.

High-Energy Fire

High-Energy Fire is a game-changing Charged with Light mod that grants a 20% damage boost to all your weapons that lasts until you kill someone. This mod can be utilized for both PvE and PvP content, since it can drastically increase your overall damage output. Furthermore, the benefit offered by High-Energy Firing can stack with other weapon perks such as Rampage or Kill Clip, making it even more potent. This mod is essential for maximizing damage during solo boss engagements or raids. It can also be employed by Crucible players to shorten their time-to-kill and secure more kills.

Taking Charge

Taking Charge remains the best option. Equipping one Siphon mod on your helmet allows double kills from certain weapons to produce an Orb of Power. Additionally, standing near a teammate who activates their super can grant you “Charged with Light” in PvP. Taking Charge is an essential starting point for any Charged with Light build, particularly if you don’t use Elemental Wells. Although elemental charge is easier to use, taking charge is the most effective way to generate charges without it.

Destiny 2: Charge With Light Mod

Destiny 2: Charge With Light – More Mods

Now that we’ve discussed the most well-known Charged with Lights Mods, there are others in the game that could be used by the players based on their play style.

Argent Ordnance: Gives Charged with Light while using a Grenade Launcher to defeat enemies.

Blast Radius: Increases the damage done to enemies within the radius of your grenades by defeating them with grenade damage.

Charged Up: Increases the maximum stacks of Charged with Light to 5, allowing for stronger effects.

Empowered Finish: Using a finisher to defeat a combatant offers you an over shield and consumes one stack of Charged with Light.

Energy Converter: Gives tremendous energy while using a grenade or a class ability while Charged with Light.

Additional Reserves: While picking up Special or Heavy munitions, consume one stack of Charged with Light to get extra reserves for weapons and ammo.

Heal Thyself: When you become Charged with Light, you get a minor heal.

Kindling The Flame: Dealing solar damage to a combatant provides a stack of Charged with Light.

Powerful ally: When you become Charged with Light, you can provide teammates Charged with Light.

Perfectly Charged: Using a sniper or a linear fusion rifle to land a precise hit grants a stack of Charged with Light.

Precision Charge: When you defeat an opponent with precision kills, you gain a stack of Charged with Light.

Protective Light: Depletes all Charged with Light stacks to offer an overshield that lasts until drained.

Fast Charge: Dealing Arc damage to a combatant awards a stack of Charged with Light.

Radiant Light: When you cast your Super, you get a stack of Charged with Light.


Charged with Light builds provide a new option to modify your playstyle while also increasing the power of your Guardian’s abilities. Players can generate and exchange charges with teammates with mods like “Taking Charge” and “Powerful Friends” for a variety of benefits ranging from greater damage to increased survival. Experimenting with different mods and discovering synergies with other build components can produce immensely strong loadouts, making Charged with Light a fun and rewarding system to play with.

That concludes this page; it was a long one, but it was well worth it. If you want to learn more about Destiny 2 or any other game that you play on Gameophobic, feel free to visit our other pages.

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