Best Genshin Impact Characters to Use Royal Weapons

Best Genshin Impact Characters to Use Royal Weapons: Obtaining five-star weaponry in Genshin Impact is usually challenging, if not impossible at times. Sure, I have a few five-star weapons, but I have more five-star characters than weapons at this point. But I want more, I need more, and because I am not prepared to squander my resources on Primogems, it’s time for me to settle – and I may have to settle for some powerful and readily obtained four-star weapons, making the Royal Weapon Series an appealing purchase.

Best Genshin Impact Characters to Use Royal Weapons

Yes, Royal Weapons exist in Genshin Impact, and they come in a variety of kinds, so all of your characters should be able to equip one. If you want to equip your favorite characters with a decent weapon but don’t want to risk your Primogems pulling for them, these weapons are ideal. These aren’t the best weapons in the game, but I’ll go through what you can anticipate from them so you can decide whether or not to buy them for your Genshin Impact group.

On that note, here is an in-depth look at all of the Royal Weapons offered to players in Genshin Impact. We will also cover the best Genshin Impact characters to use royal weapons, so hang tight and follow me to the Paimon’s Bargain Shop!

What is Paimon’s Bargain Shop in Genshin Impact?

If you have never visited Paimon’s Bargains before, you can do so by opening Genshin Impact’s menu and selecting “shop.” The third tab down will be Paimon’s Bargains.

Paimon has a variety of things that she purportedly orders and curates herself every month. This offers the option to gain copies of select characters as well as some new exclusive weaponry on a rotating basis. Her shop also has static items such as resources for raising your level and skills.

Items in Paimon’s Bargains can only be purchased with two currencies: Starglitter and Stardust. Paimon’s Bargains features a shop for each currency. Genshin Impact’s Wish mechanism is used to obtain both currencies. Each time you obtain a three-star weapon through the gacha system, you will receive 15 Stardust. Earning four and five stars, on the other hand, will give you Starglitter. All five-star weapons provide 10 Starglitter, while four-star weapons grant two. Starglitter is also included with the characters.

Royal Greatsword

A good Claymore is the Royal Greatsword. At its most basic level, it increases your critical rate by 8% for every hit up to a maximum stack of five. When you land a critical hit, this rate resets. Every other weapon in the Royal weapons family has the same effect. Royal weapons require at least one refining before they can be used by your character. Prepare to purchase the same weapon at least twice.

The Royal Greatsword’s critical impact makes it tough to be a boon to any claymore user, as they all attack slowly. It is difficult to land all five required hits on a foe promptly.

The Royal Greatsword is useful for heroes like Razor and Diluc who rely on decisive blows. If you don’t have access to either of their favored weapons, the Royal Greatsword will suffice.

Royal Bow

The Royal Bow is an excellent choice for certain personalities. If you have access to a character that can deal a lot of damage, such as Venti, it is an excellent backup weapon if you can’t afford the Viridescent Hunt. As a weapon in the Royal family, this allows you to hit multiple critical hits in a row.

Best Genshin Impact Characters to Use Royal Weapons

Royal Spear

The Royal Spear is maybe the most powerful Royal weapon. Polearms attack quickly by nature. Inflicting five hits to max out critical damage will most likely be a breeze, allowing you to land critical strikes more frequently.

For optimum effect, use this with a high-damage Polearm user like Zhongli.

Royal Gilmore

Klee’s best weapon is the Royal Grimoire. Klee can attack a lot in a short amount of time because of her AoE attack. You can use the Royal Grimoire to ensure that many of those hits are critical blows, potentially reversing the tides of a losing war.

Apart from Klee, most Catalyst users would not make much use of the Royal Grimoire.

Royal Long Sword

In the correct hands, the Royal Longsword is an effective weapon. Many Sword users in Genshin Impact are now healers, with health recovered scaled off their strike damage. Those same characters can increase their healing output by equipping the Royal Longsword with a high critical ability.

Using the Royal Longsword would considerably improve Xingqiu, Keqing, and QiQi.

What are the Best Genshin Impact Characters to Use Royal Weapons?

Most ATK-scaling DPS units can use Royal Weapons.

Here is a list of all Royal weapons and how they interact with the current playable characters-

Best Genshin Impact Characters to Use Royal Weapons

Decent- Royal fits well with the character, although it isn’t one of their greatest 4-star weapons.

Not Recommend: Royal is not recommended because there are far superior options, such as other gacha 4-star weapons, free weapons, craftable weapons, or 3-star weapons.

No Synergy: If there is no synergy, the character will not benefit from the Royal weapon at all – or it will be one of their weakest weapon alternatives. These are typically characters who do not scale their ATK or CRIT rate.

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