How to Process Ingredients in Genshin Impact

How to Process Ingredients in Genshin Impact: Tough fights are a given in Genshin Impact. You can sometimes get to a Statue to resurrect a fallen party member or obtain a health boost, however this is impossible to do in the middle of a combat. What should a Traveler do?

How to Process Ingredients in Genshin Impact

The cooking mechanic can assist Genshin Impact players to gain an advantage during a boss fight. But before you can utilise a recipe, you’ll need to convert those wilderness materials into usable culinary components.

Continue reading to learn how to process ingredients in Genshin Impact. Discover why unleashing your culinary genius around the campfire is as important as unleashing your combat prowess in battle.

How to Get Ingredients in Genshin Impact?

Some items, such as milk, may be purchased at Monstadt’s General Goods Shop or Liyue Harbor’s Second Life, but the majority must have foraged in the wild. Teyvat is brimming with resources that are ready to be processed into food items, such as:

Flowers and mushrooms were discovered in the woods.

Fish may be found in most bodies of water, including rivers, seas, and even at the bottom of waterfalls.

Birds may be shot with a bow or struck with a sword and can be found everywhere across Teyvat.

Crate breaking in enemy camps and dungeons may also give a plethora of both common and uncommon culinary supplies.

How to Process Ingredients in Genshin Impact?

In the game, gathering resources in the wilds of Teyvat is the first step in creating a dish. Many of those materials, however, require further refining before they can be used in a recipe. Fortunately, the game’s culinary mechanisms make it simple to prepare ingredients and cook meals all in one area.

How to Process Ingredients in Genshin Impact

To get started, all you’ll need is a cookfire. They can be found in outdoors, at campgrounds, or even at restaurant cookfires in town. Check out the steps below to get started:

To open the cooking menu, approach a (lighted) cookfire and interact with it. If you come upon an unlit fire, equip a member of your party with Pyro abilities (typically Amber) and light the fire beneath. Once the fire is ignited, you may interact with it to access the menu.

The “Recipes” tab is automatically opened by the menu. To enter the processing menu, select the “Processing” tab or the one with the chilli pepper icon.

Choose the item to be processed. Check the details box for the item to ensure you have enough of the needed components before picking them.

In the lower right corner of the screen, press the “Cook” button.

You can wait until the item is finished processing, however certain ingredients take a long time in real life. While waiting a minute for flour to process is possible, waiting three minutes for sausage is not. In such scenario, you can leave the menu and continue your adventure. When your ingredients are completed processing, you will be notified and may pick them up at any Teyvat cookfire.

How to Process Ingredients in Genshin Impact on PC?

Simply interact with a lighted cooking fire or follow these instructions to prepare ingredients:

To interact with the fire and access the cooking menu, press “F.”

Choose the “Processing” tab or the chilli pepper symbol.

Select the item(s) to be processed.

In the lower right corner of the screen, press the “Cook” button.

How to Process Ingredients in Genshin Impact

How to Process Ingredients in Genshin Impact on the iOS/Android?

The same steps are used to process ingredients across the different platforms. Here is how to get started on iOS/Android:

Walk up to a lit cooking fire and interact with it to open the cooking menu.

Choose the “Processing” tab or the tab with the chili pepper icon.

Select items to process.

Select the “Cook” button located near the bottom of the screen.

How to Process Ingredients in Genshin Impact

Additional FAQs

In Genshin Impact, where can I find herbs?

The majority of plants may be found in the Teyvat wilderness. The precise location of harvesting depends on the type of plant.

For example, in the “Herbalist’s Forage” request in Liyue, you’ll require three Violetgrass, one of eight “Liyue Local Speciality” components. They can only be found in, you guessed it, Liyue. Violetgrass, in particular, thrives on cliffs in the Liyue area. Other regional herb specializations include:

Cor Lapis – under the rocks near Mt. Hualo

Qingxin – located at high altitudes near Guyun Stone Forest and Jueyun Karst.

Silk Flower – blooms naturally near Liyue Harbor and Wanghsu Inn.

Mint and Sweet Flowers are also included in the “Herbalist’s Forage” request. Both may be discovered across the game’s global space. Mint grows in grassy regions, but Sweet Flowers may be found almost anyplace or purchased from Flora in Monstadt

In Genshin Impact, What Can You Produce With Milk?

In the cooking menu of any cook pot, you may process milk to produce butter, cheese, and cream. All three of these items are necessary in the game for a number of sophisticated recipes.

How Long Does It Take Genshin Impact to Metabolize Sugar?

Sugar takes three minutes to fully digest (in real-time). When you process numerous things, the processing time does not merge; instead, it accumulates. If you process three sugars at once, it will take nine minutes for all three to finish and be ready for pickup.

How can I acquire additional Genshin Impact recipes?

There are 68 recipes in the game as of version 1.6. You are offered nine of these recipes at the beginning of the game. If you want more, you will have to look for them. They’re usually discovered in chests as rewards for completing domain challenges, city reputation assignments, and missions. You may also purchase recipes from local restaurants.

Always Have Something in the Works.

It is easy to put off processing until you need a certain component, but how often have you found yourself in a jam in the middle of a battle? Great cuisine can offer you an advantage in combat, but you can’t cook intricate dishes ahead of time if you don’t have the appropriate components. If you make a habit of dropping off products at a cookfire on a regular basis, you’ll always have the ingredients you need for those critical recipes.

Which processed products do you always have on hand? For more Genshin Impact news and tips, visit our website here.

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