How to Play as Ash in Apex Legends Mobile: Abilites, Perks, Skins and More

How to Play as Ash in Apex Legends Mobile: Abilities, Perks, Skins, and More: Apex Legends Mobile Season 3: Champions launched last week, including a new battle pass and Seasonal Store, as well as a slew of limited-time activities. But, of course, the season’s headliner is Ash: a human-turned-simulacrum who first appeared in Titanfall 2, then joined the Apex Games in Season 11 before finding her way to mobile.

You may believe you know this legend inside and out, especially if you’ve played Titanfall 2 or Apex Legends, but playing Ash in Apex Legends Mobile and playing her on a console or PC are two very different experiences. This is due in part to her skills, which had to be somewhat modified to meet the requirements of the mobile game. However, there are additional aspects to consider while customizing your gameplay approach to Ash on a mobile device. Follow this tutorial to discover more about the incisive instigator and how to take use of her mobile-exclusive benefits.

Unlock Ash in Apex Legends Mobile

1. Battle Pass– For free-to-play players, Ash can only be obtained by collecting a total of ten Ash Fragments. The Ash Fragments are rewarded to the player at Free Battle Pass tiers 1,9, 13, 17, and 25.

2. Syndicate Gold– In case you are a high baller and have extra Syndicate Gold lying around, you can use it to obtain Ash. Note that this gold is the in-game premium currency that can only be obtained by spending real money.

How to Play as Ash in Apex Legends Mobile: Abilites, Perks, Skins and More

The Story of Ash

Full Name– Ashleigh Reid

Dr. Reid is a former human scientist, and assistant to the brilliant Dr. Mary Sommers (AKA Horizon). Until recently, she was well-known for her work on Branthium. It is a rare but powerful fuel source that can only be harvested from outer space. The Branthium was to be utilized to save the Outlands from a terrible energy crisis. Her participation in the research (named Project Iris) was, however, a subterfuge unknown to her colleagues. Dr. Reid then turned on her co-workers (including Pathfinder) and sought to divert the Branthium supplies elsewhere. She had an accident that left her mentor plunging into a black hole.


Ash’s three major powers are theoretically the same as they are on console and PC, like with the other mobile game transplants. However, they work a bit differently in Apex Legends Mobile.

How to Play as Ash in Apex Legends Mobile: Abilites, Perks, Skins and More

Ash has the following abilities:

Passive: Death Marked: Ash’s map depicts recent death box locations as well as surviving assailants. Despite being referred to as a “passive” skill, you must utilize the on-screen prompt to toss your Data knives into death boxes and examine their contents.

Arc Snare Tactical: Ash unleashes a spinning snare that harms and tethers the first adversary that approaches too closely.

Ultimate: Phase Failure: Ash rips open a one-way portal to a certain area.


Perks are exclusive to Apex Legends Mobile and are a terrific way to tailor an individual legend’s skills to your own distinctive playstyle. As you play Ash and progress through her skill tree, you’ll earn nine perks that may be added to augment her arsenal. Standard Perks, Premium Perks, and Ultimate Perks are the three types of Perks. Finisher Perks and Ability Perks are both available. Standard Perks are represented by triangular blue symbols, whereas Finisher and Ability Perks are represented by purple and red icons, respectively. Each perk type may only be equipped once per loadout.

Ash provides the following advantages:

Standard Perks

Spoils of War: Each death box symbol is colored the same as the highest-tier loot item inside it on the battlefield.

Red-Handed Reveal: The position of an opponent will be pinged the first time they use a scanned death box.

Enhanced Hunting: Your Data Knife provides extra information after three death box contacts. After six, you will see the killer’s squad on your map on a regular basis (provided they are still alive).

Finisher Perks

Battle Adaptation: Using a finishing move gives 100 points to your EVO Score.

Deadly Momentum: Using a finishing move decreases the cooldown of your Ultimate by 30%.

Mag Subscription: Performing a finishing move replenishes your active weapon’s ammunition and enhances reloading speed for eight seconds.

How to Play as Ash in Apex Legends Mobile: Abilites, Perks, Skins and More

Enduring Trap: Arc Snare can be destroyed by adversaries after being hurled.

Instigator’s Precision: You can change the direction of Ash’s Arc Snare, but it moves slower.

Shadow Step: Phase Breach can be used again after seven seconds, but the distance is reduced.

Tips and Tricks To Play Ash in Apex Legends Mobile

Learn to target your Arc Snare. Tossing Ash’s Arc Scare is similar to throwing a grenade, with a few exceptions. When you aim, you’ll see a line indicating the trajectory the Arc Snare will follow when thrown, as well as a blue dome indicating the region that will be impacted when it lands. However, this blue dome may be deceiving, as you may detect foes stepping around the Arc Snare while being within its range.

Hence, it is a good idea to visit the Firing Range and practice throwing to obtain a better understanding of when you can and cannot strike an adversary with the Arc Snare. The good news is that, as compared to console and PC versions, the mobile game’s Arc Snare prefers to cling to the ground rather than soar out into the distance like some sort of worthless, void-powered frisbee.

Think twice before you leap. Ash’s Phase Breach ability is extremely strong, but if you’re not careful, you can easily phase straight into an ambush. If you’re used to flying back and forth via Wraith’s portals, remember that once Ash tears through reality, there’s no turning back. Keep in mind that whether you’re playing as Ash or merely engaging with one of her phase tears, this is a one-way trip. Make sure you understand what awaits you on the other side.

Perk up. Perks are quite significant in Apex Mobile, yet it’s easy to overlook them. Fill up your loadout as soon as possible so you can compete with foes on an equal playing field.

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