Best guns in Valorant – Complete Guns Guide

Searching for a rundown of best guns in valorant weapons and how to utilize them? We’ve spent incalculable hours playing Riot’s strategic FPS game, and we have some strong Valorant weapon suggestions to pass on.

Mob Games has adopted a new strategy to its multiplayer first-individual shooter by inclining vigorously into its serious qualifications. So it bodes well that the studio bases such an extensive amount their game – particularly the weapon conduct – off two of the best serious shooters around: CS: GO and its archetype Counter-Strike.

Unmistakably a significant number of best guns in Valorant have a CS same, however, there are some critical contrasts to every one of them, and assuming you’ve never played a CS-style shooter, there’s a decent possibility they’ll all vibe outsider to you. In any case, we’ve scrutinized them all to present to you a level rundown of Valorant firearms, just as certain tips for dealing with everyone so you can dominate your top choices.

Welcome to our Best Guns in Valorant Tier List (Last Updated Patch 2.10)

Valorant Games Wepon List

Patch 2.010 For best guns in Valorant Tier List

Level Weapons

S-level-Operator, Phantom, Vandal

A-level-Spectre, Sheriff, Judge, Odin, Frenzy, Ghost

B-level-Bucky Stinger, Marshal, Bulldog, Odin, Ares, Classic

C-level-Shorty, Guardian, Knife

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Our specialists (positioned Immortal – Radiant) will be positioning weapons from S/A/B/C dependent on how solid they are in the positioned meta.

This rundown expects to apply to the general meta so it ought to be helpful for more  (maybe not the actual lower part of Iron where OPing likely isn’t suggested).

Generally speaking, the models for S/A/B/C are as per the following:


These are weapons that have an ideal expense/viability proportion. They are ordinarily the most usually utilized firearms for most guides on both offense/safeguard and the least situational weapons.


These are weapons that are incredible however somewhat more situational than S-Tier. They as a rule have a somewhat lower cost/adequacy proportion and may not function admirably on one or the other offense or safeguard on specific guides.


These are weapons that can be solid in specific circumstances yet additionally will in general have a hindrance against their rivals much of the time. You typically just run them at quite certain pieces of the guide and they can differ in execution dependent on assaulting or protecting.


These are weapons that are very situational and once in a while worth getting. They will be they once in a while offer a benefit over their opposition.

Valorant Game Fight With Guns

Weapon Features :

Here are some features of each gun with its Tier with the explanation.

S-tier Weapons (Optimal)



Type: Sniper Rifle – Creds: ¤ 5000 – Magazine: 5 – Wall Penetration: High

Damage: Head-255, Body-150, Legs-120

Albeit the cost of the Operator was expanded by 500 credits in a new update (4500 → 5000) it actually is the most remarkable weapon in Valorant and has no rivals in such manner.

It’s the solitary weapon that can murder heavily clad foes at all reaches with only one shot to the body and it’s the best weapon for rapidly moving a frag and pulling off your life.


Type: Assault Rifle – Creds: ¤ 2,900 – Magazine: 30 / 90 – Wall Penetration: Medium

Damage: Head-156, Body-39, Legs-33

This is the unmistakable weapon of decision for players who like a higher shoot rate (11 rounds/sec, 660 RPM) and a marginally greater magazine in contrast with the Vandal.

It profits by a quieted barrel and hides the course its projectiles are coming from, making your shots harder to pinpoint for adversaries.

The Phantom’s first shot precision is extensively better in contrast with Vandal.


Type: Assault Rifle – Creds: ¤ 2,900 – Magazine: 25 / 75 – Wall Penetration: Medium

Damage: Head-160, Body-40, Legs-34

Hoodlum has a more slow fire rate (9.75 rounds/sec, 585 RPM) and a somewhat more modest magazine in contrast with the Phantom.

The principal benefit of utilizing the Vandal is its predictable harm yield and one-shot slaughters when hitting the rival’s head (at all reaches).

In general, its first slug exactness isn’t great dismissed much of the time.

A-tier Weapons


Type: SMG – Creds: ¤ 1,600 – Magazine: 30 – Wall Penetration: Medium

Damage: Head-78, Body-26, Legs-22

The Specter is awesome of the SMG class for various reasons:

In contrast with the Stinger, the less expensive SMG elective, the Specter is significantly more exact, kicks extensively less, and has a higher magazine limit.

This weapon discovers its utilization in numerous financially moving circumstances as a spending option in contrast to the customary attack rifles.

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Type: Sidearm – Creds: ¤ 800 – Magazine: 6 – Wall Penetration: High

Damage: Head-159, Body-55, Legs-46

The Sheriff is the gun that bargains by a long shot the most harm of all sidearms

Rather than its quieted partner, the Ghost, the Sheriff is all the more generally utilized in economy adjusts or as a sidearm to Rifles or Snipers rather than in gun adjusts.

In 90% of times the Sheriff will one-shot adversaries when hitting the head, yet keep an eye out:

From 30m distance and further, this weapon will just bring your rival down to 5 hp.

Its entrance of the weapon empowers you to slaughter adversaries even through the thickest dividers.

B-tier Weapons (Good)


Type: Shotgun – Creds: ¤ 900 – Magazine: 5 – Wall Penetration: Low

Damage: Head-159, Body-55, Legs-46

The Bucky is the least expensive essential weapon in the game at 900 credits, making it valuable for half-purchase adjustments.

Past 12 meters, the essential shoot is close to pointless, yet the substitute discharge permits Bucky clients to broaden its reach by shooting a solitary shell containing pellets that detonate at 8 meters, permitting its client to battle adversaries at a medium distance.

It’s ascended in prominence as of late as it can truly fly off in the correct circumstances, for example, crowdedness during eco adjusts/power purchases.


Type: Sniper Rifle – Creds: ¤ 1,100 – Magazine: 5 – Wall Penetration: Medium

Damage: Head-202, Body-101, Legs-85

The Marshall fills in as the less expensive partner to the Operator, supporting the lower cost by debilitating a great deal of the highlights that make the Operator so solid.

For instance, body hits with the Marshall are simply ready to slaughter individuals without covering

By the by, the Marshall has its advantages as well: quick development speed and perusing movements, and extraordinary no-scope exactness (contrasted with the Operator).

C-tier Weapons (Situational)


Type: Sidearm – Creds: ¤ 200 – Magazine: 2 – Wall Penetration: Low

Damage: Head-24, Body-12, Legs-10

The Shorty is the least expensive available firearm in the game and has a proportionate incentive for its cash in the game.

Because of its low-value point, it tends to be a distinct advantage in efficient rounds.

It’s just truly helpful in significantly closer ranges than its shotgun colleagues, the Judge and Bucky.

With only two shells in a magazine, multi-executes are fundamentally unthinkable with this weapon.


In the event that all weapons in your armory bomb you and you get yourself left with nothing else than your blade, you should utilize it

Yet, taking into account how inadequately executed the current adaptation of the blade in Valorant is, this ought to be your supreme final hotel when playing to win.

There are so many guns used in Valorant. Searching for the best guns in valorant is totally depends on you when you entered the battleground. These are some lists from which you got the idea to analyze the best gun of your choice.

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