Can I Host a Minecraft Server on a Secondary HDD

Can I Host a Minecraft Server on a Secondary HDD: It can be tough to host a game like Minecraft. Most games are resource intensive, consuming a sizable portion of the server’s hard disc.

Can I Host a Minecraft Server on a Secondary HDD

However, Minecraft can be hosted on a simple web server. Vanilla installations of the game can be hosted on the most basic VPS hosting. But because of the low storage required for Minecraft, you should ensure that your server is using an SSD for storage.

You must be thinking, ‘Can I Host a Minecraft Server on a Secondary HDD?’ Well, you sure can, and we will tell you how to do it!!

Host a Minecraft Server on a Secondary HDD

Here are a few methods by which you can easily set up your own Minecraft Server.


RAID configurations can be used to store data on many drives. The data is duplicated on each drive. If one of the drives fails, the other will read and replace the data. A RAID 1 array may thus hold up to 12 TB of data. Although RAID 1 arrays retain redundant data, they are not considerably better than a single disc.

While a RAID 1 volume provides data loss protection, it does not obviate the necessity for regular backups of vital data. While re-formatting a RAID 1 volume is possible, the original data will remain on the disc in “free and available” space.

RAID 1 is best suited to mission-critical applications. It is appropriate for sensitive or classified data because of its fast read and write rates. A RAID 1 storage setup is beneficial to many different sorts of companies.

RAID 1 has the following advantages:

RAID 1 is a high-performance storage solution with adequate read, write, and access speeds. Because the data is replicated across numerous discs, if one of them dies, the other drives will immediately take over and write the data to the remaining ones. During this period, the discs will be working in tandem to keep a fair amount of data. Because RAID 1 is sequential, it provides for complete process optimization. In contrast to other storage methods, data can only be restored if one disc fails.

RAID 1 has some drawbacks. The capacity of the smallest disc drive in a RAID 1 array is half that of the other two. That means you only have two terabytes of storage space if you utilize two 2TB disc drives. Even if you add a second 2TB disc drive, you will only have two terabytes of storage space. To increase the amount of data you can store, use Raid 1 on a secondary hard drive.

Can I Host a Minecraft Server on a Secondary HDD


There are other reasons why you should consider hosting your server on an SSD, aside from the fact that it is faster. In days, Minecraft can destroy an SSD. External discs are also typically slower than SATA and USB connections. Internal hard discs are also preferable in Minecraft. You might also try running the server on a micro-style PC without a full HDD.

While a smaller machine may be more efficient, you may end up with a sluggish server. The game is client-side and takes a lot of RAM, thus the more RAM you have, the better. However, a second machine may not be enough for the server. If the server does not have enough RAM to accommodate a huge number of players, its performance may deteriorate.

You should host a huge Minecraft server on a machine without a graphical user interface. GUIs consume a lot of CPU and disc space. A Linux machine will also be significantly faster. Furthermore, if you know how to use the command line, you can get more performance out of your hardware. You can host a Minecraft server on a secondary hard drive this way.

Shared HDD

If you want to host a Minecraft server, you’ll need a solid-state drive (SSD). This type of disc is extremely efficient and will increase the overall performance of your system. A shared HDD will share RAM with several accounts, so it’s advisable to go with a dedicated server or VPS. You should also evaluate the quantity of storage available since you can choose between a normal hard drive and an SSD.

When it comes to the size of your Minecraft server, make sure you select a plan with enough space. While a shared HDD will suffice, a larger one will be required if you require extra storage. You should also ensure that the server has enough bandwidth. If you host many servers, you can expand the number of servers by increasing the number of shared HDDs.

There are two options to host a Minecraft server on a Windows or Linux System: shared and dedicated hosting. If you’re just getting started and don’t expect to have many players, a shared plan is ideal. A dedicated Linux server is your best option if you want to host a Minecraft server as well as a Minecraft game.

Still, thinking about whether you can host a Minecraft Server on Secondary HDD? Well, we have covered all details of that. Hope it helps you!!
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