Chamber of Connection: Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Collectibles

Chamber of Connection: Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Collectibles: Make a strong connection with one of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor‘s more challenging puzzle chambers. One of the final Jedi chambers on the planet Koboh is the Chamber of Connection.

Chamber of Connection: Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Collectibles

One of the seven meditation chambers in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, The Chamber of Connection offers a challenging puzzle break from the game’s typical lightsaber-swinging action. Each chamber offers a perk reward in addition to a variety of items, including cosmetic awards, databank entries, and currency like Datadisks and priority shards.

The Sunken Lucrehulk region in Chapter 4 of the main story must be finished before you can access the Chamber of Connection since it requires the ability to force lift. Continue reading for a detailed, step-by-step explanation of Chamber of Connection Jedi Survivor Collectibles locations and how to obtain them.

Chamber of Connection Location in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

The Viscid Bog on Koboh is where you can locate the Chamber of Connection. Fast-travel to the Viscid swamp meditation spot, which you will have passed during the main plot when you left the swamp, to get there. If you haven’t unlocked the point yet, you can get there by utilizing your new force lift ability to draw a climbable pillar out of the marsh on the island where you found Wini and Zygg.

Jump on the zipline in front of the meditation spot to get to the island in the chamber. Get on the second zipline that is located below it and to the left at the halfway point. You’ll land in some tar, but if you keep wading straight, you can reach a grapple anchor.

Chamber of Connection in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor: How to Solve

Go to Viscid Bog to find the Chamber of Connection. Travel across the bog on a zipline starting at the settler’s hut. You can travel halfway across the island by descending and taking a second zipline, which will take you to an island with a Chamber Entrance. Stride across the mud, then grab the door. To get to the main chamber, use the lift below.

Gather the orb from the swinging doors on the opposite side of the entryway, then place it in the emitter to create a purple beam to begin solving the problem. You can make a path from the beam to the crystallized Koboh Matter by using the BD-1’s Koboh Grinder.

The Kaboh Matter

Chamber of Connection: Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Collectibles

The Koboh Matter obstructing the exit is what this room is designed to eliminate. The Koboh Matter is all over the other side. To produce a flaming trail from the emitter to the Koboh Matter barrier, we must use the Koboh Grinder and the various buttons.

Burn the Koboh Matter to begin opening up the chamber’s many rooms and ascend to the higher level. The upper emitter should be noted after unlocking the shortcut door. Thus, an energy bridge is created. Later, we’ll need to turn this on.

Two buttons are located on the upper platform on the chamber’s right side. The two telescoping walls, which open and close, must be covered in a line of burning Koboh matter. You can close a wall by standing on the button (on the elevated platform). Two telescoping walls and two buttons are present. Lead the burning Koboh Matter down to the bridge emitter, then down and across the telescoping walls while they are closed.

As soon as you have placed burning Koboh Matter on the bridge emitter platform, jump to it swiftly, grab the Orb, and then drop it into the bridge emitter device. You should keep guiding the flaming string of Koboh Matter to the exit door after the bridge is operational. It requires time, but once you know what to do, the difficulty is straightforward.

Chamber of Connection: Star Wars Jedi: Survivor: All Collectibles

According to the above video, the following collectibles are located in the chamber:

  • Databank – Homesick: On the left wall of the main chamber.
  • Databank – Insolence, or Bravery: At the end of the platform that leads to the reward room.
  • Databank – Mind Challenge: On the platform with the shortcut door.
  • Databank – Private Doubts: In the back left corner of the reward room.
  • Datadisk: In the hallway chamber, after scaling the wall on the right.
  • Persistence Lightsaber Emitter: In a chest behind a Koboh Matter barrier. Use the Koboh grinder to burn it away.
  • Recuperation Perk: In the middle of the reward room.


The Chamber of Connection is undoubtedly one of the most challenging puzzles in the game. We have covered all its aspects and what to watch out for in this guide of ours. For more Star Wars Jedi: Survivor tips and tutorials, head over to our website Gameophobic.

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