How to create/make a new crew in PUBG mobile?

PUBG Mobile is still one of the most popular battle royale games on Android and iOS. The game lets you to make a crew and a clan. Moreover, it also has one of the biggest mobile esports tournaments at present. And to enter in such tournaments or participate in the Crew Challenge, you need to be in a PUBG mobile crew. the crew tab was at the bottom bar along with the clan, inventory, and other options in earlier versions.

The most recent couple of days have been a rollercoaster with significant breaks and updates dropping each now and at that point. PUBG Mobile fans were excitedly trusting that the nuke will drop whenever now. Also, actually like that, everything materialized. After a half-a-year halt, we have some significant progress in this game’s relaunch.  the game was rebranded under another name “Milestones Mobile India” and has started interacting with its fans in the country again.

PUBG notifications for the youth

one of the important reasons for the boycott of the game is that it is excessively habit-forming and brutal for young people. Presently, PUBG will not comment on the account.

There will be many changes done in the game like Green Hit impacts instead of the default Blood Red. Further changes include more dresses for the characters to dodge any allegation of gentle nakedness in-game. Also, specified by higher authorities, players under 18 years should provide guardians contact to play while their day-by-day interaction will be limited to 3 hours each day.  in-game buys will be limited to Rs 7000 for a single day.

PUBG mobile crew

However, the crew option has been shifted to another location since the past few updates. if you’re thinking about how to make a Crew in PUBG Mobile, then follow these steps. Let us guide you through the simple steps to create a crew in PUBG mobile.

1- Launch PUBG mobile on your device

When you open the game, allow for permission to store it on your device. you will have to log in through one of the accounts which will require three accounts. The first account is Facebook, the second is Twitter and The third account will be for the guest. You can log in through any of the modes and then reach the home page of the game. After this PUBG mobile dashboard will be displayed. Here you can do all the settings & add your friends.

PUBG mobile crew

2- Head to the Lobby.

In the lobby, tap on the upward arrow located at the bottom right of the screen. this will lead you to a menu that asks for your preferred settings and allows you to add, delete and create friends and crews as you go along the way.

PUBG mobile crew

3- Tap on Crew & create one.

Tap on the button and create one. enter your crew’s name that is up to 20 characters. Create a crew and add your friends to enjoy and have a fun-filled experience

4- Tap done to create crew in PUBG mobile

Tap done to create your crew and add friends. Explore new adventures with them and create many new records!

In case you’re already on a crew, you will have to leave that crew to create your own or join another crew. To leave your current crew, follow the first two steps and tap on Crew. tap your character name and then click on Leave Crew. That’s it. Once you leave the crew, you can create your own by following the steps above.

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