San Andreas Multiplayer: How to Play with Friends Online

The San Andreas Multiplayer is a much sought-after and high-end game that is very much appreciated by players from around the globe for. Although it is not available in multiplayer mode, it has its own tricks to connect you with your gang. Let’s take a look!

Follow the steps mentioned for multiplayer mode on your San Andreas and have a blast!

1- Have a original copy of San Andreas

SA-MP is a mod that allows you to play in multiplayer mode.  you shall install San Andreas  on your computer for the mod to work.  Make sure you have a working copy of the game installed.  the mod cannot work on its own.

  • In addition to the system requirements, the SA-MP also requires 5.6 MB of hard drive space and an internet connection.

When you’re ready , visit the official site,, to access San Andreas Multiplayer mod. On the home page, click “Downloads” in the tab on the left side of the screen.

click any of the download links for the main SA-MP client ( top of the page) to start downloading your file.

  • Downloading the SA-MP client is free, and the install file’s  small size (11 MB), will not take long to download.

3-Run the Installation file: San Andreas Mod

When your download has completed, run the installation file.  double-clicking on it or select “Run”. An installation wizard will open with simple instructions for the rest of the process.

  • In the process, you will be asked to specify the directory in which your copy of San Andreas is installed. The “Destination Folder” text box displays  with the game’s default  directory, so if you installed it in the default directory, you just have to click “Install”.
  • But, if you installed it in a different one, you will have to find this directory by clicking the “Browse” button to select the game’s directory.
San Andreas

4- Download & Install the server-client

Besides a genuine copy , all you need to play online multiplayer is the mod. But, if you’d like to host online rather than simply playing, you’ll have to download and install an additional server. The client is available for both Windows and Linux from the same page.

  •  the download pack that contains the server-client also contains  PAWN scripting tools for creating custom scenarios. 

5- Run the SA-MP file

After installing the main mod client or the optional server-client, you’re ready! The automatic installation process  creates a shortcut named “San Andreas Multiplayer”.  click the icon to launch. If you don’t see the shortcut,  check for the file in your main directory.

  • When you run the file, a window “San Andreas Multiplayer” will launch. use this browser.

6- Find a Server

After launching the window, click the “Internet” tab at the bottom of the window. you will be able to browse a list of available servers.

  •  you can filter results by various options by using the tools in the “Filter” section at the bottom left of the window.
San Andreas

7- Join the server: San Andreas

When you’re ready, select a server you want to join in the master list, then right-click and select the “Connect” option. you’ll be connected to the server and you’ll be able to start playing.

  •  some private servers are password-protected. If you don’t know the password to the server, you won’t be able to join the game at any costs.

8- Enjoy a great match!

From this point, you’ll be playing in one of many online arenas. The type of game you play and the quality of your experience are up to you. While it is home to dozens of custom modes, some of the most common are listed:

  • DM (Deathmatch):  compete to see who can kill their enemies the highest number of times.
  • CTF (Capture the Flag): Teams attempt to score points by stealing the flags from each others’ home bases and returning them to their own.
  • Freighter: One team guards a secure base, while the other team attempts to attack.

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