Dave the Diver baby whale – How To Save It?

Dave the Diver baby whale – How To Save It? Dave the Diver is a game where you can run a sushi restaurant and explore the underwater world. You can also encounter various marine animals, some of which need your help. One of them is the baby whale, which is separated from its mother and trapped in a cave. In this guide, we will show you how to find and save the baby whale in Dave the Diver.

How to Get the Baby Whale Mission

The baby whale mission is a side quest that you can get after completing a main story quest in Chapter 2. The main story quest involves making a Sea People Language Translator and escorting the princess to the depths. After that, you will need to upgrade your gloves to remove a nail from some boulders that block your path.

The next time you dive from the surface, you will see a giant whale swimming past you and making some crying noises. This means that the baby whale mission is available. You can call Ellie after getting to the surface, and she will tell you that you have to find the baby whale and reunite it with its mother. Note that you can only find the baby whale during the morning or afternoon dives.‍

Dave the Diver baby whale – How To Save It?

How to Find the Baby Whale

To find the baby whale, you will have to dive to the left side of the ocean and reach a depth of around 70 to 75 meters. You will see some white arcs on your screen, which indicate the direction of the whale sound. You will also hear a dialogue between Dave and Ellie when you are close to the whale.

Follow the white arcs until you find a wall blocked by boulders with a nail inside them. Use your upgraded gloves to pull out the nail and enter the cave. You will see the baby whale inside, but it will be scared of you at first. You will have to pet it a few times to make it trust you and follow you.

Dave the Diver baby whale – How To Save It?

How to Save the Baby Whale

Once the baby whale starts following you, you will have to escort it to the top of the ocean, where its mother is waiting. You will see a meter at the top of your screen that shows the destination. However, you will also encounter some enemies along the way, such as great barracudas, lionfish, and sharks. You will have to fight them and protect the baby whale from harm.

When you reach the top, you will see four more sharks appearing, but they will be scared away by the giant whale. You will then see a cutscene of the baby whale reuniting with its mother, and you will receive the Poseidon reward, which is a powerful charm that can increase your income and reduce your costs.

Conclusion for Dave the Diver baby whale – How To Save It?

the baby whale mission is a rewarding side quest that can give you a valuable charm and a heartwarming story. By following the whale sound, finding the baby whale in the cave, and escorting it to the top, you can complete this mission and make the whale family happy. So, don’t miss the opportunity to save the baby whale and discover what surprises it might have for you.

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