Destiny 2 Preservation Puzzle Guide

Destiny 2 Preservation Puzzle Guide: Destiny 2 is a famous online multiplayer first-person shooter video game that has captivated gamers worldwide.

Destiny 2 Preservation Puzzle Guide

The riddles that players must solve to proceed through Destiny 2 are one of the most fascinating and difficult components of the game. The Preservation Puzzle, which is part of the Presage mission, is one such conundrum.

In this post, we’ll look at the Destiny 2 Preservation Puzzle in further detail and present a guide to help gamers solve it.

What is the Destiny Preservation Puzzle?

The Preservation Puzzle occurs in the Presage mission, which debuted in the Season of the Chosen in February 2021. The problem arises at the conclusion of the mission and must be solved in order for players to proceed. The puzzle is made up of multiple interconnected chambers full of obstacles and perils.

How to Unlock the Destiny 2 Preservation Mission

Only those with a special assignment from the Evidence Board at the Mars Enclave can access the Destiny 2 Preservation. Get the “Report: Pyramid-Inspect” mission there, which will give you the job of finishing the Preservation mission. Make sure you have finished the Hard Evidence task in Savathun’s Throne World first if you are unable to see the Pyramid-Inspect report on your Evidence Board.

Navigate up to the Vow of the Disciple Raid node by opening the Destinations tab, choosing Savathun’s Throne World, and then clicking on it. The Preservation mission component is visible immediately below. You will then load into the task after choosing that. Although you can accomplish this mission by yourself, it will take a lot longer and you won’t be able to progress in the Exotic Ghost Shell unlocking process by solving the symbol puzzle.

Destiny 2 Preservation Puzzle Guide

How to Get the Imperious Sun Exotic Ghost Shell

You must gather every one of the Shattered Suns lore book’s 10 entries in order to receive the Imperious Sun Exotic Ghost Shell. By successfully completing the Destiny 2 Preservation puzzle five times, you can unlock five entries of this book; the remaining five can be unlocked by gathering the hidden audio diaries found after Preservation. To make it simple for you to obtain this Ghost Shell, we’ve provided information on how to solve the puzzle and where to find all five audio diaries below in addition to a walkthrough for the entire task.

It should be noted that while you can finish the task alone and gather all five Destiny 2 Preservation audio diaries, you’ll need at least two other players to help you solve the puzzle. This means you must perform the Preservation mission at least five times. You don’t have to finish it, and there is no restriction on how often you can do the puzzle each week; you can simply finish it, re-enter orbit, and start the mission again.

How to Solve the Preservation Puzzle?

The Preservation Puzzle is a difficult and intricate problem that demands players to think imaginatively and collaborate to complete. Here’s a step-by-step method for solving the puzzle:

Clear the First Space

Clearing the first chamber is the first step towards completing the Preservation Puzzle. This area is loaded with monsters and obstacles. Players must destroy all of them while navigating the obstacles in order to progress to the next room.

Find the First Switch

When you’ve cleared the first room, look for the first switch. The switch is housed in a chamber with many platforms linked by lasers. To reach the switch, players must hop across the platforms while dodging the lasers.

Activate the First Switch

Once you’ve found the first switch, you must turn it on. This will activate a door in the previous chamber, leading to the next region.

Navigate the Second Room

The second room is riddled with hazards and obstacles, including a series of pistons that move up and down. To avoid being crushed by the pistons, players must precisely timing their movements.

Locate the Second Switch

After completing the second chamber, you must locate the second switch. The switch, like the previous switch, is placed in a room with numerous platforms linked by lasers.

Activate the Second Switch

Once you’ve found the second switch, you must turn it on. This will activate a door in the previous chamber, leading to the next region.

Solve the Last Puzzle

The last section of the Preservation Puzzle is the most intricate and difficult. This region is made up of multiple interconnecting chambers loaded with hazards and obstacles. The final problem consists of a succession of moving platforms, as well as lasers and switches that must be activated in a precise order.

To complete the final challenge, you must collaborate with your colleagues to activate the switches in the right order while dodging lasers and navigating shifting platforms. After you have successfully activated all of the switches, a door that leads to the next section will open.

Beat the Final Boss

Defeating the final monster is the final phase in the Presage assignment. This boss is a formidable foe that must be defeated as a group effort. You’ll finish the assignment and gain great goodies once you’ve defeated the boss.

Destiny 2 Preservation Puzzle Guide


The Preservation Puzzle is a difficult and intriguing game that demands players to collaborate and think imaginatively in order to solve it. You’ll be able to successfully traverse the challenge and continue through the Presage task if you follow the instructions described in this tutorial. 

So assemble your crew, hone your abilities, and get ready to tackle the Preservation Puzzle challenge in Destiny 2. Additionally, if you want to learn more about the best games on Gameophobic.

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